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Sudden psychopath: The horrifying yet strange case of Col. Russell Williams

Name, Rank and Serial Killer—that was the title of Saturday’s 48 Hours Mystery show about Canadian Colonel Russell Williams. Perhaps you remember this shocking case. Williams served for 23 years in the Canadian military. He was a pilot who once flew the Queen of England and commanded Canada’s largest airbase until February 10, 2010—when he was arrested for rape, murder, and 82 charges of breaking and entering. What did he take? Women’s lingerie.

48 Hours tells the whole sordid story:

Read Col. Russell Williams: Killer in Command?

Watch Name, Rank and Serial Killer.

In October 2010, Williams was tried and sentenced to two concurrent terms of life in prison for his crimes. Canadian media published some fascinating stories about the case, and psychopaths in general. Perhaps the most unusual thing about this case is that apparently Williams exhibited no hints of psychopathic behavior before he began his lingerie-stealing spree at the age of 44.

That’s right—44. Unlike with most psychopaths, Williams does not appear to have a history of lies, deceit, fraud, aggression, promiscuity, rages, financial problems and other antisocial behavior.

The only reference in news accounts to a possibly unsavory connection is that Williams was friends with Paul Bernardo, who became the Scarborough Rapist and murdered at least three schoolgirls. The two attended the University of Toronto at Scarborough together, but there are no links between Williams and any of Bernardo’s crimes.

The Canadian magazine Macleans published a story that provides even more detail into Williams’ crimes. The story, entitled A new kind of monster, points out that experts are a at a loss to explain this man:

“What’s interesting about Williams is, he’s utterly unique,” says Peter Hoaken, associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Western Ontario. “He doesn’t correspond to any of the models that forensic psychologists have developed over the years.”

A Canadian journalist who writes for the Globe and Mail, Tim Appleby, has just come out with a book, also entitled A new kind of monster. In it, he argues that Williams is not a psychopath.

One of Appleby’s colleagues at the newspaper, Christie Blachford, wrote about the new book in a recent column. She says that Appleby is a veteran crime reporter who researched the case thoroughly and knew what a cold-blooded psychopath was. Blachford quotes the book:

“Williams was not that kind of murderer at all,” Appleby says. The rising military star “had feelings, emotions, attachments of all kinds: he cared about his wife, he cared about the military; he was devoted to his cats, and he also appears to have a moral compass ”¦”

The Globe and Mail, as part of its coverage of this case, also published an excellent article called, How a psychopath is made. The article summarizes the latest findings on research into the brains of psychopaths.

It’s hard to believe that a man who photographed and videotaped himself modeling the women’s panties that he stole, sexually assaulting two women and viciously murdering two more women may not be a psychopath. But human beings are capable of infinite variation. Even as scientists, researchers and the rest of us develop more understanding of psychopaths, they may discover that there are always exceptions to the rules.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

I reread all the print articles about Williams, and I find it difficult to realize that even with everything he did, confessed to, that there are those that still believe he has conscience and remorse even though his “saying sorry” comes across as sooooo shallow and insincere.

Sure he was “sorry” all right—sorry he was caught and he knew what he was doing was wrong…..he also realized that his macho-big-man-on-campus status was totally SHOT when the photos of him in women’s underwear became public.

I realize that the police were unable to pin anything on him prior to age 44, but that’s all I believe….I believe He didn’t just emerge at age 44 or as a full grown man doing these things with a spotless life prior to that. If knowing the differences between right and wrong means one has a conscience then all psychopaths have a conscience. Sure he knew what he was doing was wrong….and sure he didn’t want to be found out, but was he sorry? Nah, he took pictures so he could RE-ENJOY the torture and the murders, not because he was sorry.

kim frederick

I agree. Total psychopath. He’s just good at the con. I think his successful military career just fits the spath profile, too. I’d be really interested in what his wife had to say. His underlings at work?


Agreed, total psychopath. His only concern is the facade. They guard the veneer with their lives.

Yes, he is a serial killer but that’s ok as long as nobody calls him a kiddie molester or scratches his wife’s clean floors. After all he does have EMPATHY! WTF????

The utter and complete shallowness of these spathological concepts are the only proof you need that he is a spath. His spathalogic only makes sense in a two-dimensional world of his own making. There is no way that this monster didn’t show his spathalogical stupidity before this.

