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The ‘glamour model’ and her six husbands

As a “glamour model,” Emily Horne of the UK was photographed in seductive poses. Apparently she took the seduction part very seriously, collecting six husbands and a fiance.

Read Serial bigamist ‘flies to U.S. to marry husband number SIX : leaving behind her latest fiance’ on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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I was with a sociopath for a year. Didn’t realize it till after he broke me. I found out that he only after our break up that he was a con artist. He was so very charming at the begining. I thought he was the one I would spend the rest of my life with. He became every thing I wanted. How could someone be so perfect… he wasn’t he was just really good at what he did. He con me out of money and I still took him back three times. He had already moved on to his next victim within 12 days of us breaking up. He was engaged to the new victim within a month. He came back to me and said he was still in love with me. I believed him. Let him back three times. The last time he came back he stole the title to a car he said he would pay for. He left a note on my night stand and left, even though only 12 hours earlier he was talking about marrying me and we were looking at engagement rings on line together. He left me a note, the coward that he was, left me a note, telling me he was going to marry this other woman. He took the car, the money, and the title. He still owed me for money that he promised to pay back for his back child support. He thought he got away scot free, but I did catch up to him in the court of law. The judge ruled in my favor for the car money, but I still have to go back in front of the same judge for the money for the back child support for his children that I paid for him. He got me with paying for that when I was lossing my job, found out I had to have brain surgery and he told me that he would pay me back when he got this great truck driving job. He need the back child support to be paid so that he wouldn’t lose his license and wouldn’t beable to get that great truck driving job. He suckered me in to pay it. Played on my emotions, my trust, my belief that he was a man of his word.
As soon, as I paid for his back child support he started to threaten to leave me. I was shocked. What had happened. I was conned. He stayed around for a while, had a roof over his head, and being the sociopath that he was, he basted in the light of being the perfect boyfriend during my surgery and after. I believe he did it just to get out of working a job he didn’t like.
When I meet him he seemed like he was a good catch. He told me that he had a job, which now that I think back I wonder if he really did. I met him in Oct. he had to finally confess to me in Dec. that he had lost his job and ran out of money. I was so snowed by him, that when I asked where he would go when he left me to go to work, his reply was “you don’t want to know” I was so under his spell that I didn’t ask anymore. So, in the year we were together, he lost two jobs and had his car repoed. He had a new truck that was repoed only a couple months after we got together. He hadn’t made a payment on it since June. He moved from Virginia and told me about the crazy women that he was with and that he had to get away from them. I believed him.
I know believe that he stuck around because he thought he could get more of my money. When I said no, I was using my money to buy my own business. He was mad and said that that was going to be the end of us. He came into my life right after my divorce. He asked me to marry him within a week of knowing me. He was with me for about 3 weeks when I got a text from a woman wondering who I was. He had been seeing both of us. So to answer where he was, when he said he was at work. He was with another woman. He prayed upon me, as he did with other women. He prayed on a women in Tennesse and in Virginia, then who know so that aren’t on the radar. He was abusive to his ex wife and had only 2 friend, if you want to call them that. One he got pot from the other he smoked pot with. He talked bad about all my friends and he even started to say things about my sister. My friends and family did not like him, but put up with his crap cuz I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. I was under his spell. He would always say “believe me” trust me” he would look in my eyes and make me believe in his lies. He has moved on to his new victim, I tried to warn her, but she is under his spell. But she was stupid enough to marry him after all she was told about him, after he came back to me three times. It is amazing how the sociopath soaks right into what every his victim is into. His new victim is a religious woman, so he became an ordained minister. I have a feeling that he is going to get her to somehow rip off the church and he will steal and leave her holding the bag…. it will be empty but her finger prints will be the only ones on it. He is a sneek bastard.
So, if any of you ladies run into a man with the intial P.D.N. whos mamma was killed in a car accident by his step dad. Run! His real father tried to kill his mamma before he was born, left and never saw the little bastard. He was always in trouble and beat up on his sibling. Classic case if ever there was one. When I read the descrption of what a sociopath behaviors are.. my story fits it to the T.
Amazingly I still can’t stop thinking about him. I am obsessed, he was the best lover of my life, but the worst for me. I am still trying to deal with the pain that he has caused me. He has left me empty. That is what they do, I have been told. I feel so empty and so alone. I am normal and was true to him. I believed in him. I trusted him. And to now know that it was all a con, is unbearable. Today, it has been 3 months since he left me the note on the night stand. I still cry.



