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The fake 9/11 survivor

Tania Head told a tragic story of being on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower when the hijacked jet flew into it. She was injured, but miraculously survived. A few years later, she became an eloquent advocate for survivors and president of the World Trade Center’s Survivor’s Network.

But there was one small problem. Tania Head was never there.

Next month, a new book will be published: The Woman Who Wasn’t There, by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo Guglielmo. Here’s an article about it:

She wasn’t there—How pathological liar Tania Head foold everyone into thinking she survived the 9/11 attacks, on

Read the original expose: In a 9/11 survival tale, the pieces just don’t fit, on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

Donna, this sounds so much like James Montgomery’s lies does it?

The lack of remorse, etc.

Maybe the person who does this thing doesn’t “qualify” per the PCL-R as a psychopath, but the lying for attention, the lack of remorse all seem to me to be pathological to an extent higher than just someone “living in fantasy” or whatever she might be diagnosed with.

Yes, she is pathetic, but she also caused untold pain for various people, including “Dave”s” family. The families of others and to the various members of the group that she ATTACKED and had thrown off boards and kicked out of various groups other members who had offended her in any way.

According to Wiki the dx she got of pseudologia fantastica sort of eliminates her from the ASPD category but it goes on to say that ASPD BPD etc people frequently lie….but then goes on to say that the PF can progress to FRAUD. Notice that both her father and her brother went to prison for FRAUD.

It’s an interesting case. Is she a “benign” pathetic person who tells lies to get attention….or is she a psychopathic liar, not just a “pathological” liar but “evil?”

Ox Drover

I haven’t read any other articles, but I tend to agree with you from the articles you posted the links for, she wanted CONTROL of the groups, and pushed others out that disagreed with her or offended her…which I think like you said is more a problem than “pseudologia fantastica” LOL

I’ve had patients with brain damage who would make up fantastic stories but it was more confabulation than lies, sort of like a child will make up stories of riding a rocket ship to the moon, but they aren’t really “lies” it is for attention or just pretend…what she did had a real purpose I think and it was to elevate herself to the level of “sainthood.” The fact that she did not get money for it doesn’t win her any points with me.

Ox Drover

ps it is interesting that ANY of her stories about “rehab” could have been checked, and no one did check anything until things got really obvious…it could have ALL been check easily enough if anyone had bothered to do so…instead, people took her at her word on everything.




Nobody checked because there is no reason to suspect the truth because WHO WOULD DO THAT? Nobody would do such a thing, they would have to be completely crazy right?

wrong. A spath would do that.

This is exactly why my spath works the way he does.

I know most people didn’t believe my story about my spath and that is exactly what he intended. Actually, he intended that I would not believe or ever suspect the truth.

He was a drug dealer who told me he hated cops, that was so I would never suspect that he was in bed with almost every single cop in 2 counties. He “hobnobbed” with them every chance he got. He would tell me that they were all corrupt and he hated them. That was the truth which was meant to make me assume that he would never collude with them. The only time the spath tells the truth is when he wants to mislead you about something else.

Then he told me he didn’t want anyone to know where he lived. He was afraid his friends and drug connections would find out. But in fact, HE HAD THEM MOVE IN NEXT DOOR! Several of them. EVERYTHING he made me believe was the exact opposite of the truth.

Pardon my rant, it’s just that it still boggles my mind.

The point is that we can’t just suspect every single person of lying, but we CAN watch their behavior. If this person tends to be a power hungry control freak, it will show up in their behavior. My spath was a TOTAL CONTROL FREAK.

I’ve learned that these personality traits: control freak, power hungry, liar, tend to go together. when you see one, you can be pretty sure the rest are hiding under a facade.

When you see all three, you can expect the backstabbing machinations to follow. run for the hills.


It’s incredible that this woman follows a play book similar to so many spaths (my personal examples follow):

1) New Identity/Name Change (Tanya/Alicia): My ex-spath now calls himself “Alex” pretending it’s a middle name; whereas his real name is Charlton (always used that name) and his middle name is nothing similar to “Alex” though he explains it away claiming to have 3 middle names. I also discovered credit for which he had applied under a false name. He also assumes a number of identities online and even corresponded with one of my friends under one of the identities attempting to meet up (she lived overseas and he claimed to introduce her to him since they happened to be in the same town).