And BTW, he picked women who were doing well in life and living out their dreams. Then he wore their underwear for the video camera. The reason: Envy, he wanted to BE them. And since he couldn’t be them, he wasn’t going to let them be them either.

I think the cop who nabbed him was a genius. He asked him what he wanted to preserve. The answer was to minimize the damage to his wife. In other words, his facade. And then the cop held that up like a carrot, allowing the spath to trade as much information as he could while getting to keep his “story” intact.

kim frederick

Yeah, Sky. Talk about a facade…his hero suit with the bright shiny medals…read: mask. Slipped and what was underneith? Woman’s underwear. LOL.

kim frederick

Remember the neighbors daughter? She was only 12 when he came into their house and stole underwear. Well, I thought there was an uncany resemblace between er and his last victim….Jennifer, wasn’t it? That really creeped me out.


And for anyone still feeling foolish for falling victim to one of these monstrous fakes, think about how the Canadian Military brass felt, at discovering that the commander of their biggest AF base was THIS GUY. Does not say much for their ability to screen out the crazies when appointing people to defend the country.

Ox Drover

Kim and Sky,

I definitely agree with Sky that his facade was the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD to him… for concern for his wife???? LOL ROTFLMAO Concern for her was the last thing on his mind it was HIS FACADE that he wanted to protect.

Spatho-logic is right, who thinks about scratched floors when they are going to prison for the rest of their lives? An SOCIOPATH. LOL

Yea, the cop was brilliant at what he did and played him like a deck of cards….

Maybe the families of the victims can sue him and get that $60,000 per year pension away from him so he won’t even have commissary money to buy a cup of tea or a pack of chips. I hope he stays in max lock up 23/7 for the rest of his life.

A man does NOT just start breaking into houses and stealing women’s underwear at age 44 when he has been 100 % straight line prior to that. My guess is that he has been doing this since he was 14 or 15, just that it got worse and worse. It amazes me that he never got caught prior to when he did, but it actually just shows how good his mask was and how smart he was…..not that nothing happened. I don’t doubt that he was smart, and had a good mask, but SOMEWHERE there is something that the cops missed. It was there. I’d bet the farm on it!

Ox Drover

I watched LA Law and order SVU tonight and the story they had on there was VERY MUCH like this Russell Williams guy, only he jwas a CIA agent that had gotten into the panty raids, then rape and murder….pretty much handled like the one with the colonel.

The actor doing the questioning handled it about like the real inspector did on williams. Seems lately a lot of those shows pick some news worthyl crime and re write it a bit and use it for their plot.

Well my beddie by time so I’ll see you guys in the morning before my new freezer gets here. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!


As soon as I read this, I wondered if perhaps this man had early onset Picks Dementia. As a medical social worker, I have had clients who lived a wonderful, moral life, good upstanding citizens, and then with the onset, became stalkers, sex abusers/addicts,thieves, liars, gambling away family income, basically losing all inhibition, but could still manage to be “sneaky” and try to hide their behaviors…the way his bizarre and horrible behaviors didn’t really surface until age 44 has me highly suspicious…It is a tragic DX in particular for the families who have no idea who this monster is that they are living with, and what is their responsibility toward them. Obviously I cannot diagnose him, but my radar is tweaked.

Ox Drover

Here is some information on Pick’s disease.

His apparently HIGH LEVEL FUNCTIONING along with his several years of breaking into houses all over the area and very carefully covering his tracks and no significant decrease in his ability to function as the head of a large military base seems I would think to rule out his chances of this being a RAPIDLY declining condition of dementia, and speaks more I think to someone without a conscience.

While I would like to ALWAYS have hope (I like your name BTW! 🙂 ) I find that there are unfortunately too many cases where there is NO HOPE.

In his case, if it turns out that he has something like an early onset dementia of any kind, it should show up soon enough in the news media as I imagine he will be one that is followed for a decade or longer.


when you lose function control, you don’t cover your tracks. It’s more like being a drunk where you lose inhibition.

When you’re a spath, it’s more like being dr. jeckyl and mr. hyde. It’s a hypocrisy thing, you present yourself one way and secretly you are another. The normal person is just a facade being worn in order to fit into society easily so that the evil persona can be enabled to act how it really wants when no one is looking – except for ONE SINGLE ISOLATED VICTIM.

