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Teachers behaving badly caught on tape

Several reports of teachers abusing students have been in the news recently. The following stories were suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

A student in Gloucester County, New Jersey, has been complaining all year that his teacher was abusing him. He finally captured the abuse on his camera phone. The video is shocking.

Teacher who bullied special needs student faces disciplinary action, on

A teacher and aide in Washington Courthouse, Ohio, were verbally abusing a 14-year-old student. Her parents had her wear a wire to secretly record the disparaging comments.

Ohio special-needs student wore wire to tape aide’s caustic comments, on

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Ox Drover

You know it is interesting how the psychopaths and the bullies are being “outed” with the fact that just about every person in the world now has a VIDEO CAMERA or there are CCTVs every where, and when people behave badly they are very likely to be on “candid camera” LOL

The pepper spraying cops at UC Davis I don’t think stopped to realize that they would be on the EVENING NEWS or UTUBE…the teachers didn’t even consider that they would be taped, they thought that they would get away with treating their students badly and it would be “their word against the kids’ word” Well, digital video is making a difference in how these people are viewed.

I saw a video a while back taken from inside a man’s car when he was stopped by a cop who was harassing him unmercifully, threatening etc. and it was ALL ON VIDEO!!!!

With digital pocket recorders good enough now to sit quietly in your pocket and catch every word that is said for 25 feet around you, and cameras and nanny cams easily hidden, things are not what they were in the past, and I think that is a GOOD THING.

Of course some perverts put them secretly in bathrooms to spy on people changing clothes or going to the toilets, but even those usually get found out.

I’m glad to see some of these abusers and psychopaths OUTED to the public in the most public way. I hope the laws and the schools will follow up instead of being like Penn State and trying to cover up, but after it has gone viral, there’s not much “covering up” going to work!

TOWANDA for these kids! and POX on the abusers!

Ox Drover

Here’s a link to the previous record of the pepper spraying cop from Davis…looks like he has an “anger management problem”


MY 17 yr old daughter came out of school last week shaking and crying. She was out sick 3 days that week. In the ER all night with pain and went back to school with a doctor’s note.

He physics teacher told her…you have to take the test. She explained that she wasn’t there to learn the material. He said…”tough”. So, she took it and got a “5” on it. She is an “honor student” taking all honors courses which are very tough. She is #4 in her class…never got a B in her life…straight A’s. (also a prodigy on the piano and singer, model…etc)

Ok..He tells her rudely,”There’s nothing in the handbook that says I have to give you extra time or stay after school to help you. You can come in the morning…I am busy afterschool.(school starts at 7am, so she would have to go in at 6am and I have a younger one to get to school)) And, he wouldn’t let her make up this test or even another one the week before. Then he slammed the door on her.

I called a meeting requesting she be taken out of the class. He came, lied and said he COULD come now after school because soccer is over…and he can’t come before school.

When she cried and said she wants out…after 45 minutes of the guidance counselor tried to convince her to stay in the class, he stormed out, all red faced and angry.

This man is know to make students cry, the kids hate him and my daughter is very sensitive and I want her out of the class to go to college prep physics instead of honors. The head of the dept denied the request. So, I am meeting with the principal about this.

I feel that he “bullied” her by slamming the door in her face and not allowing her to make up the work first. She’s done with him and has anxiety about staying in the class.

So, we will see what the principal says. She was bullied last year by some girls and I don’t need her to be in a learning environment where she is going to come home crying.

She is out a lot for auditions and the other teachers work with her and the school approves it.

I just hope I don’t lose my cool at the meeting Tuesday.

When I was teaching I had 2 aides in my class abusing Special Ed children. I turned them in. One was suspended and quit. The other one was taken out of my class and continued to do the same thing in another class. The teacher didn’t report her.

This teacher even got the guidance counselor in trouble for not returning his call..turned her in to her supervisor.

He is a sociopath and shouldn’t be teaching our children.

Why don’t more parents complain?????


2be – this sounds horrible for your daughter, but you are teaching her something utterly important for her development as an adult: to value herself.

good on you! i wish my parents had given my horrible school situation anywhere near this care. and i guess i just gave you one answer to your question as to why they don’t complain: they are not engaged.


