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Teenage murderer starts a new life–then the mask slips

In 1983, in a tiny Wisconsin town, 14-year-old Peter Zimmer brutally murdered his adoptive parents and brother. Because of Wisconsin laws at the time, he never went to jail—he spent three years in a school for boys, and then, as the only remaining member of his family, claimed his inheritance.

Twenty-five years later, Jovan Collier—his new identity—started a romance with Candy Williams in Florida. Everything was fine until Candy found his ads on a racy dating site and ended the relationship. Then the real trouble began.

Last night, the ABC News show 20/20 did a story about Zimmer/Collier. Read Teen’s dark secret: He murdered his family on

Watch the show episode.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

I saw this show, and have read other articles about him. This man is so “typical” psychopath in so many ways, and yet, is so “out there” on the HIGH END, and his life should be a “wake up call” to every man/woman that they “walk among us and they look human.”

What was VERY amazing though was the interview with the first wife that was a volunteer counselor at the school where he was incarcerated after he murdered his family. SHE KNEW he had killed his family but she said “I believe in second chances”—WTF???? Wonder why we didn’t give Saadam a “second chance” in stead of hanging him, or Ted Bundy or Charlie Manson? Wonder what you would have to do to not deserve a “second chance” with this woman (very young at the time)????

The daughter of this woman and the psychopath seemed to portray this same naive outlook about what kind of person he was/is. On the other hand though, he mother “protected” her from the knowledge of her father’s murderous past. That to me is poor judgment on the mother’s part.

He was “outed” when his biological mother’s husband sensed something was “off” with him and hired a back ground check on him that revealed the murders, and the biological mother cut off contact with him.

The PI that did the check was interviewed but the mother’s photos were “fuzzed out” of the TV shows. I wonder if the biological mother knew who the father was? If so, was he a psychopath? That would be interesting to me to know.

His second wife and he were separated while he was in Florida living with his girl friend there, but he was trying to “reconcile” with her on weekend trips there, while claiming undying love for the GF in Florida, so that is actually very TYPICAL psychopathic behavior, the multiple partners and the continual lies.

The GF finally caught him and broke off with him (again) and then the STALKING started (again, typical psychopathic behavior) and the GF up to this time had NO idea about the murders, and found out when she called the biological mother who told her about the murders, much to her SHOCK.

Zimmer/Collier was interviewed in short segments from prison where he is locked up for the stalking–he of course blames all his behavior on “being abandoned”—sort of like the guy who murdered his parents then threw him self on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan.

The thing that makes my skin crawl on this guy is that even with his VIOLENT OUTBURSTS and his pathological lying, he has held jobs, and “seemed” fairly normal in a superficial way. The only one that seemed to have gotten it without knowing the complete story is the biological mother’s husband, and thank goodness he was in a position to hire an investigator to find out the history behind this guy. The first wife still doesn’t seem to get what he is, the daughter doesn’t.

The American guy in Austraila who murdered his wife of 11 days for her small insurance policy and served 18 months in prison in Oz, is going to be prosecuted here in US if Oz will turn him loose to come back to US (Oz is afraid we might execute him for the conspiracy to commit murder for financial gain, which he CAN be prosecuted for here) HAS REMARRIED SINCE THE FIRST WIFE WAS MURDERED—what is that second wife thinking? DUH??? You marry a guy who is going back to Oz to stand trial and do time for murdering his first wife 11 days after their marriage?

ANY of them CAN be dangerous, and between out-brusts of violence and murder they can appear so “normal’


OMG… what a story! Thanks for having it posted! I missed it last night was watching Blue Bloods and posting. What is wrong with these women? I may have fallen for my xspath… but murderer? and know it? The daughter falling for it too! If the psycopaths had only half the empathy that those females have… he/they might be a normal person. at the end of the story ABC said that their forensic psyhcologist would be online to explain his disorder. Can someone post the link to that as well? I really think that some of us here got out just in the nick of time…. every Prince Charming is just a ticking time bomb and since they know no boundaries each time they loose it, it gets worse than the time before! Thank God we are all alive and able to share here!


