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The executive sociopath

Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an in-depth article about Carl Greene’s reign of terror as executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. It’s a classic illustration of an executive sociopath.

Read At PHA: Humiliation, groping, banishment—Ex-employees and others describe a fiefdom of abuse under Carl Greene at

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I read this article – the boss, Carl Greene, was terrible to work for, a hot-head. Everyone was fair game to the sociopathic boss – if you crossed him in anyway, watch out, for this boss would find a way to get back at you, making you pay for your misdeed (in his warped thinking).


My husband was an executive of a fortune 100 company, he was good at getting people to work for him and be incredibly faithful. He was king at being magnanimous, or rather ‘pretending’ to be so wonderful. He thought he was the absolute best without being grandious.

These people can get away with so much just by the force of their personality and the image they want to portray. They have charisma and wit, therefore they must be ethical. HaHaHa This Carl Greene character didn’t have the tact and people skills needed to be an acomplished spath. I would say that he is probably narcisstic otherwise he would be more of a smooth operator.

That’s what spaths get off on, being so smooth that they fool everyone. They can process information pretty fast and get out of tight spot with aplomb. They are that good.

kim frederick



Fascinating story. I hated that he was defended in any form. The story seemed to present a counter argument – look at all the good things that happened under his leadership.

What a total and utter crock. HE didn’t do the good works, the people working there did – IN SPITE OF HIM.

The story also seemed too quick to discount the toll he took – not only on peoples lives, legal rights, sanity, livelihood and careers but the costs to the organization for continuing to coddle that man. The lawsuits and hidden costs (reputation, sick leave the list is endless) are sure to be astronomical and outweigh on a $ to $ basis anything that ‘HE’ may have done.

I find it darkly ironic that once again ‘Human Resources’ are only concerned with protecting executives and protecting the company from the employees. That was a hard lesson for me to learn in life – HR will not and does not work in the best interests of employees.

In a sense I think that employees are even less likely to speak out than friends, lovers and spouses. You’re only there for x number of hours a day – keep quiet. You can avoid him at work if you really try – keep your head down. There are other people he can focus his mistrust on… and so on.

Give a psychopath a office, staff and expense account and they’re in hog heaven. It is unfortunate that companies are so slow to oust bad executives.


HopeforJoy – I forgot to add, you’re bang on about the smooth operator bit. Charm, charisma, flattery, saying the ‘right’ words, image, suits, watches – it’s all there in spade in the executive psychopath. This guy in the story struck me as being too crass. Still and all, he could just be a odd combo of psychopath/narcissist or whatever.

What was telling for me was his use of banishment when he was rebuffed. Total psychopathic reaction/tool.

Ox Drover

How about this story.

A woman stole someone else’s idenity, name and photo and put it on Plenty of Fish dating site and it turns out in Denver at least, it is NOT ILLEGAL! WTF????? That bears repeating. WTF!!!!??????


Yeah Oxy….it’s becoming clearer and clearer why spath was heading to Denver when he got pulled over and busted!!!

Ox Drover

Donna, I worked at a hospital once which had a psychopath in a management spot and her boss was incompetent, and depended on the psychopath for her direction. The entire hospital was destroyed. Eventually sold after all but one of the long term staff left over a period of one year to satisfy the psychopath’s reign of power and destruction.

For the first six months mainly the very cohesive nursing staff hung together and more or less hope it would get better, because “Surely no one could be THIS EVIL” (right!!!) but half the nursing staff was gone by month 6. I was in the group that hung on to the bitter end six months later—still believing if we kept on working hard that “SURELY SOMEONE WOULD SEE WHAT WE HAD BEEN TALKING ABOUT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.”

Of course with a psychopath, they aren’t going to change, and the upper management (our useless CEO and those above him) seemed to have the attitude that “there’s obviously just a misunderstanding.”

The psychopathy finally got fired, the Director of nurses got fired, and the CEO got fired….but it was too late. The company, the hospital and it’s specialized care for spinal care and head injury rehabilitation which was one of the TOP in the NATION was disolved and gone.

