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The Long history of scandals in the clergy

Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, has been accused of sexually preying on young men in his congregation. As columnist George E. Curry points out, he’s just the latest in a long line of clergymen embroiled in scandals.

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Ox Drover

People in either religious (spiritual) oversight of others, or financial oversight (such as bosses like Green) or control over (teachers, parents, mentors, governors, kings, slaveholders, spouses, cops etc) who use that position over others to engage them in sexual acts are nothing new in the history of man kind.

While the slave owner might use the slave in a sexual or other way, it was sort of expected. Or while a boss might (until recently in this country at least) be expected to maybe utiilize their position to get sexual favors from a person under their control, or a cop, or a king, or a senator—someone in POWER POSITION—it was EXPECTED that a person in a SPIRITUAL position “over” someone should NOT abuse that position for sexual favors. Whether that person in a “spiritual” position was a minister, or a Boy Scout leader, or a parent, the person in a SPIRITUAL position who BETRAYED that position was/is considered the “worst of the worst.”

You might expect a monarch (in the old style at least) or a dictator or a slave holder (there are those even today) to abuse that power of position for their own gratification in sex or other “perks” of “office.”

But when a person of SPIRITUAL power abuses that “office” for sex or money it breaks down not only the victim’s confidence in the POSITION (not JUST the person themselves) and harms all of society.

Long’s ex wife came out after these accusations and said that she had charged him with PHYSICAL ABUSE during the time they were married, so “Bishop” Long has some skeletons buried in his closet that may come out to haunt his “pious image.”

Personally, the quotes I have read about him DESERVING to drive his $385K Bentley and so on sound pretty narcissistic to me!

Every spiritual faith has those that abuse others under the cover of “spiritually mentoring” others. Long is just another name in a long line of those accused who have proven to be psychopathic to one degree or another.


From the newspaper article:

The Rev. Henry J. Lyons, president of the National Baptist Convention USA, was evidently fulfilling his sexual desires in a $700,000 house he shared in Tierra Verde, Fla., with Bernice Edwards, a convicted embezzler whom he had hired as the group’s public relations director. But that extramarital affair came to a halt in 1997 when Lyons’ wife, Deborah, set the house on fire.

A subsequent investigation into Lyons’ personal life and finances ended in his being convicted of grand theft and racketeering. A jury found that he had swindled more than $4 million…

So let’s get this straight. The Reverend Lyons is a racketeer and swindler, he’s shacking up with a convicted embezzler… but he’s married, meanwhile, to a psychopathic arsonist!

Birds of a feather, anyone?

Ox Drover

Dear Redwald,

Well, I wouldn’t label Mrs. Reverend Lyons a “psychopathic arsonist” just yet—let’s just say maybe she got a gut full of his lies and “snapped” and in a state of “temporary SANITY” she decided to set fire to the house! LOL ROTFLMAO I hope she got off!

Really, it doesn’t Excuse her burning down the house, but I do admit that it is a definite PROVOCATION and that I (not so) secretly have more empathy for her in this situation than I do the Rev. LOL

Now I’m a troll, because I dont agree with that ugly bitch who got used and abused and cant get over it. Her story is one of a pathetic victim and a fool. Donna what happend to you was supposed to happen. You wanted it to happen. You sought him out. You let him decieve you. Deep down you knew he was a lie. If you didn’t then you are dumber than I thought you were.
However, now your in the perfect position. He blessed you, because now you have a excuse to go cry to everyone about your problems. Now everyone can see you as a victim. How great you must feel now. You’re a victim with a lot of attention. James was the best thing that ever happend to you and you know it. All off your ‘P’s were the best thing that ever happend to any of you. You were nothing till you victims got to stand and be used for the purposes of sociopaths. You were pathetic moaping attetntion whores. Now at least you served a purpose. I find it ironic this is a site for healing, because really it’s just a site to be bitter. Bitter enough to write articles, a tv show, and books.
Go ahead delete me for spekaing the truth, but I will always be here.