Chilling….I’m cleaning my gun today, called my brother to take me to shooting range. Leaving nothing and I mean nothing to chance.
I do not watch T V so if this weren’t posted here I would not have seen it.

Ox Drover

You will notice that the girl involved in all this was “adopted”—and it is a fact that many if not most of the INFANTS available for adoption in this country come from at least one parent who is very likely high in psychopathic traits.

It is no longer a “public shame” to have a baby out of wedlock so these children placed for adoption are no longer the offspring of the football captain and the cheerleader who had sex and the girl hustled off to the Edna Gladney home to secretly give birth and give the baby up for adoption. More likely, the baby put up for adoption had a mother high in psychopathic traits and the father was either an unknown from the mother’s known 472 sexual contacts or born as the result of her “sex work” to supply her drug addiction.

I know that sounds pretty harsh, and it is in NO way the FAULT of the child what genetics they have or what brain injuries they have because of the mother’s drug use during gestation of that child, but the point is that parents who DO adopt children from UNKNOWN backgrounds should be WARNED in advance about the risks these factors have for the child as it reaches maturity.

I know that not all children who are adopted turn out badly, just as not all children who are abused become abusers, but there is a HIGHER RISK with children adopted which even medical science is starting to recognize—until the last few years this was “blamed” on the fact that they were adopted and this knowledge of being “abandoned” at birth was what made them problems. LOL

Well, it is a FACT that we are partly products of our genetics and partly of environment (which starts at conception) so babies are NOT blank slates on which the environment and parenting writes.

I didn’t adopt my son, I gave birth to him, but he has enough of the genetics of psychopathy from both sides that when he hit puberty he became violent and murderous…it is only by the grace of God that it was not ME HE KILLED….and he sure as heck wants to kill me, probably NOW more than ever.

Seeing Clearly, I went for decades of my life not watching ANY TV but have started to watch a bit now, and there are some interesting programs like 48 Hours Mystery, Dateline and 20/20 that usually outline psychopaths and their crimes, so watch a bit now. Even the occasional Oprah.


Oxy – are you going to write (or have you, already) a book? What you have risen above is … (I am speechless)… you are awesome. Not many parents will admit their kids is a socio/psychpath, not even close.

Everyone here is awesome.

Ox Drover

Dear Firefly,

I wrote on about my P-sperm donor, who was quite famous in his particular line of work and had a lot of national and international “ink” used on him–but decided not to publish it, realized after it was written That was enough for me—not really sure I want to put that much information out there over my birth name. There was a time I thought I needed to do that, though, for validation. I no longer feel that need for validation. If that makes any sense.

EVERY ONE here has overcome as much or more. I realized that when I read Dr. Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” which he wrote after he spent 4 years in a Nazi prison camp. As I was reading it, I felt like “man, why am I whining, I didn’t go through ANYTHING like this guy did…but then he very wisely wrote and made me realize that EACH OF US has experienced total devastation. We have TOTALLY lost everything we held dear at the time.

Even if you think about it, a baby that drops a toy and cries and cries is DEVASTATED at the loss of their toy. At that moment their happiness is totally destroyed. With a child, that soon passes, and the child learns to “rise above” or be distracted from the losses, but AT THE TIME, their loss is TOTAL.

Each of us has TOTAL LOSS, so no one’s loss is “more or less” than anyone else’s loss, it is all TOTAL.

You are right, though, everyone here is AWESOME!!!


I hear you Oxy 🙂

Thank you!

I too have “it” all written down but can’t bring myself to publish names of my kids, me, or even give more attention to “him.” For what? We all know the devastation is as bad as it gets when taken by a sociopath.

Ox Drover

Dear Firefly,

My P sperm donor published his autobiography and also had a vanity biography printed (he was very wealthy) and at the time the things he said about me were terrible and I wanted to set the record straight….I realized eventually several things.

1) anyone who knew ME would know what he said was complete LIES

2) anyone who believed it was not someone I even knew or cared what they thought.

