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Texas cancer doctor charged with poisoning her lover

Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, an oncologist at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, allegedly spiked the coffee of Dr. George Blumenschein with a poisonous, sweet-tasting chemical. Police described the two as being in a ‘casual sexual relationship.”

M.D. Anderson doctor accused of poisoning lover on


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What an unbelievable story. Did this woman actually think she would get away with it?

Oh my goodness!Whatever happened to breaking up if you’re not getting along?!

lost everything

All sociopaths ‘know’ they can get away with everything; that’s a big part of the reason they are so successful. They have self confidence off the chart and a silver tongue that allows others to believe everything about them.

Breaking up is not an option for many spaths; if it happens, it’s on their terms only. The overwhelming majority of them will never let someone to break up with them; they may appear to, but if they do, there is always a dark, ulterior motive.

To a spath a break up is a loss and they do not lose.

If the break up could expose sociopath or their ‘antics’, it will just not happen, no matter what the cost to their target.

When EscortM wanted more from the latespath, when she had the ‘audacity’ to actually fall in love with him, he was in mess he never thought would happen especially with a long time, ‘well respected’, professional lady of a certain age.

She wanted to spend the night with him; she wanted to go out in the evenings with him, this is NYC after all; she wanted to go on vacations with him; she even wanted to watch prime time TV with him. She wanted a ‘real life’ relationship with the person she fell in love with.

At first her unhappiness was begging, pleading emails and calls. Then she did the unthinkable, she posted on a sex for money site, the same site in which she said they were in love, that she now thought he was using her, that the relationship was not going in a good place.

The latespath had to something fast to put a stop to EscortM who had tuned from a patsy into a loose cannon. This gal knew about his crimes (how much, I have no idea); and she was a willing participant. He gave her many checks, that only my mother’s name on, totaling into the six digits; checks that he filled out; and she took them and deposited them.

He had to shut her up real quick, EscortM had something on him. If anyone in the real world ever found out about his crimes, he could not be sure that she would not hesitate to turn on him to save herself.

At first it was thousands of dollars worth of luxury gifts.

But like all spaths, the latespath had something on EscortM; she had a very serious medical condition and as part of literally staying alive, she could not drink. She could live a relatively long ‘healthy’ life, as long as there was no alcohol. She liked to drink, but according to her daughter, she had her 5 year pin from AA. As the charges to the ‘shoppes’ increased after her ‘tirade’, so did the ones to the liquor stores. Evidently, EscortM made some sort of promise to herself that she would not shop in a liquor store. Shortly after her tantrum, her emails went from professions of love to the very sad, ‘I need a drink’. As the latespath’s charges for liquor increased, so did EscortM’s sick time, including a very lengthy hospitalization.

A year and a couple of days after her ‘unhappy’ posting, EscortM was dead, of alcohol related problems.

I have been told by psychologists and lawyers that the latespath’s knowledge of EscortM’s medical background, his documented purchases of liquor as well as the location of the purchases, made guilty of negligent homicide.

He even managed to convince her estranged husband not to demand further explanations from the hospital in which she died.

The latespath used her as much in death as he did in life, maybe even more. He managed to stay in the good graces of her parents, friends of her mother, her children and her husband. Perhaps, in some ways, they extended themselves to him even more. Her parents continued to welcomed him into their home and feed him; her husband went to him for advice; her children still looked at him as an uncle and reached out to him.

Her death made things even better for him in the world of escorting. The johns and ‘ladies’ could not stop lionizing him and his love for EscortM. They invited him for drinks and eats and gave their shoulders for him to cry on. The girls offered their time to help him tend to the day to day things (not sex), so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Yes, he got high price ‘ladies’ to do housework and chores for him in ‘the apartment’ for free. None of these people could do enough for him until his death 15 months later. They hero worshiped him in his death, a few still do.