So it isn’t just about flipping back and forth between behaviors, but a cold and calculating and carefully HIDDEN persona of evil. Hiding this takes high level thought and function. There is no dementia involved here.


From what I have seen, Spaths are great imitators and do not need to be violent — in fact many are not according to M Stout. They are great pretenders — and fake behavior to get what they want. Therefore if it is to be CEO of a company — so be it. A military rank? whatever they can pretend – so it is understandable that people do not thing he is a spath — ask different questions and they may see the pattern. My hunch is that something triggered him to ADD violence to his life of sociopathy — not that he suddenly became one.


When I didn’t know about sociopaths and had grown up too close to similar people to even notice red flags despite the red flags waving in the wind, the one thing I COULD see was that his friends were all “creepy”. They were probably a combination of misfits, glad to have any friend, and antisocial types (that weren’t necessarily sociopaths) or sociopaths themselves.

That was when he was a teen. As an adult, he still has creepy friends. This article underscores that bad friends are another red flag.

Ox Drover

Many people who are sociopaths have enough control to work their way in to positions of how POWER AND CONTROL…governors, lawyers, judges, physicians, CEOS, military, cops, so the fact that he was very functional in a highly structured high-power, high control job like the military only says to me that he is much more likely to be a psychopath with a GREAT MASKING ABILITY rather than someone with dementia that clouds his judgment and inhibitions.

Pick’s dementia is quite rare actually, with only a small portion of people with early onset of dementia being this rapidly progressing problem. While the VERY EARLY stages of this problem may come on “suddenly” it is rapidly progressing and the people are not able to “hide” their problems really well….and Williams apparently hid his for several years and his break ins were well enough planned that he did not get caught doing them. If he had a rapidly progressive early onset dementia he would have shown signs by now of being “demented” and irrational which I think is not the case as evidenced by the reports. He continued to run the military base right up until his arrest without any rumors of inadequacy of brain function or social function.


I personally think that this perpetrator, Russell Williams, is a psychopath, having displayed traits throughout his life time. People notice oddities about others, but don’t always “compare notes” concerning the individual – I’m sure those close to him (eg. his wife, friends, co-workers, etc.) noticed traits that they found to be peculiar.

Ox Drover

I agree, Blue. Absolutely, a sociopath as well as a sexual sadist!


My opinion is that we don’t apply the word sociopath liberally enough. For example, my brother. He used to break into homes and steal things. He admitted to kicking kittens to death. He lives in my parents basement and mooches off the government food stamps. He told me he considered killing 2 people he encountered sleeping. But he also told us all that he had a “mental problem”. He described it as a type of social phobia where he feels uncomfortable around other people because when he looks at their faces, he feels that his own face is turning into theirs. Consequently, he wore dark sunglasses day and night. And he also said he used to imagine demons haunting him, when he was alone.

He is “better” now because he doesn’t do drugs. Just drinks alcohol and watches porn and plays online poker. There has never been an addiction that didn’t appeal to him, but at least he’s down to the cheap and free addictions – because working has never been a favorite pass time.

Anyway, I never thought of him as a sociopath, but when I found out what a narcissist was, I thought I finally understood him. His sensation of having his face “mirror” other people was because HE DID mirror them. His brain really was trying to become them. All sociopaths do this. It might be related to a normal process of mirroring which all normal humans beings do in social settings. Only his was so out of control it became unbearable.

Well, my point is that despite everything I knew about him, I never thought he was dangerous because I had grown up with him and he had never hurt any PERSON to my knowledge. But then he set me up with a fake domestic violence call and had me put in jail. Who does that? A spath.
Is he capable of more? He’s capable of doing ANYTHING that he knows he will get away with.


This story sends shivers. I sometimes wonder if I have the house locked up tight enough against this type of evil.

Ox Drover

Dear Breckgirl,

I’m not sure we CAN lock up our houses against this kind of random evil…..unless we want to live in a fort which basically then becomes our PRISONS….I live with caution, but not TERROR. I keep my handy dandy little “friend” close to me 24/7 and I never go anywhere without her…she saved my bacon 3 times in the last 30 years and I am very attached to her. I do lock my door, and for 15 years I didn’t even know where the KEY was, much less locked it. LOL (yea, really) but also, I am willing to move if I have to to stay where I feel safe (as safe as anyone is) and there was a time that the thought of leaving “my home” was totally anathema to me…Now I realize it is just a house on some real estate, it is NOT who I am or what I am. “Home” goes with me where ever I am safe and at peace.

