Teachers behaving badly caught on tape

Several reports of teachers abusing students have been in the news recently. The following stories were suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

A student in Gloucester County, New Jersey, has been complaining all year that his teacher was abusing him. He finally captured the abuse on his camera phone. The video is shocking.

Teacher who bullied special needs student faces disciplinary action, on ABCNews.go.com.

A teacher and aide in Washington Courthouse, Ohio, were verbally abusing a 14-year-old student. Her parents had her wear a wire to secretly record the disparaging comments.

Ohio special-needs student wore wire to tape aide’s caustic comments, on ABSNews.go.com.

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((Milo)) Happy spath free day!


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Donna for taking a devastating experience and turning into a positive by helping SO many people get through a very traumatic experience! Donna, you saved my life. Thank you!

I want to thank Oxy for being a guiding light and mentor and saving grace for me and so many others. Your wisdom and tough love has saved so many from suffering and heartbreak.
Even though we have never met, I feel you with me in spirit. Thank you.

To all the peeps on here who respond to my posts and support me…your support is priceless!

I am so thankful that I met all of you, even though it wasn’t under the best circumstances! I always teach my children…out of everything bad comes something good..

And…”Everything happens in divine right order”….so Trust in God that whatever we go through in life, is meant to be for us to become stronger and wiser.

Thank you!

Sky LOL… equations with squares in it 😉

Milo, happy thanksgiving to you too… I hear you about the issue of moments in class such as a test that are a true challenge to a child with ADHD. On such occasions it would be great if they could sit separately and have no distraction, and yet can fidget all they want without distracting others. And yet it is important for non-ADHD and ADHD to be able to perform while sitting together.

darwinsmom ~ Before classes start, I ask his teacher if he can sit slightly apart from the other kids so he can spread out all his stuff (he has OCD symptoms associated with Autism) pencils, paper clips, erasers, little wads of paper, whatever and be able to move without disrupting anyone. He likes it like that, he realizes that he needs “his space”. When the teacher’s do that – everything is fine. If not LOOK OUT.

This year, at teachers conference, the teacher told me she has put him where she can not see him that well, then she isn’t tempted to “yell” at him for doing what comes naturally to him, because she realizes that he really can’t help it and doesn’t need to be “yelled at”. Wise woman….

Also, know that I would not have your job for anything in this world. I have the greatest respect for teachers and appreciate what the good ones give my kids.

The sociopath I was involved with is a teacher and a good looking hot shot coach. In fact, I believe this is what kept me involved with him for so long because I kept thinking “he must me a good guy”. But I’ll tell you I cannot picture him teaching highschoolers. He does not have a moral compass. The man is living a double life. I found out he was seeing 7 other women when I was seeing him and living with one for several months. He constantly pressured me to perform sexually degrading acts. After professing his love for me for several months (we had been on and off for 2yrs) he was to come to visit and never showed up. He ignored all texts and phones calls of mine desperate to find out if he was okay. Never heard from him again.

He doesn’t believe in anything accept winning and that’s what makes him a good coach. But I have never seen him put anyone above himself. Can’t imagine he’s doing more than the bare minimum teaching. Also, with his jacked up sex drive, it’s scary he’s teaching young women.

Dear Lulu,

If this guy is what you describe, I would “bet the farm” he is messing with the young girls on his team inappropriately…can’t prove that of course, but they FEEL SO ENTITLED to what they want….Sandusky is typical of a psychopath…whatever I want is what I will do. Male, female or both, doesn’t matter to them if they want it, they go after it. NO moral compass to stop them.


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