Wow. Lost, the more of your story you tell, the more it helps me to see that I MUST fully and professionally investigate anyone if I ever find myself entering a new relationship throughout the rest of my life. I would imagine a lot of murder by withholding medications, giving medications people are allergic to, the drinking to those who can’t drink as your story tells….and I agree with your statement: The just “know” they can get away with whatever despicable plan they attempt. Even when they fail, they don’t consider a failure because they will move on and blame others or just keep trying until they get what they want.

Blossom, I guess this is the macabre sense of “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do!”

lost everything,
Wow! This just validates my suspicions of my husband’s actions!I’m an epileptic.His first wife was also epileptic.
(divorced)So,it wasn’t like he didn’t know what he was dealing with!He knew that stress was a trigger for seizures~as was lack of sufficient rest.Yet he pushed both triggers!Even when family and friends tried to reason;even begged with him to “let up”!In fact he would then INCREASE things!Not only that,but he knew that I couldn’t drink alcohol because of the meds I take.Through the yrs,he would keep encouraging me to take “one little drink”.I firmly rejected his suggestions!Maybe that’s why he was so depressed! 🙂

Tea Light

Lost, thanks for sharing more of your ex’s activities. In response to your thoughts about sociopaths’ responses to a partner ending a relationship:

“Breaking up is not an option for many spaths; if it happens, it’s on their terms only. The overwhelming majority of them will never let someone to break up with them; they may appear to, but if they do, there is always a dark, ulterior motive.

To a spath a break up is a loss and they do not lose.

If the break up could expose sociopath or their ’antics’, it will just not happen, no matter what the cost to their target.”

I agree that all the research literature reports power and control as prime motivators for socio/ psychopaths. And there are posters here who have shared the stalking they have been subjected to when they terminated s relationship with someone with socio/ psychopathic traits. And if you are in that situation, and pose a risk to the sociopath because you know the man from the mask, then it’s not helpful to readthat in another poster’s opinion your stalker is just never going to stop. Thespeople are profoundly disordered , yes, but they are not indomitable bogeymen with supernatural powers. You CAN end a relationship with a sociopath permanently and we SHOULD end it in every possible way. Donna ended hers and exposed the man who stole from her. Blossom ended hers. I ended mine. Anyone here who is being harassed by an ex take heart- they can be got rid of. As much as they like power they dislike boredom. No contact deprives them of the rush they enjoy. Most will get tired eventually and move on. Lastly many posters here suffered an experience of being discarded brutally by a sociopath for a new partner/ victim. Their experience is a common one for those involved with these people and there have been posters here who have felt they can’t have been involved with a sociopath because they have read that sociopaths never let go. That isn’t the case. They do go away and they do leave.This in no way is an attempt to minimise the risk posed by the very small percentage of homicidal paranoid psychopaths that exist. But they are in the minority.c

Finally unless your ex poured the alcohol into this lady’s mouth and made her swallow, she killed herself. I say that as the daughter and sister of alcoholics.

lost everything

I can only speak from my personal experience and the knowledge I have gotten from psychologists and lawyers in the past 4 years. Everyone here has a different background, different up bringing experiences, different struggles with different spaths.

Sociopaths moving on, depends on the sociopath. Those with something to live for, perhaps a job or simply caring about themselves, probably do move on; those with nothing, don’t. Some just want it all, to keep a victim and keep adding more.

It also depends on the time frame and many factors that the spaths did not set in place but used to their advantage.