3) almost ALL people who knew Him actively hated/feared/despised him, most people who know me like me (so who has the problem here, him or me? LOL)

4) he wasn’t nearly as important to anyone except himself as he thought he was. LOL

5) in the larger scheme of things his life is hardly even a flea bite on an elephant’s arse and what he did or said–for good or bad will soon be forgotten. He had his 15 minutes of fame and it is gone and over now. He is dead and I’m alive. I win.


This story is absolutely terrifying!
Worst for Candy is she will never feel safe from him or the potential future stalking! …scary for the daughter because she might carry the psychopathic gene in her to pass on to any future children.

with your own horror story, I’m curious if you ever researched the geniology in your family backgrownd as to how far back were there psychopaths?

Ox Drover

Dear Aeylah,

Yes, as a matter of fact I have…my egg donor’s mother’s side goes back to a man born in 1800 who was murdered in 1860. There was a law suit over custody of his step son (age 14) who had some land, and between the step father (my ancestor) and the kid’s uncle (also a big time N) both men wanting control of the land, and it was a big CHIT SLINGING custody fight with various neighbors called in to testify about the fights between my ancestor and his wife (the boy’s mother) and the neighbors who had to drag him off the public road drunk when he got his wagon turned around and was headed away from home at night, and how he either threatened to or did tie up a slave woman by her toes and whip her Anyway, there are 287 pages of hand written testimony about this law suit that are INTERESTING. Also this same family on a lateral branch goes down 3 generations more of murder/suicides and abuse, one of the descendents of that line and I traced the “poor house” records of her father’s family and court records. We were fortunate that all the records survived that ocunty from late 1790s to after the Civil War and into the 1900s without gaps.

My egg donor’s brother I think qualifies as a diagnosable psychopath and abuser as well as binge drinker/alcoholic. Abusive and filled with rage from an early age. I also suspect he was or might have been bi-polar.

On my P sperm donor’s side, I haven’t got much, but do know his mother fit all the criteria as psychopath, and her father was a bigamist and a Methodist minister with at least 4 wives that I know of (and families) and two of the women at the same time.

Can’t get any solid information or history other than names back past that great grandfather-bigamist.

On my kids’ father’s side, my husband’s father is a full blown psychopath, his mother a typical cowed down abused woman, and his father’s family were hill-billy horse thieves in general, though he had a good education and was quite bright. So my kids have DNA heavily loaded with psychopathic traits.

My P son is soooo much like my P-sperm donor and though they never met, even their hand writing is similar. Facial expressions and mannerisms. Spooky.

While I don’t think genetics is ALL of what makes a person become a psychopath I do think it is a BIG part of it. What makes a psychopath become a KILLER (or worse) however, is CHOICE. They have choices just like we do.


Dear Oxy,

Wow….thanks for the background! Scary stuff, it does seem to prove that there is a strong tie in the genetic history, though I agree with you, not all people with the genetic pre disposition turn out to be this sick…or worse, murderers.

I remember seing a program on PBS recently about this topic , can’t remember the name but there is a doctor who researched the brains of dead and living psycopaths and discovered that the region of the brain that process emotions and cause and affect were litteraly empty of certain cells and mass density. interestingly enough, he knew that there was a history of them (SP’s) in his own ancestors so he decided to test his imediate family. He is happily married, had a happy healthy childhood with “normal” parents, has 5 healthy kids and has a PHD in neuro pathology (or someithing like that). Upon testing all his children and still living mother, he found normal brains, BUT when he tested himself, HE FOUND HE HAD THE BRAIN COMPOSITION OF A PSYCHOPATH HIMSELF!

He researched some more and found that YES, a person who has the genetic pre-disposition to become a Psychopath can lead a normal happy life as in the case of himself……IFF they make the right choices….and more likely to succeed was the fact that he/she has had a loving supportive supprotive healthy family of origen and emotionally healthy parents (both).

I don’t believe that complety “healthy non- disfuncional” family can exists out there, no matter how emotionally healthy the parents are…but It takes a tremendous amount of self realization and determination to do the right thing if you do grow up in a healthy family, know the difference between right and wrong and still choose to do wrong.

