The criminal brain

The Criminal Justice Degrees Guide website posted an article about the criminal brain. For the most part, the information is consistent with what research has shown about antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. I hope this means that people pursuing criminal justice degrees are learning it.

Read 10 Incredible facts about the criminal brain.

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you know ana, I haven’t read much Virginia Woolf, except some short stories in uni english.
Michael Pollen’s book is in the tradition of ‘room of ones own’ and thoreau’s ‘walden’.

Ox Drover

I read “Love in the time….” but gosh it has been so long ago since I read it….odd book really, but I liked it. I like some way out authors. Been concentrating mostly on Non-fiction lately though, but have to take a “good fiction” break every so often. I’m a book a holic if there ever was one…it is a wonder my house doesn’t fall down from the weight of books, but I am sending some I love to some friends and giving others away locally…trying to “down size” my “stuff”

One, your new “roomie” sounds interesting…taking in a uni student?

Ox Drover

Hey, gang, instead of the usual Saturd’y nite par-tay, we are having book club meeting tonight!


oxy – she is a post doctorate scholar coming from overseas to do research.


the only thing i know about virginia wolfe is Elizabeth Taylor’s movie……i am currently reading a book someone here on the blog suggested ‘a general therory of love’ it is very interesting and well written…This afternoon i went to the movie and saw ‘the help’ it was ok….
This fricken heat continues to be very oppresive 108 today..we now have broken all records as the hottest summer.. it is so dry I have lost so many trees and plantings despite my constant watering…..but I am doing very well emotionally – i have no desire for romance or companionship…i have a hand full of good people in my life..i am lucky….


I hope that doesn’t mean we are OLD!!

I love me a book club!! LOL your house falling over…GET to the library. I can’t afford to buy all these books so I will get them from the library. I love the smell of a good book!


That movie was AWFUL!! Ugh…what wretch and wich. It had nothing to do with the real Virginia Woolf.

I saw the Help too. I liked the book and the movie.

Wow, 108 OMG, I’d melt. Stay cool in the pool..nekkid!

Ox Drover

Hens, it has cooled off a bit here, but still miserable….spent yesterday and today getting the diesel truck to run….clogged fuel injectors but D is not so much a diesel mechanic so he was tearing his hair out before he got it fixed and I was “worried” it would cost a fortune. He actually went down the road and talked to “grandpa” the old man neighbor, who as senile as he is, has forgotten more about diesels than most men will ever know. It turned out to be an easy fix, just actually results of clogged injectors so I feel better. Fixed it for labor and a few bucks for cleaning fluids. LOL

I know what you mean about the dry, we have dead trees all around us, so will see if the fire wood guy wants to come cut them for the wood.

Want to get the truck fixed so I can go to the HEARING on August 31st for the pedophile preacher….I’ve decided to go to the court hearing. I don’t have to say anything. but I will just sit there and smirk! I did a bit more research today and I was reminded that he used to teach school.

Oh, one of our local towns now puts all it’s outstanding warrants and ALL MUG SHOTS on the internet and the local paper publishes a “Mug Shots” news paper that sells at the local convenience stores for a buck with mug shots of everyone locally who has been arrested. I already saw one of my cousin’s bad boy sons on the mug shots web site. I wish my county would do that, heck I wish EVERY COUNTY in the US would do that. Would sure make back ground checks worth something. Also a bit of the exposure for their crimes isn’t all that bad either. PUBLIC RECORDS!!!!!


Dear Ana,

Yes, I was forced several years ago to see “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf” at a Canadian theater. For what it’s worth, I have to say that it was one of the more deeply traumatizing experiences of my life! Indeed, it was basically three hours of unmitigated agony sitting there in the audience! Of course, I’m not a psychotherapist, but in my opinion, that play could only have been the result of a profoundly disordered and neurotic mind! (And the movie is mild compared to seeing it in person!)

At any rate, I wonder what would have been the reaction had such a work been shown to an English audience during, say, the “Restoration Years”? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet the actors and writer would have been chased straight out of London – or tarred and feathered on the spot!


Dear Oxy,

Interesting about the relationship between your P Sperm Donor and your Egg Donor… Actually, the reason I brought it up in the first place is that your Egg Donor seems to have a pretty forceful personality herself (i.e., she “ruled the roost” with your stepdad, as you say). So it is curious that both of your parents have the the “stubborn and strong-willed gene”! With Ps, they often seem to seek out someone a bit more meek and malleable. But there are exceptions. And maybe in this case he saw your mom as a “challenge”?!

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