I married in late 1975, way too young by today’s standards, but a common occurrence at the time. I went to a tiny, strict, convent school, not boarding. Strict in all respects, to the point when the school had a dance the nuns had to know who you were bring and what school they attended and if the boy and especially his school, didn’t pass their approval, you were not allow to go; irrespective of what your parents thought about the boy. From 6 grade on through 12, the nuns, especially in religion class, reinforced their timetable of “engaged by sophomore year of college, married shortly after graduation, no working while pregnant (a proper lady with child does not put her condition on display, when there is no reason to; shop in the afternoon when the stores are populated primarily by women) and never after the children came, if this didn’t happen then your best option was to join the convent. Strict to the point where if you were caught wearing lipstick, after school, in a public setting (street, shop, transport), but in school uniform you were expelled. How did the nuns find out, the policy was public knowledge for those who wanted to know and family of the girls who didn’t get accepted to the school would not hesitate to turn a girl in, nor would parents of a girl who attended, for fear that their daughter would be corrupted by the girls would disobey and flaunt the rules; a bit of makeup, a phone call, and a girl was no longer a student at the school.

While the late 60s and 70s were a time of big social change, many of the parents and authority figures were still lived in the world of silence and obedience to the letter and raised their children accordingly. You have to remember that just listening to The Beatles was considered by many adults, a path to ruination; they had long hair, enough said.

My parents were children of the depression, their generation’s rules were even more harsh than the one I was raised in. My parents were also first generation Americans, they were raised in ‘European ghettos’, for lack of a better word; they didn’t learn English until they went to school in a time when there was no ESL programs; while some of these children’s parents assimilated into their new home, more did not. I know of many that went back to their home countries with their children that were born in America. My maternal grandmother came to the US just after WW1 as a teenager and died in 1992, she never learned to speak English, she would thumb through a newspaper looking only at the pictures, nor did she ever learn to use a telephone; the ladies she associated were from her church and lived the same type of life.

The latespath asked me to marry him after 3 dates, I said no. I broke dates, it didn’t help. He didn’t have to stalk me, I was always there. We both lived in the same neighborhood since childhood, we unknowingly went to the same college, and equally unknowingly enrolled in 2 of the same classes, that meant that 4 days a week we had to get the same public transport to get to classes on time. I could not tell my parents I didn’t want to go to this school any more, I had attended a different one already for my first semester. Let alone tell my parents why I didn’t want to attend this university; a kid was following you, a kid was saying things to you-simple solution ignore; this was making you uncomfortable-simple solution, you are thinking about it, you are making you uncomfortable. While bullying, stalking existed, nothing was done about it, it was part of growing up, part of living. Talking was not something my parents did, actually I did not know any of my peers parents that talked; they told, they led, they depended on schooling and the clergy to instruct. Children were to be seen not heard. It was the ‘perfect storm’ for the latespath to take root.

He eventually got me to marry him by taking a picture of me while changing clothes, alone, in my bedroom and threatening to show it to my parents. Okay, I didn’t have the door completely shut as the pets saw a closed door as an invitation to scratch. We never closed interior doors, I didn’t even give it a second thought.

I never use the word love or love bombing the latespath. I didn’t love him, I was in awe of his academics and in his words ‘I might have loved her, but that was decades ago’. From my, very young, point of view, it was comfortable. It fit the nuns schedule and my parents always said that love was BS, that young people’s brains were being distorted by music and movies, practicality was what life was all about.

The latespath became physically abusive person and a destructive person in his last semester of law school; what set him off, I never figured out what was a trigger.

When enraged he broke the kid’s toys by smashing them into walls. When I first brought up divorce and we were living apart, he with his mother; I agreed to meet him in a mall and he wanted to drive the boy to my parents house with me following in a separate car; he purposely smashed his beautiful, little 2 seater, red sports car. Luckily my son was not hurt, the car was destroyed. All he said to me was, ‘see what happens if you mention divorce’. From there it went to threats of kidnapping, which none of the professionals in my life now, doubted he would do, actually many have said to me it might have been much worse as he had no use for the child at all. Perhaps the most destructive of all, was setting fire to a couch in the basement, which could have been much more devastating. These we all things that had to be hidden according to my parents, they were not wrong; they were just of a different generation that never aired ‘dirty laundry’. They also feared for the safety of their only grandchild.

