The child custody psychiatrist and his lewd photos

Dr. Joseph Kenan, a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California, is president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and has helped decide hundreds of child-custody disputes. In his spare time, he posts lewd photos of himself on Facebook and allegedly promotes drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution.

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Welllllll, La de da! Just cause a guy is a GREEDY drug using gay pimp doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy at his job of determining which parent should get the kid. I mean commmmmmmmee on, he’s done his job for years, what makes anyone so judgmental that they would think his private life (which he apparently doesn’t have enough couth to keep private—yea, guy–when you were high and thought it would be soooo cool to post those pix on facebook, it kinda was a baaaaad idea, huh?) would have anything to do with him charging tens of thousands of dollars for his “evaluations”—“I’ll send a runner over to your house to pick up a check!” Must have needed some money for drugs or bail for one of his buddies really badly right then!

Ah, well, he’s not the first person face book or the internet has brought down by allowing these people to expose themselves buck naked for the world to see—let’s just hope some more of them do it. Kind of like that married guy in the House of Representatives recently who sent the shirt-off pix to the girl he was trolling on Craigslist and the girl recognized his photos. LOL At least he had the balls to resign and not try to pretend it wasn’t relevant to his “job” as an elected official of the country. If his wife couldn’t trust him, I don’t think the voters could either!

quote from the article:
“You’re saying Dr. Kenan should be disqualified because of a goofy Facebook page. What on earth does it have anything to do with this court?” Commissioner Mary Lou Katz asked in denying the removal motion.

Mary Lou Katz needs to be removed from office.

What people don’t get is that these freaks aren’t crazy, they are just inhuman. That’s why they can wear the mantle of authority and trick us into believing their lies.

Shouldn’t this be posted in the “Dumb Sociopaths” blog? Definitely fits.

Star, he is ARROGANT for sure! sheesh!

Yes, it’s usually their fatal flaw, isn’t it? Arrogance bordering on stupidity. They just assume they can do whatever they want and think they will get away with it.


Ever watch that show, um…I think it’s America’s Dumbest Criminals? Something to that effect. I don’t watch much tv but the kids do. They happen to enjoy that show.

There are lots of P’s that are stooooopid, as a result of their arrogance this guy was certainly one of them, however, I believe the majority DO get away with it, and if not, at least for a longer period of time.

Just my opinion.

Distressed Grandmother

I agree with your opinion. Way to many people get away with hiding who they are for a long time. That is why we are all victims. Once we see the light though and get our strength back we do not fear them as much. We are always couches and more aware and seem more able to pick these people out but only because we all learned the hard way. That judge obviously never had to deal with a person with behavior disorders. Or has a behavior disorder of her own. It is scary to think that because they are professionals, social workers ministers or priests that we want to believe they are good people. Some times they are but sometimes they are not.

Distressed Grandmother

I love the way you right. I have to tell you you have gave me a laugh a time or too great work.

I haven’t watched TV in many years, but all I have to do is read some of these stories. **shaking head in disgust at these morons**

Dear Grandmother,

Glad I tickled your funny bone a time or two! There comes a point when I think we have to either laugh or bash ourselves over the head with the cast iron skillet until we pass out.

Some of these jerk waters are just so unbelievably arrogant and perverted about it, sort of like Charlie Sheen, they go over the edge beyond belief! They really do get tired of pretending that the world doesn’t revolve around them—in their own minds at least! LOL They think they are soooooo “special.” They just do not grasp the idea that they are NOT special, they are just DISGUSTING, trivial, shallow, worthless, and a few other words I can think of.

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