The murderer she married wasn’t reformed after all

A month after Shannon Moroney’s wedding day, her new husband, Jason Staples, sodomized and sexually assaulted two women. Staples has problems, although it’s hard to know exactly what they are.

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My sperm donor’s father told my egg donor and several other family members that he “stayed with her (my sperm donor’s P mom) for the sake of the kids and it was the worst decision of his life.”

She swept him off his feet and they were married within a short time of meeting, then literally 3 days after the marriage he offered her half of everything he had for a divorce! In those days you couldn’t easily get a divorce. He ended up sending her to medical school, I think more than anything to get her out of the house and let the nanny raise the kids.

My sperm donor’s mom was the daughter of a bigamist, who was also a Methodist minister but was married at least 4 times that I know of, at one time to two women.

There’s no doubt in my mind where the psychopathic genes came from on my sperm donor’s side of the family….and on the egg donor’s side of the family, her grandfather was a mean arse drunk from a long line of mean-arse drunks dating back to early 1800s. Egg donor’s brother was also a wife beating mean arse drunk who was showing conduct disorder by age 7. He did understand superior force though and was smart enough even when drunk not to fight with or abuse someone who would fight back or even stand up to him.

What is weird here though is that he admitted his crime afterwards. Typical psychopaths are supposed to be guiltless. I think some (called secondary type of psychopaths) have weird senses of guilt that make them unable not to do what would make them guilty (a kind of fatal attraction to being guilty, despicable). Is the admission of his crime motivated by some twisted way of seeking guilt through public admission of his crime – or because guilt worked a seemingly more “normal” way in making him avoid further guilt by putting himself away… And can’t this avowal be somehow motivated by weird motives of attention admiration need and not by simple guilt? But then isn’t this partly the case for any avowal, wanting to be redeemed and admirable, lovable again? In this case I think his psychological state, whether he is a partially good or bad person, is extremely hard to understand, as he seems like he does feel guilt, or an extremely weird version of it. Besides, I think he much worse I won’t deny of a simple sexual sadist who has no blood on his hands, but is there only a difference of degree with other sexual sadists who cause probably real psychological harm to their partners although a consensual harm… (I think masochism when embraced suggests to you in a tortuous subconscient way that you are naturally a kind of inferior… Just like watching often videos of blond people acting submissively to brunets would make their inferiority when seen in real life look more natural). But this is a controversial opinion of mine.

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