You know what I’m saying is true Donna. You have no advice to give, because what you are doing is foolish. That’s why you censor me. You don’t want people to hear the truth. The truth in this site is stomped on to protect the pathetic victims FEELINGS. Fragile little feeling. Like this bitch Ox Drover who thinks being a lifetime lovefrauder is a strength. Dont make me laugh. A lifetime of lovefraud is like a life time of NA. Forever a addicvt. Forever failing. Forever falling down. Why even try anymore when you fail so much? Why even get up when all you do is fall down. He was the onl;y one that held you up and you needed him, but he abandoned you. He abandoned you because you werent good enough. You need to get good enough instead of sitting here bitter over something thats your fault.


Here’s to James Montgomery…..and all the spaths of the world.


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Life is gooood!


hey EB!


Hey, hey hey…..smiley brigade on the loose! πŸ™‚

kim frederick

Good morning, Smiley brigade! Nice to see your bright happy faces this AM. Yes, life is good.

Beautiful Autumn morning here. Cool and crisp. Leaves just beginning to turn.

It’s a chicken soup kind of a day.

Hope you all have a great day, and smile all the way through it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Ox Drover

You are right, Donna, some comments are truly instructional, in that they paint a word portrait that is so clear. One that actually I think would be very difficult (even with two portrait painters among us and some very good word-smiths as well) to duplicate by anyone else.

Sometimes I think about the old fable about the blind wise men who were “shown” an elephant. And one man felt it’s trunk and said “It is like a great snake” and another one felt the side of the elephant and said, “It is like a great wall”, still another man felt the legs and said,, “It is like a tree that moves” and the last man felt the tail and said “it is like a great rope!” Each of those wise men had felt a part of the elephant, but still had a difficult time envisioning the WHOLE BEAST.

Sometimes I think if we get to see a small self-portrait of the whole beast it may even give a better idea of what it looks like than just being exposed to other parts of it separately.

This b1atch is an ASS—Assertive Survivor of Sociopaths and proud of it! I figure if Ii can take a switch smaller than a fly swatter and get in front of 4,000 pounds of oxen, I ought to be able to handle a pith ant! TOWANDA

Ox Drover

In following the “Bishop” Long thing and his “kingdom” of 25,000 members and all his meetings with political and financial “big shots” and his self-agrandizement etc. it is interesting to see the opinion columns that are coming out now (mostly by black writers) that seem to censure him at the very least for not “stepping down” until all this is cleared up…as St Paul had said that leaders should be “above reproach” and “of good report” and not “lovers of money,” but the authors of ther articles do point out that in Long’s ministry, there is no one “above” him to make him “sit down”—unless it is God and God hasn’t been heard from or seen in any burning bushes on this particular matter.

It was noted that some of the members of this “mega-church” had stated they would still “support him, even if he IS GUILTY.” (an interesting point of view)


Good morning Lf’ers….
There are lessons in everything…..sometimes, we just gotta laugh!

I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet. ~Ancient Persian Saying


Growing Where You’re Planted And Reaching For the Sunlight
by Cathy Meyer

I go for a bike ride three mornings a week. I enjoy getting out early while the day is still new, and not many people are out. The other morning I was riding along, listening to some “funk sway” on my iPod, when I spotted something in the road ahead.

Through a crack in the thick, hard asphalt, a perfect miniature marigold plant was growing with three tiny blooms on it. I live in a new neighborhood with houses still under construction. Large trucks carrying construction materials travel this road heavily. It isn’t the kind of place you would expect anything that grows to survive, let alone thrive.

Somehow, though, this tiny marigold plant managed to push against inches of tar and rocks to find a bit of air and sunshine. It had managed to “grow where it was planted.”

My grandmother used to say that: “We have to grow where we are planted.” Like that tiny marigold plant, we have to look for the sunshine, even if it means reaching with all our might, only finding it through the cracks and during times when finding a little sunshine may seem impossible.

While examining that tiny marigold, I thought of all the women I’ve worked with through their divorces, and how resilient they have been. I thought of my years as a military spouse, and all the women I bonded with while our husbands were away in foreign countries. I thought of my mother and my grandmothers and how they taught me that uninvited change can mean new possibilities.

I realized that I had never known a woman who didn’t have the capacity to do what that tiny marigold had done. As women, I think we all have the ability to triumph in the face of adversity. We all have taken inspiration from the crack in the sidewalk story. We’ve all, at one time or another, assessed our situations and made the decision to “bloom where we were planted.”

Ox Drover

Dear ErinB,

You should have made this an ARTICLE instead of “just” a post that will eventually get lost in the thread! BOINK!!! That was a great one, and so true!

