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The cost of sociopaths to taxpayers

Lovefraud has written freqently about Carl R. Greene, former executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), who was fired after he secretly paid off women who filed sexual harassment complaints against him. The PHA gets most of its money from the federal government, and now the feds want $27.4 million back.

Read Feds: PHA should reimburse U.S. millions on

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I never get tired of this story – it’s classic.

The ‘executive sociopath’ needs a lot more exposure. The damage they do to companies, employees and vendors can be far reaching.

They, like other sociopaths leave a trail of destruction, but instead of destroying one or two lives they can take out entire companies and all their employees. Employees get other jobs, businesses start up again – it’s not as… evil? … as what is done to families, but it is none the less remarkable for its scope and breadth.

This is the bingo statement for me: “Carl Greene had a very hostile relationship with the IG, who is now taking it out on PHA even though Carl Greene is long gone. ” Classic. They love to stir shit, feel important, and hold grudges even when they’re wrong.

Ox Drover

Since a majority of violent crime in this country is committed by the miniority of psychopaths the thing is much much bigger than this, add in the foster kids who are in foster care because of P parents, etc. and so on….and the cost to our society for the behaviors of the psychopaths among us is through the roof.

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