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The corporate manager with four wives and missing millions

A company’s fraud examiner explains what tipped her off to financial irregularities in one of the divisions: the irregularities in manager’s personal life.

The guy had four wives in four countries, plus a couple of mistresses.

Then the investigator found the missing millions.

Character and behavior: the other red flags of fraud, on

Story submitted by Elaine Walker, a fraud investigator listed in the Lovefaud Professional Resources Guide.



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It’s a shame that he kept his job, if he is cheating on his first wife & children then he is cheating every wife and the company he is working for. No doubt he was able to manipulate his employer with his sociopath lying words. I think his employer had no idea they were dealing with a cunning sociopath and put profit ahead of reality…he will find a way again to screw of the company financially and if he is caught he will have implemented ways to screw them over after he is fired. Sociopaths are always 10 steps ahead of others.

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