The child custody psychiatrist and his lewd photos

Dr. Joseph Kenan, a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California, is president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and has helped decide hundreds of child-custody disputes. In his spare time, he posts lewd photos of himself on Facebook and allegedly promotes drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution.

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ooohhh, that’s the sticky part. I was advised by Erin B and by Oxy that it wouldn’t be wise to have anyone work on my house if they are not licensed and bonded. So he can’t work on repairs.

As far as cleaning it, I have to move my personal papers and crap. I really don’t want others doing that for me. It will take time, I trust God has His reasons so I won’t worry too much.


Distressed Grandmother ~

I missed your above post until this morning. Oxy mentioned the hell I have been through for the past 10 years trying to keep my grandson safe.

Grandparent visitation rights vary WIDELY from place to place. We fought for and won GVR when my grandson was not even 2 years. There were things we had to prove, like how much time we had previously spent with him and how involved we were in his life. There was also something about her having to be unmarried. I never did figure that one out. Anyways, our order was very enforceable, it stated specific days and times just like a regular visitation order would. But, like I said I know these vary WIDELY from place to place. Educate yourself on this in your area, in other words read the law regarding them.

We also started out trying to get guardianship of our grandson. After spending over a year and thousands of dollars, two things were clear, 1) We were never going to get it, no matter what. My daughter was actually in jail for the first hearing and NO ONE seemed to think a thing of it. We had a private investigator who got proof that she was driving with my grandson in the car with her, while DRUNK. The judge laughed at that one, HE LAUGHED. 2) Guardianship is NOT the best route to go. Custody is what you want, not guardianship. WARNING – don’t even waste your time or money UNLESS you have SO MUCH proof. Unbelievable as it sounds, you have to wait until the child is hurt. The courts will pay attention IF child protective services is brought in and they declare a problem. The courts will not pay one bit of attention to the grandparent.

My sad advice is, DOCUMENT everything, look under every rock, check every court for miles around to see if there are any cases against either one of them. See if the local police department will tell you if there have been any calls at their home in the past year or so. Watch them every possible minute. Be there for your grandchildren, even if it means you have to kiss your daughter’s you know what. Make sure you have an unlimited bank account, the cost, OMG.

We actually got legal custody over five years ago. She disappeared, out of our lives. We thought we were “home free”. Last year she took us back to court. Come to find out the court had made a technical error five years before and our custody was vacated. Here we are a year later (and thousands and thousands of dollars poorer) and we were just awarded custody again, only after she admitted “she didn’t want him anyways, only wanted visits with him, in our home.” Turns out what she really wants is a full time babysitter for her 2 year old.

I am so sorry that you are going through this, please have the strength to do whatever you feel you must do.

Ox Drover

Dear Milo,

Thanks for your wonderful post to Grandmother, I IMAGINE that she must be hurting so much, but I know that you KNOW exactly how she feels and what hell you have been through for so long to protect your grandson from his female DNA donor (I won’t call her a mother)

Is she wanting to give you the 2 year old or just have him live with you? I know you said that you were not able to also take the 2 year old (and I know that must be painful but at the same time I know you have probably made the best decision possible for the older child and for yourselves as well.)

Have you thought about trying to “buy” either or both children from her (on video tape of course?) “Okay dear, here as we discussed, is X thousand dollars and you agree to never ever set foot in this house again or to contact the kid or us again as long as you live. Sign right here and smile for the camera….,er…birdie! LOL Oh, and I took the liberty of calling your drug supplier– he is waiting outside the door with your drugs, just hand the money over to him, take your drugs and bye bye! “


Oxy ~ problem is with my advice to Distressed – it is NOT how things should work, instead a cruel dose of reality.