Yea, those little things that we notice when we are not bleary eyed from fatigue and stress—-and it is good to keep focused on those things. To take the JOY we see each day, and savor it instead of letting the dark cloud of the stress overshadow the wonderful things we do have in our lives—even a tiny little marigold plant that has pushed through asphalt!

TOWANDA sister!!!! and thanks!!!

Thank God for crack-pots, it is through them that the light shines!


I didn’t write this….it came from a great website that I check in with weekly.
Link posted above.



You are angry because we’ve got your number! Deal with it!


Leonard Cohen the great poet and songwriter wrote:

“There are cracks everywhere. That’s how the light gets in”.

Donna, Oxy, EB,

Hang tight girls. You will never know the GOOD you are doing!!

*EVERYTHING* darkness has to throw at you can be penetrated and PIERCED by one single shaft of TRUE LIGHT.

You guys are heroes to so many….((((((HUGS()))))))

Ox Drover

Dear Adamsrib,

Thank you, but you know a hero isn’t someone who is unafraid, because if being scared chitless made you a coward, we’d all be cowards, and personally I think everyone of us here, EVERY ONE of us are HEROES because even when we were the MOST AFRAID, we saddled up and rode out like John Wayne!

LoveFraud and our LF buddies are here, but in the end, the cavalry cant come rescue us, we have to do it ourselves. It has been my great pleasure to get to “know” so many people here who are in my mind ALL heroes! My gratitude to Donna is endless for the huge amount of work and time she has put in to get this site up and running, write her book, etc. and keep the site up and keep it SAFE. The recent trolls we have had pass through here are examples of what slithers in from time to time, but the peeps here at LF are learning to ignore them and hit the abuse button or just treat them like potted plants (how mean of us! LOL not to get our feelings hurt because they don’t understand us. (are you ready to puke yet! LOL)

Thank you Adamsrib, I think each of us has a duty to the universe to pass on what support we have received. A joy shared is doubled, a burden shared is halved. Don’t know who said that but it is so true. LF has shared many burdens for me, and multiplied many joys! I hope it can do the same for everyone here! ((((hugs)))))


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


My only motive is to offer what I have learned to others……Take my experiences and turn them into ‘gold’ for others to work with.
If anyone can take ONE thing from my journey and make it work for them…..It makes my experiences worthwhile.

It takes a village……


It’s ok to be heroes. We all need them. It’s ok to let others validate you. We all need that too. When we need too much, then we are no different that the ones we are fighting against.

Sometimes certain strong ones stand out and in their eyes, the weaker ones, (like myself) find hope. And we learn to be strong.

That’s all..

God Bless!!


it takes a village…..

…and bouncy hair.


one step:

Hahaha πŸ™‚

Thanks for lite-ning things up! Yep, bouncy hair does wonders πŸ™‚



You are TOOOOOO funny! πŸ™‚

I love bouncy hair…..makes ya just flit around like you got it going on!
Like I say…..fake it till ya make it! πŸ™‚


What you write is very humbling to read.

You inspire me to keep going…..knowing my ‘words’ can make a difference to others.

For me…..I did it, I am not an educated woman, I am a strong woman, I am not a rich woman but I am willing to give up everything to protect those I care about.
I am no different than anyone else… or woman.
BUT…..I protected myself from a spath in the end…..I came out ahead, in so many more ways than I ever anticipated…..and I am building on that ‘speed’.
What makes me different…….just adamant.
I found my adamant on the edge of my bed……kids kidnapped, in quarenteen from radiation, feeling like crap and all alone…..alienated…..with two choices……
One permanent;without hope, the other permanent with hope.
I chose the latter.
From that day forward……it was full steam ahead. I never realized how profound that moment on the edge of my bed would be……..alone with my thoughts.
I am beginning to realize it……now…..looking back.

May you sit on the edge of your bed and make the same decision…… find your adamant and MAKE your future!

I soooo believe we can all ‘beat’ it……whatever that means in ‘our’ world.

Thank you!

Ox Drover

Dear EB!!!!

Wonderful way to put it!!!!

Sometimes there is a single moment that is our turning point, other times it comes a bit at a time, but in either case, we have to make that DECISION on which way our lives will go.