2) False degrees from prestigious universities and impressive work background: my ex-spath pretends to have a PhD from Columbia Univ, but really only has a BA. He also claims extensive work overseas (though he takes it a step further pretending his own nationality is Brazilian and that he lived in the UK for many years – even writing and speaking as though he’s British; whereas he was born, raised, and lived his entire life in the US). Seriously funny.

3) Pity Play: my ex-spath claimed a tragic breakup w/an ex-gf and claimed he never married; whereas in reality had been married and ex-wife wont speak to him except thru lawyers and only due to kids (ones that he pretended to me were his niece and nephew of a fake dead brother). He also pretended to have dealt with a great number of deaths and was grieving and feared I would “abandon him.”

4) Lack of remorse and carrying on as though nothing was wrong: I dumped my ex-spath the weekend we visited and selected our wedding destination – 3 weeks later he found a new target and assumed a new identity and moved in with her 1.5 months later. It’s pretty incredible how they don’t miss a beat.

Oh, and of course, related to this story: he claimed that he happened to be on a flight heading from Boston to SF at the very time the 911 tragedies occurred and was stuck in Vegas. What struck me as odd was that he said the pilot announced what had happened. I know someone who was flying during this time and he said that all airports had the TVs off and no one could learn any information. Funny how we can be convinced of something when we know it couldn’t be true. Like this woman, he too claimed that he had “touched a tragedy”.

I can look back and laugh at the absurdity since I got out after discovering only one lie (the kids) and never looked back at that decision (though I had yet to uncover the full extent and the double life that he was actually leading at the time). Typical: he had proposed quite quickly and selected a wedding venue and date. I can honestly say I believe he would have taken out an insurance policy and created an accident – he was so capable of compartmentalizing. Just feel sorry for the next one. All one can do.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this site, but I’m fascinated by these high-profile media stories. It’s good there’s exposure to the “every day” sociopath that doesn’t necessarily end up in jail.


Love the “10 signs” article: every one of them applied.


Skylar, the sad fact that spaths are able to exploit the trust of others to such a degree as Tania Head did is a glaring Truth that, regardless of the moniker, assessment, diagnosis, or definition, these people are 100% “evil” in intent and purpose. The exploitation of pity and grief is heinous, by itself. Everything AFTER that is just affirmation of their true nature.

Ox Drover

Truthspeak…evil, toxic, poison…whatever the term doesn’t matter, we must stay away from these people and expose them if we can so they don’t bite others.

However, like this woman did when she got a position of “power” on the board was to target and discredit anyone who offended her.

I have seen this happen with others like her on boards of directors of charity groups and in businesses as well…target and destroy. Sometimes I have been the bullseye of these targeting and destroying people.



You have the strength and perserverance of an Ox.



Ox Drover


Oxen are patient animals and will keep on working hard even when they are beaten down…keep on pulling no matter what. I enjoyed working with them and you are right, in some ways I am like the ox.

Oh, BTW I have re-homed a small young ox and he is coming back to us so I will again have an ox. We will probably bring him home this week. His name is “Chuck” as in “Chuck roast” LOL The man I gave him to is having some health problems and can’t keep him so I am taking him back.


Poor “Chuck”. Good thing the poor boy doesn’t speak english! Talk about getting a complex because your parents gave you a strange name…! 🙂

I think this woman has a version of Munchausen’s. With the “I was a victim” AND the “My husband/fiance was a victim” story she kind of had both the Munchausen’s and the Munchausen’s by proxy covered.

What a horrible thing to do to slime the memory of all those people whose relatives she conned.

