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The “Clark Rockefeller” story

Remember Clark Rockefeller? He claimed to be from the rich and famous family and married Sandra Boss, the highly paid McKinsey management consultant. Boss divorced him and won custody of their child. On July 27, 2008, he abducted the girl. He was caught, charged with kidnapping and found guilty.

Then it turned out that Rockefeller wasn’t who he said he was. His real name was Christian Gerhartsreiter, he was an illegal alien from Germany, and he may have committed murder.

The Clark Rockefeller story is again in the media. Vanity Fair magazine published a story called The Man in the Rockefeller Suit.

And, Lifetime TV is premiering a new movie, Who Is Clark Rockefeller?, on March 13, 2010 at 9 p.m. Encores will air March 14 and 15 at 9 p.m.

Links provided by a Lovefraud reader.

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Still no breakthrough apparently in the Sohus’ case, the couple who disappeared just when he left California and whose car he drove to cross the US.

Ox Drover

I hope they give Ms. Boss a fair shake in the film.


Thanks for posting this, I followed the story some time back when it first was reported. At the time I had no clue about exactly what sociopathy is.

This portion of the story is so strange, would his ex not have wondered why he didn’t have identification, just basic? Considering her financial and business position/s seems so odd on the surface:

” At the same time Boston police were entering Rockefeller’s name into national databases and finding ” nothing.

“Can you please give us his driver’s-license number?” an officer asked Boss.

She said he didn’t have one.

“Do you know if Clark has a Social Security number?”


“Is he on your tax returns?”


His credit cards were on her accounts. His cell-phone number was under the name of a friend. To each of the investigators’ questions about her ex-husband’s identification papers, Boss responded in the negative. He didn’t have any identification at all.”


Didn’t she know something was up when the rest of the Rockefellers didn’t show up for the wedding? Elizabeth Taylor? George Soros? Nobody? And what about the china? No goodies there? Fill me in here.

Ox Drover

Dear Sistersister,

This guy was apparently pretty good, and you know what, I have fallen for “dumber stories” than she did. But “shouldn’t she have figured this out before 12 years?” is what a lot of people who have not dealt with a psychopath have said.

Google this story subject and you will see a bunch of stuff on this situation which hit the national headlines when he kidnapped the child from a supervised visitation.

This man, like a lot of con men, claim military records or family connections that are NOT REAL but they put on a great scam. Read the “true lovefraud” stories here and you will find some just about as “crazy” as this one. UN-believeable, but TRUE.

My psycho-therapist heard my “intake” story and was not sure I wasn’t a “paranoid nut job” I had to take in documents and witnesses that I wasn’t making up some UN-believeable tale before he could completely believe me. AND HE ONLY HEARD PART OF THE STORY!

There are also some articles here on LF about this guy. Read up, truth is indeed STRANGER THAN FICTION!


Hey Folks!

I was surprised when I read the story in Vanity Fair that I had not heard it before, and I sent Donna a link about the movie. I will be watching! Of course I didn’t realize Lovefraud had already been reporting on this story (I’m still a newbie after a few months). Of course!

It was shocking to me also, when I read the part of the story where the FBI was trying to find out who he was, and there was NOTHING! How do you live in the United States for like 20 years and not have a driver’s license? How can you work at some high-powered investment firm and have no Social Security number?? Don’t they need that to take taxes out of your pay check? Maybe he sees dead people?! And they tell him, “well, dude I’m not using this SS# anymore, might as well give it to you!”

I read Dr. Leedons’s story about the trial, and it was interesting how clueless the judge was. You would think that the judge sees enough of people like this to “get it!” The FBI were serious about getting this guy – they pretty much labeled him a sociopath right away. His machinations were so devious in planning the whole thing – it’s pretty obvious that he did this in some kind of desperation. In the VF article, one of the agents said it was not good when a parent kidnaps a child, and in many cases when the heat is on they may kill the child, so no one else can have him/her. That made my blood run cold! But I know that happens. There was a guy in Maryland who killed his pre-school age kids, pretending like he was carjacked and couldn’t save them -pretty horrifying. It was a stupid move for CG to think he could take that child and get away with it. And he might not have gotten caught if he hadn’t done something so blatantly illegal. Talk about irrational exuberance!

He’s a smarmy, creepy individual. He is absolutely a liar, and a con artist, and totally fake. But you can’t send him to jail for that. And he also may be a murderer. A lot of what these people do is morally reprehensible, but they haven’t broken the law, so they keep skating by. It says a lot that his ex-wife moved to London to get away from him, and he could only have supervised visits with a social worker present.

Does anyone know about the missing couple yet? Has he been accused of it?