The only thing positive that I can think of that came out of that fiasco was that the nurses with that specialized knowledge were scattered to other hospitals and took their knowledge with them to spread around. I went to Baylor-Dallas and took many of my nurses with me, so ended up with the only fully staffed nursing unit in Texas that year, I think, during the great “nursing shortage.” I wish I had known then what I know about Ps now, but looking back I can see the havoc it wrecked in many lives and careers—and how much money it cost the investors in that hospital….and the P went skipping merrily away singing a song!

Many of the nurses from that situation are sort of “trauma bonded” though, and even after 30+ years, we STILL keep in frequent touch by phone, visits and letters (e mails now) which I’ve often wondered “why” we (that group of nurses) kept in touch for so long when I haven’t kept in touch with other nurses I worked closely with and liked after I moved away. It’s I think the “trauma bond” of our mutual trauma with that horrible situation.


This is very germane to this post
Tells how to tell if CEOs are lying….and admits at the end of the article the study will mostly be of use to PR firms who will be able to better coach CEOs on how to appear to NOT be lying.

I saw a video of a CEO I worked for who I consider to be somewhere on the narc/psychopath scale..pretty far along…and the video of was of him talking to shareholders. I barely recognized him! He had been coached to a WHOLE DIFFERENT DEMEANOR!!!!!!!!!


Oxy–you are using trauma bond correctly, because there can be good trauma bonds and bad ones. But I think most readers here are used to thinking of a trauma bond as the bond one has with an abuser. I wish there was a different term for the bonds that happen as a result of living through a trauma together, but NOT a toxic bond as occurs between the abuser and abused.

Ox Drover


Interestingly enough, there was a study I read about how children of alcoholics, or children who have been abused in a family of abuse generally tend to be CLOSER to each other than children who are raised in a very healthy family.

My egg donor’s brother, my Uncle Monster’s 3 kids are 2 years between each of them, so there is only a 4 year spread between the kids, but even though they live far apart, they are SOOOOO CLOSE to each other. I think it is because of this “trauma bond” meaning they lived through the trauma together.

I’ve seen it before in friends of mine who went through my traumas with me and the ones that I went through trauma with them. We have more of a bond of friendship than those people I just partied with or lived a good time. If that makes any sense.

There is ALSO the bond we form with our abusers that is a “trauma” bond, but like soldiers who went through a battle together become life long buddies, or people who escaped some other horror together bond. I think there are TWO kinds of “trauma bond” but both must have TRAUMA to effect the bond.


Smoxy – You are my trauma bond partner. I have bonded with lot’s of (peeps on keyboards) ( as erinb says)..I am tryng not to peek in here as much as before tho. Have been doing very good but tonite I am kinda feelin sorry for myself when I have everthang in the world to be greatful for.. I dont so much miss the X, it’s just becoming clear too me I will be a single man from here on out, and that is not a bad thing, most of the time anywho…


Oh Hens,

You are a wise, sensitive soul. That’s a good thing, by the way. It’s hard to stay away from the place where peeps actually understand our plight, can’t say many others do. Frankly, I don’t know that I would have believed it it I hadn’t lived it. It’s like the movie of the week. Hitchcock, or Twilight
Zone type of thing.

From your post on your birthday, you have family that really cares about you. Sometimes its just hard to be alone. My h-spath would travel about 100 days a year, I kind of liked it. He was probably up to a lot of no good when he was on the road.

My mom divorced my narc. dad about 8 years ago. She should have left him years ago. She is lonely at times but keeps busy with book club, teaching piano, golf, and lunches with friends. She takes yoga too! She is such an inspiration, really a neat lady, I’m really lucky to have her in my life. I guess my point is, she lived with a disordered jerk, it did take her a few years to heal and she still gets lonely, but she LIKES her life. Mom never used to be happy, she was bitter. It ebbs and flows.

My daughter says she gets her pluck from Grandma, not me. I’m still working on it!

How are the weiner dogs? Keeping you busy? I like when you share because you have a killer sense of humor!!! It’s kind of easy to feel sorry for ourselves cuz we have been given a bum wrap! Your entitled to have those days. Forgive yourself, downer days happen and you have many blessings here on LF. Like the island of misfit toys, we have been damaged but we still have lots of love and goodness.