There will always be people like Williams, and where they pop up is difficult to predict, but I won’t let the fear/terror or someone like him make me live inside a mental or physical prison….or my P son either, which is a more specific danger.


I got it Oxy – you are right on all points – and still the thought occasionally crosses my mind.


Why are people splitting hairs over what we label this guy? Can’t we all agree that he’s a really really really REALLY bad person?


this is important because the reason spaths get away with all the evil that they do is BECAUSE OF US. WE are the ones who “forgive and forget”. WE are the ones who make excuses. WE are the ones who ENABLE THEM.
WE are the ones who try to empathize with the spath and “relate” to why they do what they do. WE anthropomorphize them.
They know that we do and they use that against us and it is our vulnerability. My spath said to me, “do you think that I’m thoughtless?”. NO, NOT AT ALL!! NOBODY GIVES MORE THOUGHT TO MY FEELINGS THAN HE DID. But that thought was focused on how to destroy me, not on how to be considerate.
that’s what is important: intent.

I have a question for you: did you tell your neighbor that you were part of that dating site BEFORE he showed up?

lesson learned


That’s why the spaths get us, exactly! But it’s the INTENT that blows me away!

Thinking predator. With last spath and his last love bomb before gf, I saw him MORPHING into stuff he wouldn’t normally do. trying new clothes he would NOT normally wear, wanting to try new foods like sushi, kangaroo??? Not spath, but he KNEW that’s what she liked.

So the love bombing stage is PREDATORY? They’re FAKING it? I’ve heard they become “attached” during this stage but do not fall in love like we do. What is the INTENT during this stage while they are overwhelmingly “nice” and “considerate”. At the end, mine was constantly saying to me, “I Just want to be loved”….hmmmmmm oh you mean I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO MEET MY EVERY DEMAND AND YOU WON”T
Is that how you FLIP it, with the INTENT behind the meaning?



I don’t recall if I mentioned to the neighbor that I was on a dating site or which one. It’s a pretty standard site that most people I know of belong to. I think if he was there to stalk me or make me jealous, he would have many easier ways to do it as he lives next door. He could easily flaunt women in my face but he doesn’t. He keeps his life very private. Even when we were hanging out, he never spoke about any other women or romantic interests. I was starting to get the feeling that he was more in love with his guitar. I don’t think he is intentionally trying to hurt me, but he is probably intentionally trying to avoid me so he doesn’t have to deal with my hurt feelings. I’m sure it makes him uncomfortable. My guess is that if I approached him in a very friendly fashion and said “hey what’s up”, he would realize I’m not upset, and he would start his pursuit games again. Or at least be relieved and speak to me and maybe start going back to the gym again. I don’t care either way. There are no more chances for him, and I couldn’t consider him as a friend again. If he wants to say hello, great. If not, who cares? Not my problem.

Anyway, one of the things about being on a site like this is I get to give a LOT of advice. Most of my advice has to do with the power of the mind and how much choice we have over it. I would be a hypocrite if I couldn’t apply that advice to my own life. I am making a concerted effort not to think about him. The acute part of the crisis is over, and I will just continue NC. If finances permit, I will schedule an energy work session for May and possibly a hypnosis session for this month for myself, since it can help with confidence. I will just continue to work on myself and look forward to my trip in Costa Rica. The neighbor needn’t be more than a blip on my radar screen, just as the sociopath is these days. But I have to keep a very strong mind to do this. I have a long history of this kind of crisis where I get knots in my stomach, feel like I want to die, curl up in bed, eat poorly and don’t exercise. But today, since I go in to work late, I have already cleaned my house and will do an hour of tae bo. I never even really dated this yin-yang. So I REFUSE to let him control my feelings. My feelings, my body, my choice. Period. In a confident woman’s world, she would have a variety of suitors to choose from, so if one dropped off, it would be no big deal. I don’t have that, but he doesn’t need to know that. I can still tune him out.


