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The $190 million lottery winner and the ex-con husband

Holly Lahti of Idaho never got around to divorcing her estranged husband, who apparently beat her up. She should have. Now that she’s won $190 million in the second-largest lottery drawing in American history, it looks like she’ll have to give half the money to the ex-con.

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super chic

Well, if nothing else, thank God she knows people at the bank who can help her manage her money, even if it’s only half of what she deserves.


I filed for divorce in 2004… I a still not divorced.

Sociopaths dont follow orders.. so she may have just gotten away and tried to heal.

I would fight him. I wouldn’t give him a dime unless I had to.


i saw the american news clip, and it was mentioned that if she said it was a gift, then he would not get a penny, that will really hurt him, i think, but then again, he might become more violent, its hard to know what to do, really.


Why would she have to give half or any to him? They are married. When divorcing, then a split is required most often. Lot of married folks don’t split the money. Heck, my mother used to give my dad a whole $20 per week, even though he had military retirement and second job incomes. I know they are not together, but who could force her to give away to a legal husband? If he shows up to “beat the money out of her” then have him arrested. Besides, she can sure afford a good body guard when she receives the funds.


I agree with WAI and would like to add: IF the con hires a snake attorney for 1/3 of the expected take, she shouldn’t even fight him. She should go to mediation FIRST, and ifit wasn’t decided THERE, and went to court, if I were the judge on this case, I would award that abusive a*hole exactly one dollar – and he doesn’t even deserve that.

I hope this lady contacts an attorney AND a long-term financial planner….before claiming her actual winnings.

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