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The first website in Turkey about psychopaths

Turkish website on psychopaths

This is the first website in the Turkish language about psychopaths.

Editor’s note: Lovefraud received a letter from a Turkish woman whom we’ll call “Mavi.”

I am a psychopath survivor, female, 34, from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been following your site for long time.

I’ve had an encounter with a P for 10 months. I’ve been through hard traumas and discarded him after I found out what was going on. It happened 1 year ago.

As you can guess I had to deal with his threats and stalking for months. That was a horror movie, an unbelievable evil.

I was already seeing a psychologist and begged him to help me stay alive, the pain was insupportable. He was traumatized too, after the truth came out, since he was the witness of my encounter and told me he was suffering from guilt because he couldn’t see and protect me from him.

The psychologist drove me to another psychologist, a woman who was practicing EMDR (which was the best move he had done for me). By the way, I think you should give some information about EMDR for your readers because I can say it’s a miraculous treatment and definitely effective.

In the mean time, I was determined to understand what had happened to me because it was certainly not normal. Unfortunately, psychopathy is a complete mystery in my country.

Most of the mental health professionals do not have any idea about personality disorders and they don’t know the socialized psychopaths. After my psychologist used the word “anti-social,” I started to research the disorder and found the term psychopathy.

I am a visual artist so it is far away from my professional area, but I’ve done my best to make proper research, collect the most significant materials and create a website.

My dearest psychologist was a great support. She also didn’t have an idea about psychopathy but we learned it together. Finally I created the first source in Turkish:

I was supported by other psychologists or psychiatrists who helped me to share the site on social portals.

Today I am done with my recovery, feeling great and I keep working in my workshop.


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Mavi – I am so sorry for your experience. But congratulations to you for doing the research and for creating a resource to help other people in your country.

Information about psychopaths is so sorely needed – by both regular people and mental health professionals.


Mavi, I too am sorry that you endured so much emotional pain from this person…but I am proud that you have taken incredible steps to help other women learn the truth about our world. Bravo too you!!! (& you too Donna).

I too agree that EMDR is the best approach when it comes to therapy after leaving a sociopath. My ex h brain washed to believe he would kill me to a point that it created panic attacks…once I left & learned the truth of who he was I too researched the best therapy approach which lead me to EMDR therapy. This approach helped to move my fear into a healthier perspective…do I think he is capable of killing me or someone else, absolutely but I can now protect myself with logical critical thinking about keeping myself safe from him vs going into panic mode.

If you go to, then click on the “anxiety/depression” label you can watch a video on EMDR therapy. Dr Amen is a leading brain specialist & therapist who has conducted over 70,000 brain scans from people all over the world. He has been on PBS (an American educational channel) countless times discussing how to heal you brain. His books are excellent also, I believe they have been translated to worldwide languages. You can also google “Dr Amen PBS you tube” to find his lectures.

During my marriage I always felt like I was being brain washed by him…this was one of the first questions I asked my counselor once she told me the truth…she said YES he/they all use trance, mind control, hypnosis to control their victims…this too lead me on an internet search and the site plus Steven Hassan’s book Freedom of Mind. The book discuss how a abuser whether a domestic abuse, dictator or cult leader etc mind controls their victims…it was very shocking that my ex h literally did everything on Hassan’s Bite Model (see go to upper right corner to read the bite model)…it was also shocking and disheartening that this evil person in my life played such damaging mind games from day one. sad.

EMDR therapy is basically hypnosis so it is extremely important that you find a very ethical, moral and none narcissist/sociopath (the gravitate to this field) therapist. See also the book The sociopath next door by Dr Martha Stout, in her book she discuss the infiltration of sociopaths in the therapy field.

Thank you Mavi & Donna for all of your dedication in spreading the truth about the dangerous people who walk our planet.

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