Sky, if a person commits a heinous crime out of the blue, does he/she need to get the label of a spath to get harsher punishment? I was under the impression that the punishment was supposed to fit the crime and not the pattern of behaviors. Even if that guy were to be labeled as a sociopath, most people don’t really understand what that is and will feel the same empathy for him that they would feel for any other criminal. What do you think? Just opening this up to debate here. I would argue that if a person suddenly goes on a rampage and murders a bunch of people in cold blood, they are very dangerous and need to be locked away from society. I would consider them a very very bad person. I would hope the courts would agree. I don’t see under what circumstance a court would let them go free.

Ox Drover

Star there are many reasons I think why people who have done HORRIBLE THINGS are released from prison.

While in actual FACT, prison only keeps them off the streets, the “theory” is that it is rehabilitative….BULL CHIT!!!! It makes them worse, puts them in a PhD program for crime and violence. If they weren’t bad when they go in they ARE when they come out.

There ARE a FEW (percentage wise) who decide they dont’ want to return to prison and see the problem with their behavior. However, these FEW do “get it” and stop doing crimes, get a job etc. and lead “law abiding” lives (at least don’t get arrested again) but those people are few and far between….and only 40% of the criminals released on parole do NOT commit another CRIME within the lengths of their paroles, and are re-arrested and resentenced.

It is a REVOLVING DOOR of this “politically correct” thing that “youthful offenders” will not rape and assault after being in prison for 5-10 years and will have learned their lesson, and they did—so after they get out they KILL THE VICTIMS so they don’t leave any live witnesses! Remember the PhD in crime they got in prison?

We pretend that prison and probation and parole actually rehabilitates these people—but when horrible crimes are committed we as a people demand that longer sentences are given out, then when the prisons get full we scream it is costing too much and that we are using our kids’ education moneies to keep the prisons open, so they let them out early—

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The ONLY possible solution I SEE–and who in Washington is going to listen to me??? LOL—is to put away the VIOLENT offenders and to KEEP THEM IN PRISON FOR THEIR NATURAL LIVES.

The problem is “what is violent?” Does someone have to kill someone else to be considered “violent”? or rape? Date rape or stranger rape? There are so many DEGREES of “violence” and so many different degrees for even killing someone from manslaughter, 2nd degrees murder to capital murder. Where do we draw the line?

Three strikes (felonies) and you go to prison for life? The DA pleads them down….they do 10 felonies but plead guilty to one small one….so in order to not go to trial which the state can’t afford, the DA is like Monty Hall on “Let’s Make a Deal” game show pick the sentence behind door numbers 1-2 or 3!

Only the most outrageous crimes get a trial these days….so where did “justice” go to hide. Sure not in the family courts.

Do I think any of this is going to change any time soon. NOPE! NEVER! I quit expecting it to change. In the meantime, I see the devastation all this causes in society and in families and I still try to find joy and peace in a world with so much violence.

I think since the time that Cain killed Abel it has been that way, and will never be any different as long as the world stands and revolves around the sun, but we can still find joy in our lives, while recognizing that there is EVIL on this earth as well. God bless us all.


News flash! This article has hit the news here today

All domestic murders to be reviewed
(UKPA) ”“ 6 hours ago

Every domestic murder in England and Wales will now be automatically reviewed to ensure lessons are learned.

The domestic homicide reviews came into effect on Wednesday as Britain’s leading prosecutor warned that teenage girls have become the most likely victims of domestic abuse as they are preyed on by a new generation of wife beaters.

Mandatory case reviews of every domestic murder by a current or former partner will be carried out by all the agencies involved, including police, health and probation services.

About two people are killed every week by their current or former partner in England and Wales, according to Home Office figures.

The Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (Caada) charity, which backs the moves, said the reviews will help ensure that “lessons are learned and areas for urgent development are identified”.

“As the reviews will be published and publicly available, they will provide an open and transparent means of reviewing practice, thereby increasing the safety of other local victims in the future,” said a spokeswoman. “The reviews will also enable all agencies to consolidate and build on the important work that has occurred to date around risk identification in relation to domestic abuse victims, particularly in high-risk cases.”

Sandra Horley, chief executive of national domestic violence charity Refuge, said the reviews would “only truly be effective if the lessons learned result in real change in practice on the ground level”.

She added: “This will not happen without sufficient funding. But with every homicide costing the state £1 million, reducing the domestic homicide rate not only makes moral sense, but clear financial sense too.”