I know I mention it all the time, Dr. Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s search for meaning” which he wrote after he got out of the Nazi camps. It is the EMOTIONAL part of the camps He looks at (not just the physical horrors) and how some people there just “give up” and decide to die, and others survive and thrive, and others survive but become bitter and hateful. What is it that makes the difference which of those three paths you pick? We have those same choices. I think that LF helps us to choose the “survive and thrive” choice, instead of the other two!

What about LF does that? I think it is the communication of HOPE from one poster to another. When we give up the HOPE that we can thrive, we lose the ability to thrive.

Speaking of bouncy hair—I need a hair cut! Think I will see about getting one soon….been putting it off too long. My hair is “heavy” (lots of it — especially for an old woman) and now is long again, so need to get a foot cut off so it will be “bouncy”!


((((((GROUP HUG))))))) πŸ™‚

Re: Dr. Frankl, those moments sitting on the side of our beds with our face in our hands (and our Guardian Angels kneeling next to us with their arms around us):

what you guys are saying here is the TRUE LIGHT that pierces the darkness. Like the light saber in Star Wars. I like to visualize it like that. With this at our side we have NOTHING to fear.

Keep on keeping on ladies!!! TOWANDA!!!!

Ox Drover

Dear Adams rib,

Yep, even one small candle can push back the largest darkness, and no amount of darkness can extinguish that one tiny light!

We have no choice but to keep on keeping on, that is what life is all about!



What are you talking about, old? Happy b-lated birthday! Sounds like you had a special weekend. I was kind of jealous, hate to admit it. You were spath free and that’s a treat!

I am really happy for you, your strength of character is hope for me that something better will happen if I just stay strong. Your road was long to get to where you are at now and it’s a testament to your inner light.


Hmmm, Chinagirl is correct (re: her post below). I forgot what my grandmother told me: “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”, so I’ve deleted my original post re “trolls”.

Thank god for the ‘edit’ function!

Happy belated birthday EB!


Thanks Hope!
Did I say old…? Nah…..43 is NOT old……
I stay young by hanging around old peeps! πŸ™‚ Although I thinnk that aproach will backfire when menopause hits…… My gf’s keep telling me how ‘great’ life becomes after menoP. (NOT!)
I tell them to keep it to themselves…..their not giving me much to look forward to! πŸ™‚
I’d like to think, with the medical hell and spath i’ve lived through recently…..that it’s all brighter days ahead. (my own fantasy).

The past years holidays and b-days have been reclusive. In fact one Thanksgiving my kids and I sat on the floor eating cereal……NO CELEBRATION! Bah humbug.
I became adamant this year and here on out…..i’m celebrating my friends and family……not gonna let that escape me another year! So, that’s what we did……
and yes, it was lovely.

Hope…..once you ‘escape’ your current situation……you will be on the upside of life….and will celebrate all your thankful for, for eternity.

You have to leave the burning building to see the flames from the smoke.
At first you will still feel the heat……but once the flames are extinguished, you no longer feel the heat OR choke on the smoke.

Thank you for the Birthday wishes darlen.

Annie, thank you also!!!


Hi all-
I’ll choose to ignore the ridiculous post above! Just like NC for all spaths….

But I do agree with the other posts…There are heros among us…people who have come before and have helped pave the way for me and others. All I know is that about 6 weeks ago I was in a very bad place after five years of spinning out of control wondering what the heck happened. And now I am holding my head high, doing what I can each day, doing the next right thing, and trying to offer what I am learning to others here. I can only give what I have been given! Thank you!!

Ox Drover

Dear Chinagirl,

You are doing great!!! I can hear the increased strength in your posts!

BTW EB—you’re only 2 1/2 yrs older than my oldest “kid” and I was no teenager when I had him sooooo—nah, you’re NOT OLD by a long shot!

We all have to get older, but we can stay immature forever! That’s my motto and I’m sticking to it!!!!