I use a wheelchair most of the time, and a cane at others. Luckily my dogs are good on a leash. I am able to shop in stores that have trolleys, no cane or chair required. I hurt my left knee in an accident in icy weather. While I didn’t walk gracefully after that, I didn’t need help. The latespath took full advantage and when angered, would use my left knee as his favorite bullseye. When my mother lost her vision, all bets were off.

As I have learned from here, spaths will abandon a relationship, the latespath would not. I stopped having sex with him months before he went back to his mother, for married people that is a good reason to get a divorce, it wasn’t for him, forget about the no talking, no life. Nothing was going to get him to divorce court. He just dug deeper.

I am still not sure that all spaths forget about the past, I guess that varies from spath to spath. The latespath was free to go anytime he wanted, he never wanted to. He left in 1986 and returned in 1991 after getting his 3rd and final job. He reminded me every time he felt he had to, of ‘kidnap’, while destroying or hiding little things that were a link to my past, yearbooks, newspaper clippings, stuffed toys, etc.. My father threw him out in 1993 after he lost the ‘new’ job. He would not leave until he was assured that I would not file for divorce. He returned again in 1998, 4 months after my father died, knowing full well that I would never inflict any more drama in my mother’s life at this time. He stayed, living a true multiple life as soon as he could. During the ‘lawsuit from hell’ he was referred to, not by my legal team, as the second coming of Frank Abagnale of ‘Catch Me if You Can’ fame. He not only got to me, my son and my family, he got the stock broker and the broker’s superior, he got a psychoanalyst, he got to 2 entire communities of internet escorting people, he got his mother, and at least 2 families of escorts.

The latespath was not only a spath, he had an IQ off the charts. While irresponsible all the time and impulsive at times, he would bide his time, planning and waiting for the most advantageous time to strike as long as the pot of gold at the end was big enough.

I am still learning about the sociopathic community. I have been at LF less than 2 months. I speak from my experience, I learn from others.

Thanks Tea, you make me think, and realize that full explanations are necessary. I was married to him for 33 years and it has been 4 years since he died. It is easy for me to forget that not everyone was part of his disaster.

lost everything

As for the alcohol and EscortM’s death. I used the phrase negligent homicide, not murder. In the US there are ‘dram shop laws’, while not every state recognizes them, and the ones that do apply them differently. They first were applied to establishments that sold alcohol to the public. As time went on and we became a more litigious society, these laws came to include individuals that serve booze, free of charge to their friends and neighbors, ie BBQ or house party. There are a whole lot of ‘depends on’ in these cases. Cases range from the family being able to sue the ‘supplier of alcohol’ if said intoxicated dies; to parents being sued, even if they were not home, and some kid was at their house at the invitation of their child, got drunk at their home and was involved in an accident.

Foreseeable consequences about serving liquor are involved; intent plays a part; and a whole lot of other variables. Yes, to some extent, depending on what state, the mind set of the person drinking also comes into play.

The latespath bought 10s of thousands of dollars in a liquor store downstairs from ‘the apartment’ as well as one a block or so away. While I have the restaurant charges, I have no idea of what part of the bill went for food as opposed to drinks. He didn’t buy the liquor to drink at here, as he bought more booze at a store 2 blocks from my mother’s house and he had no need to carry bottles on public transport.

The mind set of EscortM comes into focus, especially her unhappiness with the spath and the increase in liquor expenses.

The fact that the latespath wrote that if EscortM didn’t drink she wouldn’t be EscortM. He wrote in emails and on boards that he loved her; a person that claims to love someone, fully aware that they can not consume alcohol, does not give that person liquor.

EscortM’s emails saying that she needed a drink and his reply of ‘I’ll be their in the morning’. His need to direct her estranged husband as to what course of action to take after her death.

Had she lived, it is doubtful he would have been guilty of much, in relation to the alcohol, being she died, is a different story.

Yes she drank it, but he supplied it.

There is not

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