The 2 year old is a girl, this is what this whole last year has been about. She needs and wants another pawn to use against me. She knows what children mean to me. She knows my weakness. She is doing everything she can to make me “attach” to this child. Her plan is to put this child “in lay away” with me, show up when she feels like it, party whenever she wants. Ofcourse I pay for all food, clothes, doctors, etc. Then, if I object or give her a hard time, she will threaten to never let me see her again. Throw in making sure I see the child is suffering. My husband and I knew this was going to happen as soon as we heard she was pregnant with this second child. We said then, we CAN NOT, physically, financially or emotionally do this AGAIN. What helps with this one is there are relatives on the father’s side who are capable of stepping in. Like I mentioned before, I will call children’s services each and everytime I see something and that is all I can do.

It’s funny you mentioned buying the kids, she actually attempted to “sell” us visitation privileges with Grand when he was two years old. ($10,000) That is what prompted us to obtain Grandparent Visitation Rights. What took us a long time to understand is that we NEVER had to worry about her not allowing us to see him because her need to “unload” him was far greater than her anger towards us. I only wish I would have had a camera then. I am so convinced that she and boyfriend are now pretty big time dealers that I don’t know if the money would work anymore. They seem to have more than enough for whatever THEY want. Grand however has been made to “chip in” and pay for snacks on the “new visitation outings” – CAN YOU IMAGINE – she has never paid child support, never contributed to ANYTHING and she has him pay for his snacks……

Speaking on that GET THIS – All these years we have been teaching and preaching morality, right from wrong, impulse control, following Dr. Leedoms advice etc. She takes him to the movies, they go to the snack bar, he orders a candy bar, popcorn and a soda. (and pays himself) The lady puts his candy bar on the counter and turns to get the popcorn and pour the soda. Grand puts candy bar in his pocket. Lady returns with popcorn and drink, sees there is no candy bar and thinks she has forgotten that and gets another one. Grand starts to pull candy out of his pocket and tell her he already had one. MOMMY DEAREST tells him to be quiet that you never tell someone when you can get one free!!!!!!!! Oh, I know this story because several days after it happened I was buying Grand some gum and he offered to tell me how you get TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

This is only the beginning.

Ox Drover

Dear Milo,

I am so sorry that you are going through all this. Sorry for grandson too. It is so difficult to teach kids morality and especially when someone is trying to undermine it.

I think you are totally right about the use she has for the 2 year old and I know for me it would be difficult not to want to get hooked…my own friend who is raising 4 of 5 kids by her P step daughter (the 5th child born to this woman was born in jail and the woman’s mother has it) and 2 kids of the step son’s (the step son is dead, he suicided while high) so this woman has 6 kids she is trying to raise, house, feed, and nurture and each of them has learning difficulties from mom’s drug use when she was preg with them to say nothing of the pith poor genetic material they got from both their mom and whoever the fathers were. It is not easy raising one special needs child but 6 is more than one woman can handle but she is trying hard.

I am really glad that you are wise enough to see what is going on and to realize that you can’t fix the whole world and she can crank out kids faster than you can raise them well. Milo, I have the UTMOST RESPECT FOR YOU and what you are doing and how you are doing it! TOWANDA WOMAN!!!!! (((hugs))) Love Oxy


Oxy ~ thanks so much, it does come with it’s rewards. He just sat down with me and did homework that isn’t due until Wed. without even a complaint. Then he asked for a big hug. That is what keeps me going.

Quick professional question – again verifying info. the daughter has just told me that I don’t think is kosher. Would a person be referred to an endocrinologist for ovarian cysts? I go to one for thyroid problems and I know they specialize in anything to do with the endocrine system, but ovarian cysts???

Ox Drover

Dear Milo,

The answer to that is possibly. Hormonal problems might be involved with ovarian cysts, but I would be leery of anything she said! LOL

It sounds like one hug makes up for all the stress and expenses. That is what you have to use to keep you going I am sure. There can’t be much else in it for a pay off! I admire your strength and wisdom and how you have hung in there for a kid who really REALLY needs someone to care! He is fortunate that he has you and your husband! There is a God! (((hugs)))

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