Frank Mullane, co-ordinator of Action After Fatal Domestic Abuse (AAFDA), added that the reviews will be meaningful “if professionals embrace them fearlessly and creatively”.

“It is by seeing these tragedies through the eyes of victims that we will begin to understand their lives and the choices and decisions they made often under great duress,” he said. “Only then will we be likely to design the services that enable individuals, mostly women, to find ways out of abuse to long-term safety.”

Slowly but surely it appears that the ‘message’ is getting through to the powers that be that laws need to be changed.

Ox Drover

THANKS CANDY!!!! great article and sounds like it might help save some lives and help some people find safety!


Cheers Ox. I was tuned in to the radio today and listening to the struggles of the suffragettes 100 years ago. They dreamed that one day all women would get the vote and be treated as equals to men.

How frustrated those women must have been with the slow pace of change. But change DOES happen (sometimes it does not come soon enough for our liking)

I had to switch my pute off last night after reading Zoey’s post – it was so heart wrenching. Why? Why the hell do people do this to kids? It’s so shocking even now I can’t bear the pain her post conveyed. Poor kids.

I’ve been reading your posts – such good advice all round. Thank you.


naming someone a sociopath is naming what they have done in the past and what they will do in the future.

Sociopaths are predictable. They all do the same things. The only difference is in HOW they do it. My sociopath uncle didn’t kill his wife with a knife or gun, he did it by emotionally crushing her for years and she died very young of cancer. The stress of being publicly humiliated for years was too much. She was isolated and without support.

Other sociopaths take your life in increments. They like to watch you waste your time. That is really all life is: time on earth. So they will take that.

So, naming someone a sociopath means that they are a danger to society and should get a sentence that not only punishes them, but also PROTECTS us. Just like pedophiles are sentenced to ankle monitors and registration in their communities. Sociopaths should also be restricted further than just a prison sentence as punishment.


Candy, yes, I had to walk away from the LF board yesterday too. Zoey’s posts were so triggering!

LL, when he said, “I just want to be loved” I’m not sure what he was meaning to say. Most likely, he was just using it as a cover, to continue reeling you in, and confusing you. Everything they say and do is meant to get you to react somehow. Then they can sit back and enjoy the show.

lesson learned


It was said within the context that I wasn’t “loving” him therefore setting up his justifications for dating and dumping me..when actually, he was cheating already.



AH!! I get it.
That was a slime. He was putting the responsibility for his bad behavior on you. It was YOUR fault that he sleeps around. hahahaha! That’s funny. Such typical spathalogic.

It’s NEVER their fault. You were scapegoated AGAIN. His sin was placed on you, therefore the punishment must be on you as well.

You were supposed to feel guilty for not loving him enough and causing him to cheat on you and also causing him to punish you by dumping you.
How’s that for spathalogical thinking?

So, do you feel guilty that you caused him to dump you?! That was his intent. LOL!

lesson learned


LOL! Boy when you put it that way it seems silly doesn’t it?

Thanks sky.




I am the most stupidist of victims. You can’t even call me a victim, can only call me stupid.

Jim never romanced me. He sorta romanced me that first weekend, cause he stuck around until nightfall, but he was bumming cigarettes off me.

He stopped the attention…

It sounds like a no-brainer, but I was alone out here. I needed home repairs. He mouthed the words like he would help me but I found he only had his hand open for my money…


the home repair spath, I fear that.
Mine was a car repair spath that turned into much more…
But I was lucky and so were you, because we don’t own helicopters. Mine was also a helicopter repair spath, and well…. those don’t end well.


I take it the helicopter spath could take me for a whole lot more money. It sounds so funny. Yet, it is so sad.

Jim talked me into investing into apartment buildings. I buy it with my good credit and he is the caretaker. I would have went along with this, but Jim does too much dreaming and no action. The plan never happened.

Good thing I was only dealing with a short-stack con.!


Oh, shiat Jeannie, you dodged a bullet. The apartment spaths like arson.

Helicopter spaths “fix” your helicopter so that it crashes and burns with you in it. They don’t want your helicopter, they just don’t want you to have it. Same with your life.


It says that the police thought she was faking the break-in, and tied herself up? So they left her there tied up for hours while they investigated? Isn’t that torture?

