Tech millionaire Ben Way reveals domestic abuse by a woman

Ben Way

Ben Way in a Facebook photo.

Ben Way, 33, of San Francisco, who made millions as a technology entrepreneur, posted an account online about the domestic abuse he endured at the hands and feet of his ex-girlfriend.

His goal was to draw attention to the fact that men are sometimes physically assaulted by women. Way said:

I am writing this article because I heard from a lot of my male friends who have gone through similar experiences, where a woman can use the perception of vulnerability to abuse and bully their partners. She was well aware of the power of using a mans masculinity against him.

Another tech founder in shocking domestic abuse case, on

Millionaire tech entrepreneur opens up about ‘vicious beatings he suffered at the hands of his ex-girlfriend’ and how he ‘hid the knives’ in their San Francisco home for fear she’d stab him, on




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This man child is a LIAR, broke sociopath and master of deception- that’s how he made money to begin with since he never even graduated from high school. Ben has no formal education. He spent his childhood repeatedly being sexually abused in the night time in his bed, by his mother’s boyfriend. This has manifested into a very bad person who is addicted to nitrous oxide which makes his existing narcissistic condition even worse- but he claims to use it as anxiety mediation (sucking on a whipped cream canister, leaving trails of wreckage, havoc, and cartridges of nitrous oxide everywhere for days on end) . He is also VERY afraid of being deported because he is NOT a US Citizen- he does not want to go back to the UK so he will do and say ANYTHING to protect himself from that- this is key to understanding why he published such a horrible article about the innocent un-named person he truly loved who worshipped him and loved him. The girl is innocent! He LIED about everything in that article. This is a very sad misrepresentation of the truth AND the awful real abuse that real men have suffered in the past.To you men out there who actually had to deal with abusive partners: you should not support this man. He has zero interest in your cause. He published the article in retaliation to his girlfriend who left him (broke up with for another man and a better life) because she could not handle being around a toxic human any longer. Ben abuses women psychologically, physically and verbally- then when he sees a fit time, he will get high on nitrous, frame the woman by openly cheating on her repeatedly, calling her names, and treating her very poorly. Then when she is sufficiently furious, he pulls out his usual ‘victim’ card which involves: drinking, a fight, an argument and this is the best part… his iPhone. He uses this to call the police and then to record the angry girlfriend. He’ll even say ‘slap me!’ So the girl might have slapped him either in self defense or out of his behavior (like a person who is poking a hornet’s nest). The extent of the allegations is so far from the truth. It was an isolated incident. She warned of calling the police. He took her phone away. It’s ALLl pre-meditated and the women get framed into a scenario where they look like the are the abusers. He has done this to several women so far. I think he now just realizes that when he publishes this crap, it makes him look like a lunatic in front of all of the media, the public, and anyone who would want to do business with him. Maybe this is why he has resorted to ‘managing’ someone else’s house on AirBnB instead of being on a reality TV show or in an actual business?


Those text messages say it all.


I can confirm that Ben Way is a manipulative narcissist with violent tendencies. It’s best not to believe him. His accusations of abuse are most likely an example of projection. He seems to be describing something he would be likely to do to others.


I can confirm the above two comments since I know the unnamed girl in question and I am in possession of the UNEDITED texts… not the cropped one on Dailymail and on news outlets.

I’ve commented on Dailymail several times regarding their inaccuracy and slander, but the moderators delete my posts.

I was friends with Ben and the girl in question and I will confirm that Ben is a narcissistic liar who has issues with alcohol and Nox. Too many times was I at a dinner party in his presence and he was drunk, coked out or on something. It would end with him being verbally abusive to someone… usually his girlfriend.

Don’t believe him.


Obviously a woman (not girl) was physically abusive.

It is really difficult to take any of the gas lighting slanderous posts that are defending the woman in question seriously after reading….

“So the girl might have slapped him either in self defense or out of his behavior”

Absolutely no excuse for that LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO behavior.

I believe Ben Way is still in denial, after reading his statement in the last paragraph of the Daily Mail article, and wish he hooked up with Love fraud so he could move on.


i won’t pretend to be privy to the intimate details. and i am sympathetic to anyone who is the target of DV, male or female. i don’t think it’s okay for a woman to use gender to beat on a man, and i don’t think it’s emasculating, i understand the shame of being abused. but the bottom line is men are at much lower survival risk even when targetted by violence from women. i won’t say no risk whatever, but fundamentally, a man can kill a woman with his bare hands, i don’t think there are many cases where the reverse can be said. something like 25% of ER visits in the USA are from women are due to physical attacks by males. my reading of posted articles and statistics suggests that most of the DV against males is still perpetrated by males. and i certainly know that in many instances, my spath accused me of behavior that i never indulged in, such as cheating–because it’s what he was doing and projecting onto me. even my ex-husband accused me of physical abuse because i punched him the shoulder, something i’m not proud of, but was due to captive provocation; i begged him to stop instigating while we were driving in the car, and he was getting off on it–he even grinned when he saw he was getting to me.

on the one hand, i’m sure it’s tough for guys who are targetted by female spaths because they are in the minority. on the other… statistically they ARE in the minority, particularly with physical abuse, and when i read a story like this, and with my experience with my own spath, i tend to assume projection.

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