Quantum Solace

I found an interesting article reported by NBC on June 1, 2009, that states that he plead “not guilty by reason of insanity” – Ha! Is that an admission or just another con?

I watched the movie twice with great interest looking for the signs and sure enough, they were all there. It is still amazing to me how these P/S/N are all a cut of the same cloth with varying degrees of how far they will take their act. The one I was married to had absolutely no past, it was a dark hole. I remember mentioning this once and how odd it was that he had no childhood friends or memories and he gave me a big (stupid) smile and said “well, that’s because I’m a mysterious guy.” Ha ha! He was anything but mysterious, he truly had no life! However, he just wasn’t smart enough (regardless of what he thought of his “superior intellect”) to pull a con of this magnitude. He truly is one of the most common and mediocre individuals I’ve ever met. He is only above average in his ability to lie – particularly, to himself – and very forgettable in every other respect.


Well, I come back to look at this story and realize that is where I’ve been. I don’t know who he is because he isn’t anything he said as far as I know because so much of what he said (or forgot to mention) isn’t true.

At the point where I can say I just want to be done with it and move on. No more researching blind alleys and half truths.

No more worrying about what if this or that or who is true or false.

Its just no fun. I am by far a simpler creature than all of that.

And just by saying ’nuff. My blood pressure feels like it dropped 20 points.

Today has been quiet, but pleasant and productive because he has been out of my head all day.

Its a good thing.


Hey all,

It’s been awhile, as I am very busy with work and travel. I would like to post something, not in defense of Sandra Boss, but for many women who was blind by “love”.

I am a very detailed oriented person, and I run a company of 160. I might not be as capable as Sandra Boss, but I am not an idiot either. Yet I was fooled twice. They are World Class Charmer! I read a few of the stories here, describing handsome good looking, tall guys. Mine is not even any of that! He is not handsome, nor tall at all. Yes, he produced fake documents to follow up his lies. How could you not fall, when they represented everything things you want in a guy? They are TOO good to be true, and we couldn’t believe our LUCK, thus we trust, we forgive, we stick on.

Oh, did I mentioned that I wrote to Oprah? and I mentioned Lovefraud. I also started this blog, to warn people of my S. I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link here.

Once again, would like to thank Donna for waking me up from these nightmare.

Ox Drover

Dear Silvermoon,

Sugar they are such fakers—and you know, in the end, if we walk away Simply ALIVE we are the winners! Sometimes a few people are fortunate enough to recover their money or whatever, but sometimes that’s not much consolation either.

Nolife, coming here and finding there were other smart women in the world who were also scammed as badly or more so as I was IS comforting. I don’t feel nearly so “stooooopid” in this company of smart folks!


Oh OxDrover,

You are everything except stooooopid! I read you often and you have such a big heart to share your experiences and provide wise advise to many lost soul here.

You should be very proud of yourself 🙂 I stay positive only because I am constantly reminding myself of the good people like you, Donna and many others here on Mother Earth.

Thank you all. 🙂


3 am and can’t sleep tonight. too much physical pain and the air is so still, it is unsettling.

surprised at what i am about to write – i miss him. that fake fantasy boy. but it doesn’t hurt. and there is no yearning. more like the missing of someone who you wish well, and move on from. no idea what this is, but it is.

got a load of food from the foodbank today. feels wonderful to open the pantry and see it stacked with food. i got to pick over the ‘odds and sods’ area at the food bank – spelt and rice pasta, and green curries, etc. I bought a few things, and i planted my first spinach on Sunday. will get chard in the ground this week. so, there is fresh food on the way.

i am trying to improve my ugly mood. and not spout off with anger when i have a conscious choice. i rather feel like exing people out of my life, and i am making a choice to step back not do that. i am a bit wild with the feeling of rejection; sage speakers here are telling me it’s the PTSD, so i am paying attention to their advice. met a woman who is a medical researcher today. she is taking part in a study i am involved in, and she is going to see if there are other resources for PTSD in the city. would love to do EMDR – have used it in the past, but i do not have money for this. something will come thorugh, somewhere.

i had posted that i did some equine facilitated therapy last weekend, and saw much flexibility in me, that seems overwhelmed these days. i am watching how foreboding my mood is around certain things, how angry i am with the trash heap i keep wading through, and hoow much i resent so much of what has come to pass in the last few years. i see the self pity and i am experiencing pain about things that happening decades ago. i was out with a friend and something triggered a discussion of what we did around 16 – i ran away from home @ 16. i could feel the pain of that time. i need to figure out a way to look at the good of my life – ’cause these days i am looking back over the years and seeing misteps and wrong turns at every juncture. and this way of thinking has to stop. i cannot go back and re-do my life. I also did a lot of good and smart things. something about this time has triggered this. it’s like i trap myself from all directions – past present and future. it’s really odd. and not freakin pleasant at all.

i have to go out to my parents in the next few days. i need things that are there. i will take at least one friend, maybe more would be better. i want to see my mom so badly, and the dogs too 😉 but my dad, eeiii.i don’t need such a devaluer in my life. the longer i am nc with him, the more i am considering suing him. i am hoping that he will try to sell his southern residence and that i can leverage my consent for the money he owes to me. this would be the easiest and best way.

one step


Hey one step,

Always think of the bright side of thing. At least now we know, than never or too late, isn’t it? We should be happy that we found out, kick them out of our life, and move on to a better life.