My parents were the same. The teacher was always right.
I went to Catholic school and I can tell you REAL abuse stories…omg. Hitting us…torturing us…terrible.

I complained about another teacher last year that was rude to my other daughter. He quit before they could fire him.

Enough is enough in this world.

I will always defend my girls if they are right.


When i skipped school in grade 9 because of the slimeball sleazey teacher my absentee rate went sky high. my mom slapped me across the face when she saw my report. it was quite traumatic for me. the next time she hit me i hit her back. she never tried again.

they were never very engaged, just in punishment if they didn’t like the results. ptew.


Thank GOd for laws to protect children. Some people say its terrible…that you can’t hit your children.

Those people are uneducated and abusers.


I have NEVER hit my girls. And they are all well behaved honor students. All I had to do is raise my voice and give them a look. If I was stressed and angry, I would yell, throw something across the room, (not AT them)…and tell them to RUN to their rooms because I was losing it! Once I grabbed my daughter by the hair, not even hard. Then I apologized.

That was it. I never could physically hurt them. They killed each other enough when they were younger! lol

I’m not perfect, but I know that I never had to spank or hit them to keep them in line…and they were and still are well behaved, respectable girls…

My youngest one throws things now when she is angry. So, it wasn’t good that I threw things. But, at least she doesn’t hit or attack anyone. lol

Children learn violence…they live what they learn.



I totally agree ….more parents should complain. Unfortunately it’s parents like you…..good people who bring their children up well, who don’t. We have parents who accuse us of victimising their kids because they themselves didn’t like school and are re living their experience through their children. I realise this article is highlighting the pupils who are genuinely bullied by teachers and unfortunately they still exist and still practise as teachers. In my experience these people are hard to convict. They lie and it’s their word that society tends to believe because they are teachers and we’re brought up to trust certain people in authority……doctors, policemen and teachers.

Sadly history has shown that evil people can and do hide their real persona behind a vocational profession. It’s wrong. Completely. It gives us a bad name. The vast majority of teachers I work with are professional and do the best for the children that are in their care. Whenever I have discovered pupils that are being treated inappropriately by colleagues I always inform the Headteacher. This works well when the Head or other senior management are strong or prepared to do what is right. Unfortunately some of them are corrupt, are weak or just don’t want to rock the boat. And the theres the ones who are scared to make an accusation against a teacher. I have known crap teachers who have claimed unfair dismissal and taken the school for thousands in compensation. Then move on and repeat their reign in another school.
I feel very sorry for your daughter. You must be very angry and upset that she is treated this way. If they …..the school/college do not recognise what is going on could she transfer elsewhere?
There must be other students that this teacher mis treats? It’s rarely an isolated incident is it? Bullying that is. That’s what we are talking about here. I hope it doesn’t put her off studying. As you know education is the key to life. Whether it’s gaining qualifications or gaining and learning the expertise required to deal with evil people wherever we encounter them.
I wish you all the best



I taught for 25 yrs and I’ve had aides in my room, high school graduates, no experience or training…who provoked the special ed children in my classroom, called them “bad” and other names. One told a boy, who was severely emotionally disturbed, that he is “special ed…thats why you are here and won’t make it in the real world”. Imagine that. The kid called her a “stupid bitch” (which she and she stormed out of the room and twisted it onto him. I defended the student.
She’s lucky he didn’t hit her!

I am encouraging my daughter to express herself at the meeting because when they hear it from her, it has more impact. My other daughter told the principal word for word what her teacher said to her last year. The principals eyes opened wide! They took her out of the class and he was gone a week later. Quit.

But, my older daughter is very quiet and shy and afraid. I told her to tell them what she told me…even if she has to look at me and say it. They told me at the meeting last week that she needs to adjust to all kinds of people because she may have a boss someday who speaks to her that way!

DUH!!! Are they saying that she has to take that crap from someone later on in life?

I know my daughter and if she doesn’t get away from this man, she will refuse to go to school and I don’t blame her.
I will go further up the ladder if need be. The new superintendant will get to know me fast!



