The child custody psychiatrist and his lewd photos

Dr. Joseph Kenan, a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California, is president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and has helped decide hundreds of child-custody disputes. In his spare time, he posts lewd photos of himself on Facebook and allegedly promotes drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution.

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Ox Drover


To answer your question…if my son came to me and begged me on his bended knee to trust him, I would NOT trust him. We’ve been down that road before when he very ‘sincerely” apologized for the betrayals and the lies, the times he stabbed me in the back, and the times he stabbed others of his friends and his brother D in the back…I have forgiven him, but I can never TRUST HIM. He has used up his allotment of trust.

When people SHOW YOU WHAT THEY ARE BELIEVE THEM. He has repeatedly shown me that he will be a “nice guy” for a while and then revert to a liar. He does not keep his word for very long. Year, year and a half maybe, but then he is back to his computer game addiction, lying, spending all his money on the games and computers to play them. And other stuff…I’m just done with him as far as trusting him is concerned. He is 40 years old, I sincerely doubt that he is going to change now.

People only change when they see a NEED TO CHANGE. So far he has apparently never seen a real need to change his behavior for very long. I am no longer expecting him to see that need, and even if he verbally expressed a desire to do so, I wouldn’t be interested in investing any more of my time and emotions in believing him. That may sound rather harsh, but that just where I am now with him. He is an adult and his life is his own responsibility now. Sheet on me once, shame on you, sheet on me multiple times and shame on ME. He has used up his quota of sheet ons mes. Doesn’t mean he is a P, but don’t have to be a P to sheet on me. Just violates the RULE #1–being honest.

Ox Drover

Dear One/Joy,

Sorry you are being messed with…can you call the cops to put the stop to the loud music since the land lord won’t. Some places the cops will do a noise call, some places not. (((hugs)))


they will here too, ox – but he is playing it off and on. I love my quiet. it’s raining here all day and it’s the first day i have had a bit of energy…he’s ruined my peace between raising his voice to his gf, banging around and the music.

maybe some unfortunate things will start happening to his work vehicle in the driveway.


and thanks for the hug, i am feeling really rattled.


One joy,
I so remember my years in my ghetto condo with the rap music coming through the walls at all hours of the night. That is the reason I gave up my adorable first condo.

I hope you can one day move into a better neighborhood. You will still get noise in any apartment/condo, but the people are decent and you can be on better terms with them, asking them to turn their stereos down, etc. In the meantime, hold your head high and know that the place you are in is a stepping stone and not permanent!



star – i DO live in a nice neighborhood. it’s just that the landlord is a douchebag, and he tends to rent to douchebag guys. he rented the place next door to a really nice young couple, but he has rented to a few db in the almost 2 years i have been here, and this new guy is a #1 db.


You probably signed a lease, One joy. But keep in mind that condos cost the same to rent as apartments. And if you get a building that is mostly owner occupied, you’ll have better luck. Do you know for a fact that the guy upstairs would not be open to a friendly chat about noise? Sometimes people who seem like the dregs of society can actually be pretty nice when approached respectfully. (I call this “psychic self defense”) Maybe you could just tell him that you suffer from migraines and that the noise puts you right over the edge, and you hate to impose on him, but is there any way to turn it down? Could this possibly work?

Distressed Grandmother

I have already looked into it but here in Alberta Grandparent rights are not legally enforced by the legal enforcement. My Lawyer told me with people like these grandparent right do no good . All they have to say is there busy there not home what ever and there is nothing I can do about it even if there is a court order. The lawyer said I would have a better chance going for Guardianship than seeing my grandchildren with grandparent rights. I most likely will not get Guardianship but could possibly get joint guardianship that would be legally enforced. He said it is a gamble and would all depend on the outcome or the Judge. I have thought hard about this to and have not made up my mind yet as I am waiting for me to become a bit stronger because it would be like fighting the devil in court. If I do this I have to be very strong because the shit they through at me will be unbelievable I am sure. If I am setting myself up for all of that I would like the odds more on our side. I just keep documenting and if need be I am prepared to do that. What I have to remember is those boys love me but they also love there mother and it could take them 37 years to see through her to because love is blind. They see lots but are young and do not know how to deal with it. They to believe the spath changed her. Just as I did. They may take a long time to figure out that he did not change her He just brought out the very worst in her. I want to help them but need more counseling before I decide that because there is a lot to think about. Thanks for your help though.


get a new lawyer if you want good advice.
Because the likelihood of you getting any guardianship is next to nil or worse. Unless the children have severe injuries or malnutrition, courts always try to keep families together. I don’t know about grandparents’ rights, but I do know that parents have all the rights. So your attorney is only looking to cost you money. Well, he/she has to make a living right?

Be patient and watch for opportunities.

Ox Drover

Dear Grandmother,

Another thing to consider too is that if you try to get guardianship and fail, you may never see them again…she can take them and move to Tim-buck-too or simply refuse to let you see them.

Milo has custody of her grandson because the mother is totally worthless but still Milo has to go to court and spend thousands of dollars over and over to keep that custody and the mother does get visits which cause the child distress….and now there is another child as well, age 2. So it is endless heartache and chaos for the children. I feel for both you and your grandkids and you are right, no matter how miserable she is, they love her and they are not old enough to know what to do except hurt. God keep you and them all in the palm of His hands. (((hugs)))) Oxy

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