I was baking today, yum. The fall like weather means lots of apple dishes; apple crisp, apple dumplings, apple pie

I want to try Oxy’s orange julious recipe and her corned beef, I didn’t even know you could corn beef! I’m really off topic! Yikes!

Hugs to you Henry!


HopeforJoy – I guess I was fishing for a perk me up and you sure did it..thanks.. My weiner doodles are fine, I was cleaning out my truck this afternoon and left the doors open and I couldnt find them until I looked in the truck and there they were ready to go, they love to sleep in the truck so I just left them in there. Yes wise, sensitive misfit sums me up purty dang well. I went to the bloodymary potluck party yesterday, that was bleek, I think all of Oxy’s wine-o-shelter friends were there..There was an attractive cowboy couple that asked me over to play but I declined – bummer – but it did stroke my ego that the two best looking men there thot I was a hot dish or maybe potluck?..anyway it felt good in a sick kind of way.
I love hot apple pie with vanilla icecream – I think I will have a bowl of icecream and smellavision your apple pie yum yum…

Ox Drover

Dear Henry,

MY wine-o-shelter friends? Not mine buddy! NOT mine, I’m not about to settle for anything but the BEST!!!!

Glad you felt BAD ENOUGH to come join us here, Henry—how about that for a downer! So there! LOL 🙂





It was apple crisp today, when that’s gone, it’s either pie or dumplings. (made some soup too, but it’s deserts that are best, pass the ice cream please!)

It’s always nice to be noticed, even if they were looking for some potluck! You need to go to the orchestra or some broadway type shows, I’ll telling you, the arty guys are awesome! Those darn spaths can come in every shape and color so I don’t want to generalize, they could be arty types too. Dang!


I made an Apple flan yesterday, like Tarte tatin, with apples, sugar, butter, and Cinnamon. YUM!
My French grandma who was born and raised in Mauritshuis used to make a dish called Rougaille,
I made that too yesterday. Its basically a concasse of onion, garlic, chilli, finely diced tomatoes, red wine,thyme, basil, pepper , salt . Simmer for half an hour. You can add diced leg ham to this, or chicken, or fresh whole green prawns, them cook again till prawns or chicken are cooked. A lot of the recioes from mauritshius are Creole, Indian, African , Portuguese, and Chinese in origin. All totally delicious, and all HOTT !! Chilli hot!
I used ham. With yellow rice, and the apple tart to follow.
No wonder I cant lose weight, I love food! Good food!
Wish I could hold a huge LF party for all you guys! Love,
Mama Gem.XX


I need to write this stuff down, I would love to cook some of these dishes! Yum, Yum I love the hot stuff, my kids, not so much. We need a recipe exchange! The butternut squash soup was only so-so, have never been able to get that one right. I also forgot to buy the thyme!


it’s been a day. i rented a car, and went to see my friend out in the ocunrty who isn’t well. just got back. she can’t walk, so it was 15 minutes in an old cabin full of cats. talked with her husband outside for a long time. he is a deeply kind man.

i went to see my mom. it was sweet and touching. we held on to one another and i stroked her hair as we talked. as always it comes around to the n husband. the n husband saw me. he stopped and did that thing – the way her holds his body when he is waiting to make his entrance…i dropped my eyes. he came around the corner…i kept my eyes dropped. answered some direct questions. wanted to throttle him. refused a dinner invite. he acts like HE’S DONE NOTHING. Hmmm, i forgot, rule #10. act like you are always right. you are always right.

it’s confusing for me. part of me is going – oh, he was happy to see his ‘wayward’ daughter; wants to love him, be ‘easy’. but i also want to throttle him for what he does, has done. i gotta say it:bastard!

i did make contact with mom’s caregiver. she has my email now, so that we can connect. i can find out how mom is, and also when the bastard is away for a day so that i can go hang with her. so, all in all a good result.

but also – now it’s ‘on’ with him and i have to start getting my ducks in a row legally.

i have mentioned my parents’ doxies here – I love and dearly miss jacob…the sweetest, most beautiful, kind, fierce little dog i have ever known. 2 weeks ago, when i had that damn migraine and couldn’t get out to see mom – he was not feeling well and they took him to the vet. full of cancer. they put him to sleep. and the bastard didn’t bother to tell me. grrrrrr.


onesteppers It’s sounds like you had a day full of good and bad emotions, glad you saw your mother..