Haha OxD! Yes, i too plan to stay immature…but only in a playful and silly way.
Thanks for recognizing some changes in me! I appreciate that. I have made changes and I owe so much of it to all of you here. I am thankful that I found LF because I was just in a quagmire of yuck trying to do it all on my own and getting mentally sicker by the minute. And i do not think any of us like our “victim” role. We have been victimized but are not victims. We are only victims if we continue to stay where we are and not do anything positive. We are courageous, strong and no matter what our trials are in life if we get the lessons from them that I believe God is giving us through these painful experiences then some of our purpose in life is to use this…to help others, to become more like who God wants us to be and many other ways of using these lessons. I think whenever we hear any of that kind of crappola from above we can feel sorry for the person who is so stuck themselves because we understand about being stuck and “ignorant” I was ignorant until I stopped being a victim. I learned some hard lessons and I know one day I might have a better understanding of these lessons…I certainly can’t imagine right now why my beautiful D is not with me all the time-and just like people I know in AA or NA, the people who are working the program and have “good” sobriety (meaning they, too, are doing the next right thing and not sitting as a victim) the people here who are “working a program” so to speak-are people who I admire and trust because I can know they are honest and willing to look within and not just spew out negativity all over the place trying to suck others into their misery…I know the people here understand my pain and together we can make changes for the better…for ourselves and for the world as we tell our stories.

Ox Drover

Dear Chinagirl,

The only thing I can say about your daughter not being with you right now is that if you look on the + side of it, she has apparently a good step mother, and it gives YOU some time to concentrate on YOU without having to worry about getting her ready for school each day and so on….so use this time proactively to take good care of you, and to keep in contact with her via phone, messages and visits when you can. The physical separation doesn’t have to be fatal to your relationship with her, though I know you and she would like to see each other.

Having the time to t6ake care of YOURSELF is a Godsend, believe me. I went through a pretty traumatic divorce when my kids were pre-teens and trying to melt down and take care of them at the same time was horrible, because they were upset as well and needed support. There were times I needed time to take care of myself and I had to take care of them as well. I actually have little memory of the first horrible 6 months. It was a BLUR! So the positive side is that you do have that time. I think you are using it well and I’m glad to hear the positive strength in your posts. God bless (((hugs)))


I don’t know if I should post a message because I am such a pathetic loser. I was nothing until the wonderful psychopath blessed me. I am waiting to purchase the book The World According to UKan. Oh wait, I think he needed this website to publish his pearls of wisdom. Are people really that dumb? We all fall down… let me see if I can maybe walk upstairs without falling down. If I do should I get up? I don’t know. Maybe I should stay there; at least I could pray to UKan then.

Ox Drover

Dear Teacher,

You are sooooo BAAAAAD! Go sit in the corner if a “loser like you” can find it! LOL :>) It took me a couple of seconds to read your post before I realized what you were doing! LOL πŸ˜‰ gosh but I’m getting slow in my old age!

Yea, but you know, seriously, we DO keep getting up no matter how many times we are knocked down, and I think that is the difference between us and “real losers”—we keep on getting up. Not only that, when we see someone else down, we put out a helping hand in compassion, we don’t kick them.


teacher123 – πŸ˜‰


Yes you are right. I just get upset sometimes when good people get ripped on for no particular reason. And helping others is what many of you here do. Donna didn’t put this website together to make money I am sure. She did it to help people. I think what it shows is a Biblical and general principal that what you give is what you get. Good measure pressed together and all that stuff. If you give good things to others then expect to receive good things. But back to the article, what is really devastating is that people who are in positions of trust are the last ones we expect to abuse us- you know kind of like loved ones. It hurts, and takes some time to get over, but you have to (you guessed it), get back up……..

Ox Drover

Dear TEacher,

One of the things that helped me was reading the story in the Old Testament about Joseph. Joseph was a cocky teenaged favorite son who his older brothers resented because daddy gave him this special coat that made him stand out. Then Mr. Cocky also had these dreams where sheeves of grain were bowing down to him (the number of his brothers) and so on, he was rubbing the noses of his hard working brothers into his “favorite status.”

They’d pretty much had it with Joseph and made a pact in anger to kill him anbd they put him into a hole in the gbround until they got ready to do it.l One of his brothers was going to sneak kback and rescue him before the others could kill him, but he was gone at the time some travelers came along, and the other 1110 got the idea to just sell Joseph as a slave. When the brother came back and Joseph was gone, he was distraught but it was too bad.

In Egypt Joseph grew up rapidly and apparently had a good boss, and he thought about how his brothers had had bad intentions toward him, but he gave up the anger at them and started living tghe life he had as a domestic manager in a home. Unfortunate3ly his boss’s wife lie4d about Joseph attacking her because he refused to have sex with her, so he went to prison. Even in prison though Joseph did the best he could and before long he was running the prison and the keepers liked him.

