The ‘glamour model’ and her six husbands

As a “glamour model,” Emily Horne of the UK was photographed in seductive poses. Apparently she took the seduction part very seriously, collecting six husbands and a fiance.

Read Serial bigamist ‘flies to U.S. to marry husband number SIX : leaving behind her latest fiance’ on

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Response to Oksana Grigorieva’s Mel Gibson tapes on the thread “The sound of abuse on the Mel Gibson tapes” as follows:

“I don’t disagree, I think they are very much in a “2-disordered-people” relationship. She is a gold digger who set out to hook him with a kid (she also has a son by Tim Dalton) and it is the old “casting couch” deal, sleep with the most important person you can get” to further your career.”

BloggerT, my point is not that this is stellar behavior, but that it is certainly not limited just to your main concern here, male/gender stereotyping. I think stereotyping is still very alive and well for women as well, and I’m also not as convinced as you are that income, ethnicity, or religious affiliation are as improved to the extent you claim either.

But I believe it is uncalled for when you drop in and single out one person to chastise, Eva, for a common practice or for making a joke. I hope the article wasn’t submitted by you with that agenda, there is a better way. In my opinion it doesn’t appear these men were marrying her for her looks or her money and I agree with Skylar that testosterone probably plays a role, but it’s open for discussion, the more effective way, as is all behavior here.


Benz I did not submit the article and have no clue where you came up with the your comment about me saying anything in this thread about income, ethnicity or religion. I also never said stereotyping is not at alive and well for women, it happens to both genders.

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