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Texas Monthly profiles international con man Youssef Khater

Youssef Khater

Youssef Khater, originally from Lebanon but claiming to be Palestinian, scammed his way through Denmark, Chile and Costa Rica.

Looking for adventure, Callie Quinn, of Canyon Lake, Texas, went to live in Chile in 2011. In a hostel-like home filled with ex-pats, she met Youssef Khater. At first she hated him, but later warmed to his charm and and magnetism.

That is, until he cracked her in the head with a pipe, wrapped her in canvas and buried her alive under a mountain of ashes.

Texas Monthly magazine just published a story about Callie’s encounter. Youssef Khater, it turns out, is an international con man with a long history of fraud and violence.

The article describes Khater as a psychopath, and briefly discusses the personality disorder, and what it means for criminal prosecutions. The link was supplied by a Lovefraud reader, and it’s a great read.

The talented M. Khater, on

Other people from around the world have posted warnings about Youssef Khater.

Youssef Khater — Scammer / Estafador



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Exceptional written article!! Thank you LF reader for sending it to Donna and for you Donna posting this excellent article.

My Ex told me from the very get go that he “hated his ex girlfriend telling others about their relationship”…he told me not to tell anyone about ours….of course I thought it was an odd statement but I am not the type to “talk” about others so he manipulated me very quickly with his controlling behavior.

The saving grace for all of these victims was they were able to connect and unfold his behavior & con game. Calli being an honest person told her roommates that he too took money from her. At this point he lost control over the situation & everyone. When my ex was physically abusive to me he would intentionally block me from leaving what ever room I was in and if I attempted to use the phone he would break the phone whether my cell phone or the home phone. It was all physical intimidation to control me from speaking out about the hell I was enduing. This is exactly what this evil psychopath did to this young girl…this is why he attempted to kill her. My gosh I can’t even imagine the fear that she endured being hit then buried alive…sigh…head shaking…so much fear!

For all those that think they do not need to warn the next victim because “she will not listen” this is a perfect example of why you must, yes she will not heed the warnings at first but she will break free from her abuse mind control and will remember your warning.

How to expose a psychopath? DO NOT REMAIN SILENT!!

Put their name on the net & what they did to you so that when someone is trying to make sense of their psychopath abuser they may find a little hint to get out asap by your post!

The hint that exposed this psychopath to the world was when the lawyer read the comments following a news article that stated: Youssef is a scam artist” then the lawyer wrote… written in Spanish. Berríos clicked to reply. “I am looking for information on Youssef,” she wrote. “How can I contact you?”. That is what it takes to connect the dots and expose a psychopath. Call was not this evil guys first victim…makes you wonder how many people he has killed so that they could not expose his con game.

That’s all it takes to help a victim of a psychopath a little post that so and so is a con artist psychopath and direct them to Lovefraud for them to do research on their one so that they can piece everything together of their abusers horrible behavior.

Brave people for all exposing this evil psychopath…to bad the police & court in Chile did not do their job to protect the citizens.


It’s too bad. You look at the photos of this guy and you think, he’s handsome, charming…he could make something of himself”. He could easily earn the life he seems to scam to achieve, people clearly want to help him.

But we must remember, he has a hidden agenda. WE think he wants a certain lifestyle. But if that was what he really wanted, he wouldn’t have to scam and steal and assault and murder. Clearly Youssef reveals that financial success and admiration isn’t what he wants. Instead, that’s the image he cultivates in order to perpetrate and vent his rage and anger and control and dominance, his EVIL is hidden until he releases it, like a giant gaseous belch, on his unsuspecting victims. Youssef trolls for victims wearing his sports workout clothes, just as my ex wears his signature image clothes when he trolls for his victims. Both handsome, charming, and only if you watch closely, you will see flashes of their true inner nature, the flashes of dark inner hatred and rage, which they quickly recover and hide.

I have no doubt that as long as he is not in prison, Youssef is a danger to Callie. The good news for Callie is that she isn’t living in a country that releases criminals with the excuse that it’s just a dispute or conflict between two outsiders. Lucky for Callie, she lives in Texas, where there is the death penalty, and a castle doctrine. Those might be the only that that saves Callie from Youssef as he seems to be working his way north…

I am grateful that my ex has been seemingly leaving me alone… but I am not stupid. My ex is an opportunistic predator sociopath. Like Youssef, my ex carries a belief that his victim OWES him, and my ex carries that grudge FOREVER, even as he is soft spoken and kind to people’s faces, he rages in privacy. Therefore, the lesson is: Anyone who escapes this type of sociopath is NEVER truly safe until the sociopath is stopped completely (Life w/o parole is okay with me, but I’m okay with sociopaths getting the death penalty, I can’t murder, but I’m okay when they CHOOSE the Court’s death penalty by engaging in that behavior). Clearly this is the road that Youssef is traveling, escalating his assaults as year roll by.

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