The rest of the stwory concerns him reading a dream for the King ab out 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine so the King made Joseph second only to the king and Joseph started storing grain for the lean years.

Well into the lean years, joseph’s family was starving and the fatgher sent all his sons except the baby Benjamin who was by that time probably 25 or more, to egypt to buy grain. Joseph immediately recognized his brothers, but they did not recognize him.

Then Joseph TESTED his brothers by putting money in the sacks of grain to see if they would keep the return of the money they paid for the grain. He also made them come back with their brother Benjamin. Then The biggest test of alllo. He put the GOLD cup in Benjamin’s grain sack and then went out and “found” it and accused the brothers of stealing it…Benjamin, his only full brother, the youngest was now apparently doomed to become a slave and what would the brothers do now?

What kind of men had they become during the 20 or so years between when they sold him off and now? They offered their lives for Benjamin so that their father would not lose the last son of his favorite wife.

Then, and only then did Joseph reveal tgo them who he was.
Being betrayed by those you love is the WORST kind of betrayal. I am sure that Joseph was pretty burned realzing that his brothers had intended to kill him, but instead had sold him in to slavery in Egypt. He had NO recourse, running away was impossible, but Joseph forgave his brothers and eventually settled into a life, a job, then a bigger job, even a wife and family by the time the brothers showed back up again.

BUT HE DIDN’T TRUST THEM on first sight! He made those brothers PROVE on an emotional “torture rack” what they were made of and that they had changed.

My mistake with my family and “close” “frenimies ” (I LIKE that word!) was totally ignoring the bad things they did to me, (didn’t want to hurt their feelings) yet resenting the heck out of it but feeling like I was TRAPPED—I had to give in to their GASLIGHTING and pretend it was reality.

“Just pretend it never happened.”

I wasn’t in denial I was DELUSIONAL.

I try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me, but***BUT*** NOW I also expect others to treat me as well as I treat them. It is a two way street now, not a one way.

I have no apologies to make about that. As Kathleen Hawk says “that works for me.”

Ox Drover

Dear Shojo,

Thanks for the defenses, I apologize if we confused you. “Teacher” is one of US, he was just making a joke! and I was Joking back with him (see all my smiley faces) the other guy though WAS a troll. I appreciate you defending me though ((((Hugs)))) I’ve been called a b1atch by worse, and that troll calling me a name actually was in my opinion a BADGE OF HONOR just showing him/.her/it that there’s no logical or rational way they can attack me or any of us, so they resort to name calling!

Can you imagine being so morally and intellectually void that you must start to act like a ten year old bully seeking attention?

I don’t go to their site but for some reason they seem to think they need to send someone over here to try to raise up a fight. I REALLY think it must be younger kids though so I just ignore them or hit the “report abusive comment” button. This latest was hardly worth the effort to report them.

kim frederick

Yeah, Oxy, I got that feeling, too. He was a kid. It seems like a lot of them are. They have the anonymity of cyber-space and love to be abusive. I think it makes them feel powerfull, in an other-wise pretty powerless adolescent world.


Well Oxy, I am sorry to everyone that had to read my post or those offended by it. I just couldn’t believe ignorance would show up here. I spent most of the relationship with my spath defending what was right and trying to stoop to his level to show him how it felt to be wronged, thinking that was the only way. I have been ignoring my ex-spath for months now and I guess I should have ignored the stupidity displayed.

Ox Drover

Dear Shojo,

We were just TEASING as sometimes that doesn’t come across well in text because 90% of communication is NON VERBAL anyway, and we only have text here. Actually it took me a couple of seconds to realize what Teacher was doing. But I “know” him and know from previous posts what he was meaning. I was NOT offended, just pointing out to you that he was teasing and I was teasing back. Sorry if we triggered you. I know it is difficult to know how to “take” some of us when we are just teasing. Teacher is a great guy, and I HUMBLY say I am too! Great that is, I’m not a guy! LOL (teasing!)


I believe that poster is just a snaky, creepy person who picks his nose while he slinks down in the seat at the adult bookstore XXX movie booth. He seeks attention. And, he got his attention on this website.



Ox Drover

Yea, this reeks of the Michael Jackson pay off to the parents of the kid that filed the first molestation charges against him….this man makes me want to puke!

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