The broken family court system

Many Lovefraud readers have experienced the frustration, aggravation and even terror of dealing with an abusive spouse in America’s family courts. An article in The Crime Report cites five cases of children who were allowed to have unsupervised visitations with abusive fathers, and then killed. It states:

Such tragedies are the consequences of family court procedures that allow abusive spouses to manipulate the system and leave at-risk children at the mercy of prolonged, expensive court battles over custody. These battles end all too often with a parent forced to share unsupervised custody with an abusive spouse.

The problems have been complicated by systemic flaws in the nation’s family courts that have gone unaddressed far too long.

Although the article does a good job of illustrating the systemic nature of the problem, it misses the point that this is not an issue of gender, but of sociopathy. Still, the story does start to shed light on the travesty of the family courts.

Read Failure to protect: The crisis in America’s family courts, on thecrimereport.org.

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Some places judges are appointed and some are ELECTED, so if your judge is ELECTED, then get you a poster on a stick and come election time get you out there and be an ACTIVE person for who ever is running against them!!!! It may not be much, but it might make you feel better.

Sometimes if you appeal they have to at least RECUSE themselves so might get you another judge and just the fact that you appealed should give them a reason to be “prejudiced” in your case and maybe might give you a reason to get another judge. Whewwwww, and sighhhhh, it is difficult when it is your kid’s life you are playing with and you can’t get ain impartial judge!

Personally I hope those judges who award visitation and the kids get kidnapped and/or killed—and BTW folks, this is NOT AS RARE AS WE WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE, YOU CAN FIND HUNDREDS OF CASES, THOUSANDFS, ON THE INTERNET, should be disbarred and thrown, THROWN off the bench! But that’s not the way it is.

Saw where a woman found her DAUGHTER that had been kidnapped at age 2 or 3, the girl is now like 15-16, on FACEBOOK and the father was arrested. The girl did not even know that her “stepmother” was not her real mother. Now, her father is in jail on kidnap charges and her “mother” is not her “mother” and some stranger she never met has “destroyed her home” and her world.

The reporters also raised the question—was the reason the father fled with the kids because the bio-mom was abusive? Or because he was? So, we can’t tell from this distance what was going on. I know that if I had a kid and my kid’s father was abusive I THINK I WOULD TAKE THE KID AND RUN if I had to. I could’nt judge a person who did run, and I wouldn’t judge a person who didn’t run. We can’t know from the outside until more information is brought out. I assume the man will go to trial but in the meantime the girl is in a stew no matter which of her parents is the Psychopath!

It is the night before my son leaves for Disney for 10 days with P-dad. I am so nervous! Had to have my attorney file special relief today to get father to confirm where he is staying on the drive down,while there and the drive back.Because child told me they were sleeping in the car!!So, dad leaves me a message thanking me for trying to ruin our sons vacation and that i have stooped to an all time low!!This is a man who leaves is child alone at walmart,campgrounds etc at 6 years old!! This man has not worked in 1 1/2 years his unemployment is about to run out and he was at his cousins hous 2 days ago trying to sell him something saying he wanted to go to disney but didn;t have enough money!!! God help this judge if anything happens to my son!! I hope i can get through the next 10 days. I have reread the posts on here and I can’t even believe the things we and our children have to go through. Something has to change. Don’t we have the right to protect our children? Thanks for listening.

Dear Marisac,

I am so so so very sorry you and your son are going through this mess. I will keep you both in my prayers, ((((((Hugs)))))) I wish I had an answer for you besides Prayer, if you can find some place to stay with someone you trust at night at least while your son is gone,, so that you are not ALONE without adult company maybe that would help you get through the nights (which were always bad for me when I was worried about anything) (((((Hugs)))) and God bless and keep you both safe!

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers it means alot!! And the hug too! I just got off the phone with my ex father in law he called to tell me that my ex was there tonight asking for money. He was playing on his sympathy using the child. Asked him for $500.00. My father in law wrote him a check for $300.00 and he flipped out!!Screaming and calling my father in law names. Telling him he didn’t ask for 300 he asked for 500. And proceeded to scream and call him names in front of all the neighbors. I feel so bad for my father in law he is 82 years old and not in good health. Now I am gonna worry about him for a few days.And plus now i am really worried that he is not gonna have enough money to stay for 10 days and get back home. M yfather in law said he will not wire him anymore money. I know my ex will be able to get in the parks cause he stole my Disney hopper pass when I kicked him out. This all goes back to the eval that said he needed parenting classes to learn to make better decisions.I hope God will please help me get thru this and keep my son safe and see that he gets home alright. Thanks again you are wonderful to care.

Dear Marisac,

I also feel for your x-FIL as well, bless his heart! I know the pain of having a P adult child. WEll, maybe he won’t stay the entire 10 days and will come back early! (((hugs))))) and will continue the prayers!

Does anyone know if it is allowed on this board to post a link to another web site? I don’t want to do anything that is against the rules here. Hope all is well with everyone.

Dear Marisac,

E mail [email protected] and ask her. She owns this site and I don’t think she haqs any problems but if you are worried ask her.

I would like to share this site http://www.ratethecourts.com/index.php
It is a very interesting site. For those of us who have not been treated fairly in the Broken Family Court system. You can find your judge,vote for them as the “worst” judge, Take a survey to rate the judge,and leave your comments. It is all safe there is no way to track you . Be sure to click on the top ten worst judges. After doing that there is a place to get the top ten worst judges for your state.Grab a cup of coffee and be sure to read the comments. You will see that there are alot of us out there who have had bad judges. Some of the comments are just unreal.And see just how broken the family court really is. Interested to know what your thoughts are after you visit the site.

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