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Stolen Valor con man Derek Alldred finally found and arrested

Derek Alldred as a fake Navy SEAL

Lovefraud has been following this story for a year. Derek Alldred pretended to be a war hero so he could seduce women and then swindle them out of their money. Alldred scammed nearly 20 women that he met on dating sites. The victims were from from Minnesota, California, Nevada and Texas.

KARE 11 in Minneapolis first exposed Alldred a year ago, tracking down victims across the country.

Charges filed against alleged swindler exposed by KARE11, on

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How did tge victims post online to find each other? Please! My ex is this exact type with multiple victims and police not helping and my being told to take it to civil court on my own. I was taken for thousands but worse was the sexual and psychological abuse to my kids and I. But with lack of evidence of molestation my kids report, sheriff won’t send to DA. Please, he fakes being Marine, Coast Guard, LAFD firefighter, obtained fraudulent firefighter license plates, poses as cancer survivor, fooled me and countless other women, plus defrauds movie industry. CSI Las Vegas believed he was a vet and a cancer patient. All fraud and I have proof.

Carrie's Daughter

truthmatters – my heart breaks for you. These monsters take our love and our devotion and twist it into something that we end up ashamed of. That something is precious. I hope you heal, and I will pray for justice for you. Speaking of justice…

Call the FBI. Fraud is a federal crime. If the local authorities are not interested, move on to the next level. You can look up the contact info for your local FBI field office here:

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