The baby fake

Daniel Barberini of Wales dated Victoria Jones for about 16 months, while both were students. Jones started getting extremely possessive, so Barberini ended the relationship. Then, a few months later, Jones tells him that she’s pregnant, and he’s the father. It was a complete ruse, and she kept it going for two years—using photos of someone else’s child from Facebook.

Read The child who never was on DailyMail.co.uk.

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Hell ya! The splatter will go far and wide!
My cousins hubby called me again tonight…..we both agree…..the fallout will be nuclear!

He’s across country and was just helping care a week earlier for his FIL….My uncle….and couldn’t come back for memorial. We’ve shared a few tears and information over the weekend……and he’s so damn rational and intuative. He ‘get’s it!”.

Thanks for the laugh! AND THE VISUAL! 🙂

Okay….Maybe this isn’t appropriate to share when so many are hurting…..but I am so exploding with excitement……I want you all to know….LIFE DOES CHANGE! I’ve walked the walk, where some of you are…..and I want to inspire those who may need it…..that today….isn’t the same as tomorrow.
It’s a friggen rollercoaster and nothing is ever permanent…..but it changes!
What goes down, must come up!

So…..heres the background. I lost two dear clients. 2 people I NEVER thought would ‘walk away’ from me….ever! I had been there deep for both families…..and well….you know the story…..Spath got in the mix.

So……one lady came over to my house, un announced about 3 years ago….crying and appologetic etc…..and I never heard from her again.
The other lady called today!
I’ve seen her at holiday charity events and around……and I usually called her to ‘touch base’ about a month later…..with NO return call. Her son commited suicide and I was there to comfort her etc….I’ve known her for 18 years.
She and hubby have always been cordial to me, asking aobut kids and the obligitory hug hug….at the events i’ve seen them…..but that’s it!
So….today she calls me…..like 15 times from a private number….I’m thinking damn, this can’t be a creditor…..too many calls! So I pick up and put it on mute…..it’s her!
I hang up and call her back, thinking …..what in the hell does she want? I can’t imagine?!?!?!?!
She says she wants to meet with me privately and talk with me about a position she’d like me to take. She goes into details….OMFRIGGEN GAWD!
This woman has always intimidated the heck out of me….she’s me X’s 1,000,000……she creative, punctual, on the ball, oranized, a fantastic cook, entertainer….and VERY WELL CONNECTED! This womans got it going on! And now….wants to spend more time with Gkids and hubby…and knows I can be her ‘fill in’ and take care of it all to her standards! YIKEs….this woman is WONDER WOMAN!
She’s been my ‘roll model’ on entertaining and how I run my business, she’s family oriented and is a brilliant person, she’s run ‘high level’ political campaigns and runs with the ‘best’ of them……..the narcissist in me…..see’s stability in all this!
(This is why I was so heartbroken when she disappeared).

During the spath shit……spath jumped her gated property and attacked her and my landscaper friend while in a meeting with an architect. She’d asked him to leave immediatly and he didn’t. She had to call police. She filed a restraining order. (She nixed my contact with her aswell!)
We talked about this a bit today……along with other things I didn’t know he had done, she never discussed them with me before.

I told her I was quite frankly surprised at her call and flattered by her offer.
I was glad she opened up to me and I wished she had of sooner.

I told her the only reason I stayed in town……was that I was NOT going to own his behaviors. I have continued to be ‘who’ I am, same character, same business person, same integrity and I decided from the getgo that I was going to hold my head up high in my community and remain with my kids! I told her if she or anyone else was a fly on my shoulder, they would be proud of the decisions I made as a mother and a wife and a survivor. As soon as he was exposed, I made all the right moves to report and get away and protect myeslf and my children and end any and all contact.
She said…..that was apparant to her and others who have spoken about me! 🙂

She knew I hadn’t been involved, but he scared her and hubby.
I told her I got it…..as unfortunate as it is…..I understood.

She said, I’ve watched you volunteer (for her charities and schools)…..year after year. Attend community events and carry on your business. I see your kids around and they are always polite and say hello and you’ve done a nice job EB. I’ve watched you from afar……and you’ve taken a beating and kept standing. I chuckled!

SHE SAW IT! I was validated…..AND OFFERED A JOB!!!!

It’s amazing to me how I just picked up another new client just over a month ago…..which was LIFECHANGING…..and that one alone would allow me to rebuild…..and if I can figure out how I can manage what I already had, and these two new ones…..HOLY SHIT! I”M BACK!
I’ll be able to save and in 24 months buy a bigger house….and get out of this little doll house! No more bruised elbows walking down hall! 🙂

It’s just amazing to me how this works….and people ARE paying attention!

I’m so damn glad I stayed, made the decisions I did to hold ground and my head high…..(as hard as it was at times)…..and wait for others to take notice!
I think….shiat….where were all these offeres 2 friggen months ago when I could have saved the house…….and then I think again……IT WAS MEANT TO BE! Maybe it was that house dragging me down…..maybe I had to free my ‘spirit’ in order to ‘attract’ these good things.

Everything turns out the way it should……please believe that my LF friends……HOWEVER IT SHOULD for each and every one of us, in our individual lives!!!!

Have hope and continue on the ‘high road’!!!!!

oh oh. big red flag.
That sounds like my mother.
My brother lives rent free for years in her basement, but when I ran to them for protection from my spath, they became passive aggressive – to say the least.

Was your mom abusive when you were young?

Oxy’s advice is right on, find a place where you can live in peace without the PDed people in your life. From afar, it’s easier to see who they really are. After that, you can decide what role you want them to play in your and your child’s life.

It’s hard to know what to say when I’m not in your shoes – but we’re all in a very similar place here.

The problem is not that spaths are everywhere, the problem is that we KNOW spaths are everywhere. Before my eyes were opened, I had so much more optimism and energy. You would think that with knowledge comes power – and yes, that’s true to an extent – but this knowledge also saps your energy. It’s depressing.

What I try to do is channel the person I used to be, before I knew. It’s hard.


Progress, good opps., and joy ARE ALWAYS APROPO EB!

maybe 2 years from now, i can be saying the same things. so thanks for the inspiration (you KNOW how hung up we get on ‘timelines’).

EB ~ You are experiencing so much positive validation right now, good for you. Your ex-client has kept her “eyes”on you all this time, knowing you are the right person for the job. That is HUGE – GREAT.

When all the family crazy people are gathering you can say what my youngest son (adopted also) says – “At least I’m not part of THAT gene pool.” There are advantages to being adopted. LOL

Love – MiLo

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EB, I am doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!!!! The wonder of vindication is amazing isn’t it! I preach, and I also believe, that we must validate ourselves and NOT DEPEND ON the validation of others, but when it does come, it is WONDERFUL!

You have been such a support to others, even when you own world was falling apart, and I want you to know just how much that support you have given has MEANT TO ME and I DOUBT NOT to others as well.

Thank you for all you do for LF and I’m so glad that the good karma has caught up with you! (((hugs)))) Love Oxy

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