Ox Drover

Dear Aeylah,

Yea, I saw that information about the doctor and his checking on his family and his own brain. I am not too sure of the validity of the fMRI scan in determining a psychopathic brain from a normal brain, there is still some controversy out over the validity, but the research is going on and they have to start somewhere.

The chemistry and physiology of the brain is very interesting and in the last few years there has been some really interesting research done on that. I’ve read several books on that research, both physical and psychological, and I’d LOVE to be around in 100 years and see what they have found out by then. When you think that less than 100 years ago even in civilized countries mental illness really had NO cures or controls and people were still being warehoused like animals. It is still like that in some parts of the world today that doesn’t have access to the medications and treatments available today. It is also a shame too that without insurance TREATABLE mental illnesses are going untreated and people are living in jails and prisons that with proper treatment might never have gone down the road toward criminal behavior. (Bi-polar is one treatable mental illness that if it isn’t complicated by ALSO having PPD can push a person into criminal behavior where with treatment they might have made other choices)

People with the genetic tendency for PPD can turn it into at least a NON-criminal life by making better choices. I’m not sure WHY some choose the criminal path and some politics (although those over lap sometimes! LOL) but that craving that some of them have for excitement and risk taking if not channeled somehow goes over board. I wish I knew why. I would much rather just have JUST an “asshole” son than the one I have locked up in prison for extreme criminal behavior and violence.

I’m like you though, I think, DYS-functional is “normal” (meaning average). LOL

But I’m tired of living that way, functioning in my dysfunction. I’m going for PSYCHOPATH-FREE.


Dear Oxy,

LOL….love that last statement….”functioning in my dysfunction” …this has been my life…..and going PSYCHOATH – FREE is my mission as well!

Above all the painful experiences you’ve had to endure I cringe the most thinking about the heart ache you’ve had to endure with your criminal son! as a mother myself…this would be one of my worst nightmares…so sorry for your pain.

You’ve come a long way Oxy, and turning your pain to help others has been the best healing process for yourself and a gift for others!

Thank you friend ((((hugs))))

Ox Drover

Dear Aeylah,

The “functioning in my dysfunction” is something I picked up last week here on LF—every day there is something I LEARN HERE and that is what keeps me coming back. Can’t remember who said it (CRS) so someone jump in and say who said it, but wasn’t original with me, but RESONATED with me DINGGGG!!!!!! It is what I have done all my life!

It does help to reach a helping hand out to others because it reinforces what I need to know myself.

Just like if you and I are “dieting” together we can encourage each other to go the distance, to say in the path and not “cheat” when we have to admit it to our friends! LOL

It is difficult to lose a child to death OR to psychopathy, but you know, ALL LOSS of people we love is terrible and when they BETRAY US to boot, that only makes it 10 Xs, 100Xs worse!

It hurt to lose my husband but he didn’t die just to spite me! My son was LOST to spite me, to hurt me, my egg donor did what she did to PURPOSELY hurt me (she even admitted it once!) So that BETRAYAL is what is so VERY painful.

Jesus was BETRAYED by His FRIEND, by someone he loved with the “kiss” of betrayal. I think that is the reason that the story of His crucifiction is so terrible is because his FRIEND, someone who had SEEN his kindness and compassion and was NOT MOVED BY IT could betray Him FOR THE PRICE OF A COMMON SLAVE.

I always wondered about why Judas threw the money back, and why he hanged himself…I really don’t think it was remorse, like a normal person would feel, some how it seems like it was just the ultimate psychopathic escape tactic.

They will do just about anything to keep from being “convicted” of whatever it is that they are guilty of, but it isn’t out of “remorse” like a normal person would feel. Sometimes when they are REALLY cornered they will commit suicide as well.

Thank you for calling me “friend” Aeylah, believe me when I say I do value the friendships I have made here at LoveFraud! Every one of them! Many of those friends no longer post here, but I remember the hands of kindness they reached out for me when I was a train wreck—Beverly came back the other day to just say “Hi” and let me know she is doing well. I t means more than you (or she) can know. Sometimes we DO “entertain angels unawares!”

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