Yes, it hurts to feel you’ve been used for sex and money, made a fool out of, terrorised with fear of what might happen to him.

Know that he spathed you because you are actually a strong and good loving woman, a challenge to fool.

You did not deserve what he did to you, and he sure does not deserves you! You deserve the best!


Oh! no doubt this woman collects horny myopic men!

kim frederick

Sadme, Yes it hurts a lot, and it takes a long time to recover. I know it’s hard, but try to be glad that he left you. You could have lived the night-mare for a very long time. It has been three months, and you are three months closer to contentment.

Stick around and post. It helps to share your experience and lessens the pain.

You will feel better, eventually. Just hang in there and take care of you.

Ox Drover

Dear Sadme,

Welcome to lovefraud, I’m sorry that you were so wounded by this jackass and need to be here, but it is a good place to start your healing. The pain will get easier. Read, read and read some more. Knowledge is power and you can take back your power. (((hugs)))) and God bless.



So the next time a case of a guy doing this is on here we can say “no doubt this man collects horny myopic women!”?


Blogger,YES! get past the man/woman thing.

the testosterone makes men more susceptible. So what?
If a man makes it past his testosterone, that makes him even more Amazing! We have to overcome nature AND fucked up nurture, to become the god-like creatures we were meant to be. Women have to overcome just as much. We are programemed to be enablers and that is just as bad.


No I won’t get past the gender bias/stereotyping.

It also has nothing to do with testosterone it has to do with people being conned. Some women often talk about being swept off their feet and quickly jumping into relationships/marriage with con artists just like was going on here. Sex may have been one of the tools used but ultimately it was about the person being vulnerable at the wrong place, wrong time, wrong person.

So no it is not about horny myopic men or women. It is about the abuser taking advantage of other people, regardless of the methods used.


Hi Blogger,
I said myopic because the two husbands in the pics wear glasses, not because they’re necesarily stupid. I’m myopic too. Two diopter. 🙂
But horny they probably were…Young and horny and they married her fast without knowing her enough.

kim frederick

Blogger, 🙂 I get really tired of the big dick, horney sexualizing and objectifying stuff going on here, too. It’s ignorant and trivializing, and lacks depth. In short, it’s junk. It’s more destructive than constructive. But, that’s just my opinion.


Response to Oksana Grigorieva’s Mel Gibson tapes on the thread “The sound of abuse on the Mel Gibson tapes” as follows:

“I don’t disagree, I think they are very much in a “2-disordered-people” relationship. She is a gold digger who set out to hook him with a kid (she also has a son by Tim Dalton) and it is the old “casting couch” deal, sleep with the most important person you can get” to further your career.”

BloggerT, my point is not that this is stellar behavior, but that it is certainly not limited just to your main concern here, male/gender stereotyping. I think stereotyping is still very alive and well for women as well, and I’m also not as convinced as you are that income, ethnicity, or religious affiliation are as improved to the extent you claim either.

But I believe it is uncalled for when you drop in and single out one person to chastise, Eva, for a common practice or for making a joke. I hope the article wasn’t submitted by you with that agenda, there is a better way. In my opinion it doesn’t appear these men were marrying her for her looks or her money and I agree with Skylar that testosterone probably plays a role, but it’s open for discussion, the more effective way, as is all behavior here.



Benz I did not submit the article and have no clue where you came up with the your comment about me saying anything in this thread about income, ethnicity or religion. I also never said stereotyping is not at alive and well for women, it happens to both genders.

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