Er yeh that’s what they’re saying….”Are they saying she has to take that crap from someone later on in life?”
Classic bull from people who a. Don’t care. B. Are bullies themselves c. Have no idea how to deal with bullies…..whether they’re other kids or teachers. I hate that reasoning… gotta toughen up!
Rubbish. I hate that attitude and I abhor bullying. Your daughter sounds sweet and lovely ……hardworking and dedicated and uncomplaining. Bless her. It’s great she has you fighting for her and encouraging her to stand up to them. She’s still really young at 17! Wonder if they were so self assured at that age. I doubt it, don’t you? Lol.
Keep us posted and good luck x


Thank you Strong…

I consider how he treated her ‘bullying’. He intimidated her and slammed the door in her face. She saw enough abuse from her own father and she is very sensitive because of it.
I will tell them that I don’t agree with their philosophy that she should “toughen up”. Abuse is abuse and she should not have to be subject to anyone who treats her this way.

I’ll keep you posted.


We have a teacher now that announces failing students in front of the whole class and shames them. They don’t even want to attend anymore. Is that bullying? I didn’t think teachers were allowed to release that information. 🙁

8 more days of classes and then it is over! 😀


They are not allowed to do that. I would turn them in.
People need to stand up for whats right.

Authority figures aren’t GODS. There’s just too much police brutality, teacher abuse, and very few people have the guts to report them.

I still like animals better than people. lol


tobehappy: Animals are the best! *high fives* I am scared to turn her in, though. She is one of the heads of my department. Her husband is my student advisor. 🙁 I have a sinking feeling college will be a political game of chess.


With having custody of Grand, this is my 5th child to go through public school. It goes without saying, I have seen it all. My children have had some wonderful, caring teachers that had a lasting influence on their educations and lives. Then there have been the others – – – –

My second son, who had learning disabilities, was entering 9th grade. The first grading period, mid term report from his science teacher. 2nd son’s grade is an F – written on the report, does not turn in homework, does not complete science notebook, has failed all tests. Call if you have any questions. Signed – Mr. Science Teacher

I called, I asked if he had ever talked to my son about homework and science notebook. He said YES, but it didn’t help. I asked if he got extra help in order to pass the tests. He said YES. I asked how many children were in the class. He said 16. I asked if he took daily attendance. He said YES. I asked if my son was showing up for class. He said YES.

I then informed him that we had moved out of that school district during the summer and my son had NEVER BEEN IN HIS CLASS. He LAUGHED.

I did not think it was funny, at all.


Wow, Milo….
That tops them all! Its a shame that these teachers get away with what they do! Thats why I can’t go back. I am disabled now but I am going to start substitute teaching next month.I can’t deal with the politics in public schools anymore.

We can’t beat city hall…but we can protect our children!


Jeez Milo!
I think that was a psychopath. He lied, lied and lied, then when he’s caught he laughs. Even if he didn’t lie, he doesn’t seem to comprehend the seriousness of what he had just done. Yet, he’s a science teacher…


While the personal attacks towards these pupils are clearly crossing the line of professional conduct…

The subject itself is something I know also has an other side of the coin. Let’s say I confront a student about their disturbing behaviour, by first making an observation of hte behaviour, how it disrupts class and is disrespectful to me and other pupils who hope to listen and learn while I’m talking. Chances are that one of them completely ignores me and keeps on behaving that way. If I would try to engange them into contact with me: eye contact, answering my questions… I might get completely ignored or told not to make a fuss. Then, when by the third time (and I will be upset by then) I have to order them out, they might end up refusing this and then when I have to leave the classroom to get someone to fetch them out of the classroom… guess what they’ll say? ‘I did nothing (or only asked for a paper) and she started to shout at me for no reason at all.’ They negate any responsibility of their own conduct and blow up my part in the confrontation. The truth lies in the middle of it… I have no reason to confront any pupil, unless they disturbed class proceedings and failed to alter their behaviour after several general requests to let me speak in peace. I confront them first with questions in a normal voice tone. I might get upset and speak louder when they persist even then.