By appreciating everything around you, life isn’t bad at all 🙂

Stay strong.


Dear all,

Donna if I can’t post this link, just delete my post ok.

That’s the link and I hope it serves as a warning to other women out there. Help spreads the word please. Thank you.



“”Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but let us cultivate our garden”


Be present as the watcher of your mind — of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations. Be at least as interested in your reactions as in the situation or person that causes you to react. Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don’t judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction. Don’t make a personal problem out of them. You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher.

Eckhardt Tolle

I hope you slept some. Being tired exacerbates all of it.
Good to hear you have food and green curry is one of earth’s delights.

It has been my experience that the more discomfort I feel, the closer a breakthrough is – suddenly I am overwhelmed with e) all of it and then some layer of the whole thing cracks and bursts and there is clarity.

I recognize what you describe, but I can not explain it.


Dear OneStep,

I hear your suffering and wish there were an easier path to enlightenment. Those layers of your life that you are examining are painful but necessary, it’s what makes us whole. One day, soon, you will be able to come out of this transformed, like a butterfly. It will happen.



thanks hopeforjoy.

no life – good for you for looking for him and exposing him.

silver – i meditated hardcore for many years. I have been an observer. i know that place well. now i would like to live in a slightly diff place than i did then…one that listens more to what emotion and thought is telling me about the world, the situation, myself – not caught by it, but intensely interested in what that feedback is and quick to discern what response, if any is needed. but i will get what i get i suspect – but really this IS what i want. tiny little baby steps. tiny tiny steps. and learning to grow my patience.

i have this odd feeling – something dark is hanging with me. i feel a bit not here – mind you a lot of that may be the full on allergies. 😉
i am cutting flowers and bringing them into the house. (a sign of health, and not a problem in terms of pollen) and i tore my kitchen apart and am putting things together – i didn’t do much after i moved in here, ’cause of the chemicals. i have half lived out of rooms for so long, i feel lost and scattered. if i can stay here (if the off gassing dissipates enough) then the place needs to work better, and i have to get a roommate. so i am overhauling. it is not so overwhelming. i feel some will forming to do this, even with so much physical pain. either way – stay or go, i have to have things organized; it is a form of self care. i found myself not picking up papers that the wind blew off the desk – this is what my hoarder sister does. nononono, i must work to not go there.

i did sleep for about 5 hours, then went back t and napped for a couple of more – because i need to take care of myself, and i shouldn’t be punishing myself for not sleeping, by making myself get up – no matter how much i need to do this or that. i didn’t have any appts. today, so am taking it easy. i have started a pain study program and had quite the package to fill out – did it all at one setting. yay for me! focus and follow through!

my utilities were covered by welfare – they will do this only once in a calendar year – but i have YET AGAIN dodged the bullet. what has happened with yours?

i am applying for a position i want and on Monday i met with someone at a job finding club about how to put together a ‘portfolio’ as an interview aid. this kind of stuff i love. some of the things i need are in a box at my folk’s place – but i have felt this visit coming for a couple of weeks – now i need to do this. c’est la vie. i need to sort out how to deal with the old man – i think taking many people with me might be a good idea – then he can’t be too much of a prick (and i won’t be triggered to much) and i won’t have to deal with him one on one. not i just have to find three or four people i still like to go with me. 😉

okay, back to other stuff.
xo one step

Divorced from Gaslighter

Is there any time of the day, or day of the week that your mother is usually home alone? Could your mother call you and tell you when your father won’t be there? Or maybe she could bring the box to you, or ship it to you?


“Life’s a bitch you can’t divorce.”

By the looks of this guy…..he’s a doozy. Just reading his FB.
He pretty much lays it right on out there!


This guy was never legally married to Boss, also the engagement ring he requested back from Boss when they split up, (along with the 800K) may have been a ring stolen from the dead couple in San Marino, California. He is a murderer and a flim flam man – very dangerous and should not be out of jail.

Ox Drover


Well, they are FINALLY charging him with murder! WAY TO GO!!!!!


Now this guy looks demented doesn’t he?



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