The fake 9/11 survivor

Tania Head told a tragic story of being on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower when the hijacked jet flew into it. She was injured, but miraculously survived. A few years later, she became an eloquent advocate for survivors and president of the World Trade Center’s Survivor’s Network.

But there was one small problem. Tania Head was never there.

Next month, a new book will be published: The Woman Who Wasn’t There, by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo Guglielmo. Here’s an article about it:

She wasn’t there—How pathological liar Tania Head foold everyone into thinking she survived the 9/11 attacks, on

Read the original expose: In a 9/11 survival tale, the pieces just don’t fit, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Guys, just saw your name suggestion, my friend called him TAM since he was Scottish he needed a scottish name, right? Son d had named him Chuck at birth (as in chuck roast) because at that time (birth) he was we thought probably destined to become BEEF. It is a bit easier to eat “chuck roast” than to eat Charles or Fred. LOL

Actually working steers need a very short name…Tam is a good one actually and we may go ahead and keep that name. Buck and Bawl (meaning the sound a bovine makes, not a ball that bounces) are two traditional names for oxen that were worked in pairs.

People who are schizophrenic as discussed above are out of touch with reality, but generally their stories don’t make a lot of sense to most folks…this woman “functioned” so she was coming up with LIES and maybe FANTASY but she was manipulating things so i think she knew exactly what she was doing. the WHY might not make any sense to us, but she got something out of it, even if it was just attention.

I’m Scottish so just a few name suggestions
Let me know please. 🙂
What is living history? Are you dressed for the part in your photo?

Yea, dressed up like a peasant Scottish or Scots-Irish woman.

I’ll talk to my son and see what he wants to do about the name, if he already recognizes “Tam” then that is probably what we will call him, if not we may change it. He has been trained for 4-5 months and already will pull a small cart. The Highland coos are quite smart, much smarter than most breeds, the dumb ones were weeded out of the gene pool! I’ll let you know and maybe I’ll post a photo of him.

Can your new ox be the honorary LF ox? We need a mascot.
Then you can name him “Mini-me”!

I say we start an ox naming thread. This is fun!

My living history group had an ass naming contest and that is how we came up with Fat Ass and Hairy Ass. ROTFLMAO

Part of it will depend on if he knows the name my friend has been calling him or not…if so that will have to be his call name anyway.

He is red so he may end up being called Red. I had a Red ox before but wasn’t particularly attached to him, and lost all attachment when he kicked me—that was his death sentence. No kickers or hookers (with horns) I am the ALPHA absolutely. Can’t have anything on the farm that is bigger AND meaner than I am! LOL

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