Teen dating abuse education for Bayonne High School

The best way to deal with sociopaths is to know what they are and stay away from them. That just got much easier for 500 students of Bayonne High School in Bayonne, New Jersey. Yesterday I presented Lovefraud’s teen dating abuse program, called Sociopaths and Abusive Dating Relationships, to the senior class.

I explained:

  • My own experience of marrying a sociopath
  • Traits of a sociopath
  • Difference between real love and empty love
  • The Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 signs you’re dating a sociopath
  • Dangers of Internet dating
  • How sex restructures the brain
  • How abusive relationships form
  • How to break up with an abuser

I had the kids’ undivided attention—which is pretty amazing for an auditorium full of teenagers. I could see shock and horror on their faces as I described typical sociopathic ploys. They asked many, many questions. In fact, I had to stop taking questions so I could finish the program.

I am very grateful to Bayonne High School for inviting me to speak to the students. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the kids got the message. Now, 500 kids from Bayonne are equipped to stay out of relationships with sociopaths. And I’ll be speaking to students at two more New Jersey high schools in a couple of weeks.

A little over a year ago, a group of Lovefraud readers donated towards getting Lovefraud’s education program started. This is the result—kids are learning that sociopaths exist, and how to avoid them.

For information on the program, visit the Lovefraud Education page.

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Donna Andersen, I’m so happy that you had an opportunity to reach out to young adults. If just one of those young people heard and identified with the words, then there may be just one less victim out there.

Donna Dixon, I’ve posted this, before, and it echo’s your own reaction to your sister’s assessment of the exspath – if anyone had told me a year ago that I would be where I am, today, I would have never believed them.

With the first exspath, it was just a passing comment that someone made with regard to something the exspath had said or done that made me sit up, take notice, and see the dynamics for what they were. I cannot even recall what the comment was in reference to, but I had mentioned how the exspath would tell me one thing and then do another (classic crazymaking), and this person simply said, “That’s just abusive as hell,” and went on without missing a single beat. No remonstrations, no chastising, no shrieks of alarm, no condescending observations – one simple objective comment, and that’s when I began to begin recognizing the truth.

Education, succinct and truthful definition, MORE education, and consequences are all moral imperatives to “out” sociopathy. When I was a child, adolescent, teenager, and young adult, there was NO discussion of abuse, intimate abuse, domestic violence, or sociopathy. There just wasn’t. And, the only thing that we DO hear about is domestic violence, and that subject is rarely discussed with frank, truthful, and statistical fact. Domestic violence is STILL stigmatized and dramatized (“Sleeping With The Enemy”) as some sort of event that happens to “other people.”

Thanks so much, Donna A. for your courage and drive! Education is knowledge, and knowledge is power.


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