The child custody psychiatrist and his lewd photos

Dr. Joseph Kenan, a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California, is president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and has helped decide hundreds of child-custody disputes. In his spare time, he posts lewd photos of himself on Facebook and allegedly promotes drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution.

Read Child custody expert linked to lewd Web photos on LATimes.com.

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Oxy ~ thanks so much, it does come with it’s rewards. He just sat down with me and did homework that isn’t due until Wed. without even a complaint. Then he asked for a big hug. That is what keeps me going.

Quick professional question – again verifying info. the daughter has just told me that I don’t think is kosher. Would a person be referred to an endocrinologist for ovarian cysts? I go to one for thyroid problems and I know they specialize in anything to do with the endocrine system, but ovarian cysts???

Dear Milo,

The answer to that is possibly. Hormonal problems might be involved with ovarian cysts, but I would be leery of anything she said! LOL

It sounds like one hug makes up for all the stress and expenses. That is what you have to use to keep you going I am sure. There can’t be much else in it for a pay off! I admire your strength and wisdom and how you have hung in there for a kid who really REALLY needs someone to care! He is fortunate that he has you and your husband! There is a God! (((hugs)))

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