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Teen sues father for negligence, abuse and attempted murder

Christine Logan, an 18-year-old high school student from Utah, files suit against her father in federal court, alleging abuse.

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Ox Drover

This young lady is definitely a great young woman! Smart and gutsy too!

I hope she prevails in her law suit, and I hope that some high dollar land shark comes out of the woods to take up her cause and really gets the thing going.

Why doesn’t the local DA pick up the assault and battery on a child charges that should go along with the physical abuse? Let’s see daddy-dearest in jail and all his assets in the victim’s college fund!



great article filled with promise for the future.

Abusive parents think they can skate because the child trauma bonds. Well not all do, some litigate. LOL!


This is the right way… I hope more kids follow this example.

I’ve thought about doing this for years, but the problem is that I have no proof. My father was only physically abusive to my siblings, but he was a psychological torturer to all of us. He said he never beat me because when I was a baby he made a promise to never hit me. Yet he beat my siblings in front of me regularly and always made threats like, “The only reason I don’t start beating you is because I wouldn’t stop until you were nothing but a bloody pulp.”

Actually…now that I think of it….when I ran away from home to get away from his abuse, he threw me into a mental ward as if to prove that I was crazy for running from him. Ironically, I loved it there, because HE wasn’t there. I was the ONLY patient in the teenage division that DIDN’T want to go home. I was happy as a pea in a pod there, and through family therapy, my therapists concluded that anyone in their right mind would run away from him. I wonder if I have a case with any of this. His abuse permanently damaged me. The moment he re-entered my life, my life started unraveling, and I am still picking up the pieces.

This story is inspiring and I root her on! I hope she wins. I noticed a comment on the original story says this will provide an opportunity for her and her father to repair their relationship. Are people that out of touch? Repair? The comment claims that her father will appreciate her bravery. Wow, there really does need to be a public education on people like her father. The public in general just doesn’t get it.


…and look where the poor girl hales from….that wonderful land of abuse and coverup – bountiful, utah!

The comments are creepy – as usual for news articles posted online. the first one sounds like it’s written by a relative….

ABC published a list of helplines/ resources after the article. that’s brilliant, and should be the practice with all articles about abuse.


Dear Panther, thanks for sharing it. How you manage it now, it your life? My case is similar. Now I am adult. It feels like not blood but poison is running through my veins.


and, yes – the public usually does not get it. i dont have even a single person whom I can tell the story.

romanticfool no more

My best friend had a baby at fourteen out of continued rape by her father. He sexually abused all the girls and was violent with all his children and young relatives. He started when she was only four. She married at 15 just to get away, and sadly as is all too often the case, to a pedophile abuser. She finally did get him put in jail to save her young half sisters. I hope this brave teen gets all the support she needs.

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