In the past 8 years, some of these pupils were kids everyone believed to be holy angels. And I got called to a meeting with the principal and the defending parent how their son/daughter never posed a problem blablablabla …

I now my pupils by their face, alas not always rapidly by name… especially not when I teach only 1 hour a week to them and they are divided in groups up to 30 pupils. Two years in a row I had about 200-300 pupils I taught weekly. It was plain impossible for me to know the names outside of class without any aid. Now I try to take a picture of the whole class and write down the names on the pic, if I do not have a slide of pupil pics with names. One thing’s for sure though in those two years… without the faces, I graded papers and tests very objectively. 🙂

In those two years I had that many pupils it sometimes happened I had no papers or tests at all of a pupil: long term absence (but not recorded), or left the school, while I did not get info on them. I do not condone it, but I can see how it’s possible for a teacher to end up giving a grade anyhow in such a situation. To be honest, I’ve seen grades behind a name by other teachers while the pupil is long absent or left school already during grade meetings between teachers. So, it happens more often in my experience. It shouldn’t happen, but it’s actually quite a human mistake with the amount of administrative workload you need to keep up.

That the teacher in question laughed about it imo shows he saw the humor in his own mistake and able to put himself in perspective after all.

As for grading: depending on the system they use at school, I tell the grades out loud in front of class. I don’t make any remarks, just the grade. The comments are written on the test or paper. And I do my best to make it a constructive one. Friday I’ll have to do a special debate though, since I had 2 tests in my pile of tests last Friday of the same kid… one 0/10, the other 9/10. Since I picked up only one paper per kid at the end of the short test, that means the kid added a second test with the answers at the end of class to the pile of tests on my desk. It had only been a short test, and I taught the rest of the time and gave the answers to the test at the end of class. Colleagues and principal suggested I’d only return the test with 0/10 and have him betray his duplicity, but I know that the other kids will silently support him as the underdog then. Instead, I plan to tell the class there is a mystery and ask their help to solve it, and then ask them what they think I should do. There are others who have 0/10 and when the situation is put before them in general I doubt they’ll think it fair the cheater earned the right to get a higher grade than 0/10. “Close, but no cigar.” Had he been truly smart, he should have searched for the other test and make it disappear. But that was too risky to get caught while doing it and would have taken too much time.

BTW I twice caught kids trying to film class proceedings. I confiscated the cell phones, noticed he had filmed several teachers, gave the cell phones to the principal for inspection and the pupil got punished for it. It goes against privacy law, just as much as I’m not allowed to film my pupils in class.

All that said, I do not condone the belittling behaviour of the teachers of this article.


I know, I often wondered when I would go in for conferences if the teacher actually knew who my child was. This kind of confirmed it.

This was not an inter-city school either, it was the wealthiest school districst in the county. And a class size of 16.

I was just glad we HAD moved and my child didn’t have to have that jerk for a science teacher.


darwinsmom ~ I understand what you are saying, but this class size was 16. Did I mention that this guy was also a coach!!!!! And he answered direct questions about my son, even that he was personally helping him.

No excuse for this one.


Whew! What you say about your teaching and your practices! You don’t teach in the USA do you? 🙂


Milo – he was definitely saving face by pretense, that’s for sure… and not a good idea. At the very least, he should have just asked for your number and go through administration and check wit h the school administration on your son, if he had no clear recollection of who he was, first and then call you back. I never take any call by a parent without preparing myself for it.

Yes, sometimes I have small classes too… including the years I had that many pupils. It just gets a blur with that big a pool. Heck, in such tiems I even start to forget names of acquaintances and friends whose name I used to know.

Katydid, lol…nope. Glad I don’t either. I think the SAT system is one of the reasons that HS education in the US is underachieving. We have 2-year plans of lists of achievements for pupils (in general language). I make my own tests and exams. In other words, I teach to fit a program of subjects and fit my tests to what I teach. The other way around seems shallow imo.


Darwinsmom ~

The SAT system is just the tip of the iceberg. Our state has standardized achievement tests, starting in the first grade. Everything the children are taught is based on what will be on these tests. Even their everyday work is done with “filling in the ovals”.

To me that means they are being taught only what a small group of educators have decided is important for them to learn, no more, no less. The school’s rankings and the teacher’s jobs depend on the scores the students get on these tests. Grand has always scored extremely high on these tests, in the top 1%. The teachers actually argue over whose class he will be in for the next year. He is on medication for ADHD and last year he asked me if he could take two pills the morning of the test, because his teacher REALLY needed him to sit still and do a good job on the test. So sad.


We get guidelines… no premade test that children need to pass.