I’m glad you got out and checked in on the people you love.
What a great thing you made contact with moms caregiver.
Being in touch with her mind offer you some peace, knowing your moms being gently cared for.

Your certainly confronting things ‘head’ on these days……and that will soon allow them all to be behind you…..and dealt with.

Kudos darlen……
you took one step forward today!



I just got back from a potluck tonight! 🙂
Sorry to report…..didn’t get invited out to play by ANY hottie….or anyone for that matter!

Allow yourself to be flattered. You still got it going on…..just because a ‘distorted’ person offers a compliment, doesn’t make the compliment any less valid.
And it doesn’t mean ya gotta ‘go along’ with the offer.

Ms. Holly jumps into my car any time I leave the back door up. One timethe door got closed and we were freaking out, because we couldn’t find her……then jr opened up the car and POOF…..there she was asleep in the back…..
Probably thinking what fools we all were! 🙂


HAPPY LABOR DAY TO ALL – I am going to go labor some….

Ox Drover

Happy Labor Day back at you—funny how most of us celebrate LABOR day by NOT laboring! Though I need to, house is getting a wreck. Son D gone to move furniture for his bio-sister and her room mates! Just what he LOVES (NOT!!) moving furniture for a bunch of college girls—girls that his sister won’t let him date! Hee hee

Don’t work too hard, Henry, but at least the weather is wonderful outside this weekend. PERFECT FALL WEATHER. Crisp in the morning, low humidity and sunny in the day, but not too hot!



” always the victim”
Poor me, poor me…..

Interesting that he feels his rep is only worth 600K.

They do go the length don’t they.

kim frederick

What a worthless scumbag! Knows he’s corrupt, knows he’s done wrong, but will use any loophole, any opportunity to WIN.

Ox Drover

Well, it is very difficult to “UN-ring a bell” and his “reputation” such as it was, HAS BEEN RUINED, there’s no doubt of that.

When the TRUTH is exposed about these people it DOES tend to RUIN their reputation….but you heard it here first gang! I think he will posture and huff and puff, and try to get a settlement or an napology but I don’t think he or his high profile land shark want THIS story to go to [email protected]

kim frederick

I’ll give him an napology…Oxy let me borrow your skillet…bam, sweet dreams jerk.


Ya see…..if they slime on through a loophole and win….
SOCIETY will believe he was a victim.

They have nothing else to lose……and everything to gain.

Our legal system is full of holes….and they are all plugged up by spaths trying to fit through em.

my spath is doing is as we speak…..funny enough….he’s under court order to stay in xx state currently…..I just got an alert he’s due to leave for HI on the 12th for 2 months.
I KNOW he’s got a drug harvest there….and he’s continueing his activities…..but he’s figurieng the court in VV state isn’t gonna find out he’s in HI. IF EB KNOWS…..the court will know!
EB’s on a mission to plug any hole in the system he comes into contact with.

Ox Drover

Donna, when you think you have seen a “professional psychopath” get as low as they can go, this guy makes you think “Nah, he can’t go any lower” but Carl Green DOES GO LOWER!!!!! LOL

Maybe he needs to run for office. Senator, governor, or even President! He has all the qualification of Blogo and Bill Clinton and the five other governors I know who have either left office or been thrown out, and the members of congress now under investigation for wrongful acts and ethics violations. He’s right up there with’em!

Don’t you think he’d fit right in with the elected “leaders” ? LOL ROTFLMAO

But they all make me grind my teeth, so far I have ground off about $10K worth of crowns and don’t have much more to go before they start calling me what they call an old cow who has worn down all her teeth to the gums, “smooth-mouthed.”

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