Ox Drover

Yea, Annie, I agree, but you know, since Chuck has an OCCUPATION NOW, he is less likely to end up as Chuck ROAST which is what he was DESTINED for before my friend wanted him to train to pull a cart. LOL Being an Ox is a job title (it means working cattle) but you know, it beats being BEEF which is another term frequently applied to the bovines. Especially around here. But instead of 2 years of life before he becomes beef, he may have 15-18 years as an ox before he becomes BEEF. Not a bad trade I’d say. Especially around here where the work is only once in a while at a living history event.

Yea, this woman was a troll for sure, she touched a lot of emotional nerves I am sure.


It’s down right frightening just how convincing they can be. Ex-boyfriend turned out to be one of them. He told everyone a story of being widowed…that he lost his wife and son in a motorcycle accident (but that is just one lie of many). The sympathy factor is how he snags new women which worked on me as a widow myself. Turns out he actually has a wife in WI that filed for divorce last year.


Just as well. Now that you mention it, “Chuck” has a much nicer ring about it than calling him “Beef”. Although I can imagine there is some entertainment value in naming him “Beef”!

I can just see the look on the neighbours faces: “Here Beef, here Beef. C’mon boy, time for dinner.” 😉


CJ, I think that the air of confidence is what makes them so convincing and attractive. supreme confidence is a red flag.

Can we just call him Charles? It has more dignity.


I second Skylar’s suggestion re: naming him Charles!

Oh my! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything in the sociopathy realm. Coming back to these topics after a break gives an interesting perspective, and this story just made me immediately think this woman is delusional and out of her mind.

Then I remembered….sociopaths know what they are doing.

The hard part is figuring out when someone is a schizophrenic and when someone is intentionally being “delusional” for some benefit.

At first glance, I assume they are crazy, which evokes my sympathy.

Just got reminded that I have that weakness. Good thing to keep it in check, cause this woman could have done me in, even AFTER reading this story! Here I was feeling bad for her and her confusions about reality.


True, panther. It is interesting coming back after being away. I do, however, feel sorry for these people in that they are so empty, will never really “feel” anything toward anyone, and will live their entire life constantly trying to be someone people will actually like because they hate themselves that much and no one would be interested in the “real” person. Pretty sad existence.

Ox Drover

Guys, just saw your name suggestion, my friend called him TAM since he was Scottish he needed a scottish name, right? Son d had named him Chuck at birth (as in chuck roast) because at that time (birth) he was we thought probably destined to become BEEF. It is a bit easier to eat “chuck roast” than to eat Charles or Fred. LOL

Actually working steers need a very short name…Tam is a good one actually and we may go ahead and keep that name. Buck and Bawl (meaning the sound a bovine makes, not a ball that bounces) are two traditional names for oxen that were worked in pairs.

People who are schizophrenic as discussed above are out of touch with reality, but generally their stories don’t make a lot of sense to most folks…this woman “functioned” so she was coming up with LIES and maybe FANTASY but she was manipulating things so i think she knew exactly what she was doing. the WHY might not make any sense to us, but she got something out of it, even if it was just attention.

anam cara

I’m Scottish so just a few name suggestions
Let me know please. 🙂
What is living history? Are you dressed for the part in your photo?

Ox Drover

Yea, dressed up like a peasant Scottish or Scots-Irish woman.

I’ll talk to my son and see what he wants to do about the name, if he already recognizes “Tam” then that is probably what we will call him, if not we may change it. He has been trained for 4-5 months and already will pull a small cart. The Highland coos are quite smart, much smarter than most breeds, the dumb ones were weeded out of the gene pool! I’ll let you know and maybe I’ll post a photo of him.


Can your new ox be the honorary LF ox? We need a mascot.
Then you can name him “Mini-me”!

I say we start an ox naming thread. This is fun!

Ox Drover

My living history group had an ass naming contest and that is how we came up with Fat Ass and Hairy Ass. ROTFLMAO

Part of it will depend on if he knows the name my friend has been calling him or not…if so that will have to be his call name anyway.

He is red so he may end up being called Red. I had a Red ox before but wasn’t particularly attached to him, and lost all attachment when he kicked me—that was his death sentence. No kickers or hookers (with horns) I am the ALPHA absolutely. Can’t have anything on the farm that is bigger AND meaner than I am! LOL

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