For example, “Must be able to solve an irrational equation” for math, etc… I can choose to make my own course or use a book of my choice or both, pick my own exercises, etc. And based on what I taught I will create my own test. For example for the interim job I’m doing I’ll have to create the exam questions for the Christmass exams. But I agreed with the teacher I’m replacing that he will make the questions on the parts he taught, and I’ll make the questions on what I taught. It’s fairer to the kids. He knows how in depth he went and what the difficulty level was for what he taught. I know for my part.

The guidelines cover 2 years, and thus 1 grade (total of 3 grades). So, when I choose to give a particular part is up to me or in cooperation with the colleague of the same grade.

It allows for flexibility and yet you make sure they know and can do what is required. The how is totally up to me.


An irrational equation? That’s a spath! No one can solve them.



I will put my message here. Happy Thanksgiving to all my new friends here on Lovefraud.

I would like to give a special thanks to Donna for providing a soft place to land and heal. Thanks for all your work.

Thank you friends, for all the help you have given me over the past year, and all the understanding.

Sky ~ a little special thanks to you today. Because of your wise words, I don’t have to spend this special day with the spath daughter. I am having a turkey delivered to you in the shape of a gray rock. It’s safe to eat, just looks kind of funny. Love

Love to all – Milo


((Milo)) Happy spath free day!



From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Donna for taking a devastating experience and turning into a positive by helping SO many people get through a very traumatic experience! Donna, you saved my life. Thank you!

I want to thank Oxy for being a guiding light and mentor and saving grace for me and so many others. Your wisdom and tough love has saved so many from suffering and heartbreak.
Even though we have never met, I feel you with me in spirit. Thank you.

To all the peeps on here who respond to my posts and support me…your support is priceless!

I am so thankful that I met all of you, even though it wasn’t under the best circumstances! I always teach my children…out of everything bad comes something good..

And…”Everything happens in divine right order”….so Trust in God that whatever we go through in life, is meant to be for us to become stronger and wiser.

Thank you!


Sky LOL… equations with squares in it 😉

Milo, happy thanksgiving to you too… I hear you about the issue of moments in class such as a test that are a true challenge to a child with ADHD. On such occasions it would be great if they could sit separately and have no distraction, and yet can fidget all they want without distracting others. And yet it is important for non-ADHD and ADHD to be able to perform while sitting together.


darwinsmom ~ Before classes start, I ask his teacher if he can sit slightly apart from the other kids so he can spread out all his stuff (he has OCD symptoms associated with Autism) pencils, paper clips, erasers, little wads of paper, whatever and be able to move without disrupting anyone. He likes it like that, he realizes that he needs “his space”. When the teacher’s do that – everything is fine. If not LOOK OUT.

This year, at teachers conference, the teacher told me she has put him where she can not see him that well, then she isn’t tempted to “yell” at him for doing what comes naturally to him, because she realizes that he really can’t help it and doesn’t need to be “yelled at”. Wise woman….

Also, know that I would not have your job for anything in this world. I have the greatest respect for teachers and appreciate what the good ones give my kids.


The sociopath I was involved with is a teacher and a good looking hot shot coach. In fact, I believe this is what kept me involved with him for so long because I kept thinking “he must me a good guy”. But I’ll tell you I cannot picture him teaching highschoolers. He does not have a moral compass. The man is living a double life. I found out he was seeing 7 other women when I was seeing him and living with one for several months. He constantly pressured me to perform sexually degrading acts. After professing his love for me for several months (we had been on and off for 2yrs) he was to come to visit and never showed up. He ignored all texts and phones calls of mine desperate to find out if he was okay. Never heard from him again.

He doesn’t believe in anything accept winning and that’s what makes him a good coach. But I have never seen him put anyone above himself. Can’t imagine he’s doing more than the bare minimum teaching. Also, with his jacked up sex drive, it’s scary he’s teaching young women.

Ox Drover

Dear Lulu,

If this guy is what you describe, I would “bet the farm” he is messing with the young girls on his team inappropriately…can’t prove that of course, but they FEEL SO ENTITLED to what they want….Sandusky is typical of a psychopath…whatever I want is what I will do. Male, female or both, doesn’t matter to them if they want it, they go after it. NO moral compass to stop them.

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