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The Bernie Madoff undie auction

The U.S. Marshall Service auctioned off Bernie Madoff’s personal property yesterday, with proceeds earmarked to compensate his scam victims.

The New York Post reported that one buyer paid $1,700 for Lot 380, which included 138 pairs of ultra-luxurious Charvel socks, and 11 pair of brand-new, monogrammed designer boxers.

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Ox Drover

While the proceeds of this auction supposedly go to benefit the victims, and with the huge amount of money owed to the victims, BILLIONS, and the amount of this auction (whatever the total was) being only pennies on the dollar,, in a way this selling of Bernie’s boxer shorts somehow in my mind anyway “makes trivial” the whole thing.

Sure, now HE CAN LAUGH and say “see how important I am? Even my underwear sells for a high price?”

Who, but a Narcissistic creep would have his boxer shorts monogrammed anyway?

There is still NO WAY I am going to believe he pulled this scam of this magnitude off by himself and I don’t understand why he is the ONLY one to get time?

Kind of reminds me of a local family here whose family has made and sold wine (legally) since the civil war era. During prohibition, someone in the family had to go to prison and the family had a meeting and everyone decided and agreed that GRANDMA would be the one most easily spared from the family business, so SHE WENT TO PRISON and the rest of the family went on making wine! (that story, by the way, is NO JOKE!) I kind of think that since Bernie was going anyway every one else was spared.

Personally, what Bernie Madoff and his co-criminals did is NO joking matter to the people who lost their fortunes, large or small, and I think the government should prosecute the rest of them and then AUCTION OFF pieces of the SKIN on their back side.

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