When police do things like this, a thorough investigation needs to be done of the persons involved. Spaths are at the bottom of this – the complete lack of empathy assures me of it. Then they need to be prosecuted.

Ox Drover

I like how Canada and the UK sentence someone to “LIFE” and then qualify it with “no chance of parole for X number of years”

The police officers who did this to this woman should be sacked and hung, drawn and quartered. I hope she gets her $7 million and then some. she deserves it for what she endured at the hands of the heartless cops who treated her this way.

It is bad enough that she was abused and raped but to be devalued and accused of faking it—how did she tie herself up? Grrrrr (me grinding what is left of my teeth to the gum line!)


this reminds me of the woman who was found hanging nude from her millionaire bf’s balcony with her feet and hands tied (behind her back). It was ruled a suicide.

I rule it a psychopathic tell: they are telling us that they can get away with anything and we are too mind boggled to respond.

Edit: what you said about being hung drawn and quartered… I was thinking it, but decided against typing it. We must be on the same wavelength today.

Ox Drover


Yea, we had a “state medical examiner” who was a minion of Bill Clinton’s and he ruled a kid found dead on a rail road track had died of marijauna overdose….his name was Mallack (I’m not sure of the spelling) He had changed his “incredible testimony” so many times that there was a group called “VOMIT” Victims of Mallack’s icredible testimony—he had so many rulings and changed his testimony on the stand so many times that he was eventually driven from his position even though Bill Clinton who was Gov. at the time refused for a long time to get rid of him. Turned out he had supposedly “protected” Clinton’s mom, Virginia Kelley, in a medical “accident” years before. (She was a nurse)..there was a young woman who was probably murdered (according to many people who knew about the event, by the children of influential families at a party) but was ruled she died from a 9 inch fall…a local reporter here keeps bringing up the event, but nothing has ever been or probably ever will be done about her death, which her family and others believe was a covered up murder.

Yea, I read the same thing about the woman’s “suicide”—disgusting what some people can get away with if they know the right people.


Wow, I just revisited this story, and it really is creepy. Canadians are a very trusting bunch. As a group, they tend to leave their front doors unlocked. I’m sure that the guy just walked into their houses. It’s hard to imagine a place where people don’t have to lock their doors, never mind a whole country, but Canadians seem to be in general a very peaceful group. I can understand why they wouldn’t know the first thing to do with a serial killer. For all the guns they own, crime is very low there.

Also, the story is so unbelievable, I wondered if there is any such thing as an intermittent sociopath – one who has feelings and morals, but takes leave of them periodically. Of course there is no such thing, but this guy is so clever, kind of makes you wonder how there were no signs. For me it makes me wonder if there are people who basically start out as normal, but have some pocket of intense compulsion and for whatever reason, act on it. It’s a fascinating study, and also a very tragic one because we will probably never know the answers.

The part about him not confessing to the child porn reminds me of the old song “Rickety Tickety Tin” about Lizzie Borden. Do any of you remember that song? It details in rhyme all of her heinous murders of her family members. But when they asked her, she told the truth, “for lying, she knew, was a sin.” It’s funny how psychopaths have their own sense of pride in how they view themselves.

Ox Drover

Star, I think some psychopaths (maybe all of us as well) have a “view” of themselves that they dont’ want to admit is not true. Like some guys will have sex with other men, but as long as they are the one on top they do not consider themselves as having “homosexual sex”….and if you accused them of being “gay” they would DENY it completely and with venom! I think the same thing about this guy denying the kiddie porn, he wanted to view himself as “normal” and he didn’t view a pedophile as “normal,” so he denied he had engaged in looking at kiddie porn.

What pieces of shiat these guys are, and I don’t think they are really “normal” and just “snap,” but they have the MASK OF SANITY which they do well, some of them end up in the White House for goodness sakes and governor’s mansions, etc.

The thing is that they are like icebergs and only the TIP of the thing sticks out where it is visible…


Star – don’t believe everything you read or hear out of the mouth of Roger Moore about Canadians. It’s true that many people didn’t used to lock their doors in Toronto – one of the major cities, but that has changed.

Canadians are ‘trusting’ because there is a lower population density than in the USA. there are fewer gun deaths because there are fewer gangs and a different gun culture. I remember being in a south eastern state, and being with a group of people. we were going into a rifle range and i went in first to find out if the 8 yr old with us was allowed in. non problem. and there was no problem with him shooting either. that shit doesn’t happen in Canada. Kids on farms used to learn to shoot young, but even that has changed with new gun control laws. First gun I shot was a 48 and the bugger blew the shit out of a pumpkin and kicked like a mule. I was 13 or 14. I started ‘late’ as i was a ‘girl’.

i like the title of this post: ‘the sudden physhopath’ and find your statement, ‘…but have some pocket of intense compulsion and for whatever reason, act on it.’ to be intriguing. (i’d say it is more like the compulsion was triggered, but they were never ‘normal’.)

but i don’t believe this guy is anything but a spath. i think he just had a really really really good mask.


There is something interesting about my mother. She doesn’t lie very much. When I ran from my spath I knew that my spath sis was a leak, so I asked my mom to lie and thought that she wouldn’t be very good. As it turns out, she was BRILLIANT. She said, “I don’t know where that lie came from but it was perfect.” of course, now I know.

She is not a “liar”. My psychopathic mom, is not like my spath. She did not lie on a regular basis. That would have been counterproductive. IMO, she lied about facts only 3 or 4 times in my life, that I remember. Instead, she told the truth, consistently. This cemented her mask. By sticking to the facts, the truth about her inability to feel – anything – was never questioned. Her lie is her life and it is consistent.

I think this guy, russell, was the same way. They live their lives PERFECTLY. eventually, the false self snaps.

She is 72, we have very long lived genetics. I wonder what the end will be like.

I just popped in here. I’d never heard this story before. You’re telling me that a bunch of experts talked to this guy and came out with the conclusion that he’s NOT a psychopath?

What? How in the world….

Based on everything I know and have been learning, it is impossible that he isn’t a psychopath and the very fact that they think he isn’t a psychopath tells me that he is VERY VERY psychopathic. He fooled everyone. That is what they DO for goodness sakes! They look normal on the surface and then they go and kill someone! Hmm, who seems normal but is actually a serial killer? PSYCHOPATHS.

He cared about his cats? Yeah, so did my ex. He just looooveeeedd kitties. He would play with my cat, cuddle my cat, feed my cat, and then threaten to hurt my cat if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do.

Put an LF reader in the room with the guy for an hour. I bet any one of us could diagnose him in a matter of minutes with what we already have read about the guy.

The only other thought was that MAYBE there is something to this idea that a spath can be a brain-damaged individual, and that brain damage could have maybe occurred later in his life (in the military?)

I’m just not buying it. The guy’s a spath/P. He fooled everyone for 44 years. He would have kept fooling everyone. He didn’t become a P overnight. He just got caught.


I think it’s very interesting that your mom wasn’t a liar. I suspect (though am not completely sure) that my father wasn’t a liar either (not with his words). The only time I have really nailed him in an inconsistency was when I asked him what our heritage is. He went on and on about how his mother is a full Swede and his father too. Then, about 2 months later, I was talking to him in front of my mother (he was at my wedding reception) and I mentioned how neat it is to have Swedish roots. He looked at me and asked why I think I have Swedish roots. I “reminded” him that he’d told me all about it. He insisted that we were English, not Swedish, and that he’d never said such a thing! I was confused as could be. Other than this, he was obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with honesty. He made my little sister write “I will not lie” on a paper……70,000 times. Yes, you read that correctly. He removed all the furniture from her room and left nothing but a desk, a piece of paper, and a pencil. She wasn’t allowed to leave her room until she had written “I will not lie” 70,000 times. The first time he made her do it, it was 5,000. The second time, 15,000. The third time it was 50,000.

The odd thing is…I don’t think she had actually lied about anything.

That is why I found it hard to see him as a P (the “honesty” obsession he has). But then again, his LIFE is the lie. He is on wife #6. I think if you tell 6 consecutive women “I will love you till death do us part” and then have an affair and divorce every single one of them, then you are a LIAR! And if you have filed bankruptcy THREE TIMES without regret, remorse, or a lesson learned, then you are a LIAR. Who CARES what comes out of his mouth, right? He’s a scoundrel! Is there a psychological diagnosis called SCOUNDREL?


she does lie, but she’s not a habitual liar, like my spath was. She doesn’t lie just to hear her own lies. My dad does that and she bitches him out for it.

She lies when it serves her.

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