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The sad, strange Zahra Baker case

There’s more news in the heartbreaking case of Zahra Baker, the disabled Australian girl who was reported missing in North Carolina on October 9, 2010. Police confirmed that they found her remains in several different locations on November 15, 2010. But the girl’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, told authorities that she died two weeks before being reported missing, and the girl’s father, Adam Baker, cut up the body.

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that Elisa Baker had been married seven times, and was married to more than one man on several occasions. One of Baker’s previous husbands was Aaron Young. Documents released in January indicated that a woman claimed the Bakers and Young participated in an online role-playing game involving a “chainsaw massacre.”

For more information:

AP Exclusive: Zahra stepmom’s marriages overlapped on

Stepmother: Zahra Baker’s dad cut up her body on

NC police confirm Zahra Baker is dead, investigations will continue on

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Ox Drover

For a while this case was in the news daily and I followed it, especially after I read where the “extended family” had noticed the girl was bruised and apparently mistreated but apparently no one ever “interfered” to call the cops or child protective service.

The step mother, and I don’t think that even Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, all put together had a step mother like this. Apparently she met her “Husband” Adam Baker in Australia on line and he and Zara moved here to be with Eliza “Baker” (I’m not sure what her surname should be or legally is).

After Eliza and the rumor mill started talking, a story of back woods-red-necked-white-trash psychopathy, MIXED WITH TECHNOLOGY, came out. Apparently (all rumor at this point) two (unnamed) men raped Zara and someone killed her, then her father put her through a wood chipper and threw her mattress in the dump, someone, Eliza says she and Adam, disposed of pieces of the body here and pieces there (Eliza apparently had her cell phone with her as the GPS says that her phone was at those places she named at the time she said) Adam either wasn’t along on this throwing away body parts trip or didn’t have his phone with him.

Then a fire was started in the back yard and 911 called.

Then they called and reported Zara missing and a “ransom note” was written showing that the STUPID killers had taken Zara instead of Adam’s boss’s daughter. Apparently by looking at Adam and Eliza’s house you’d know they couldn’t pay ransom AND internet service, so they decided the people who “kidnapped Zara” were so stupid they got the wrong girl.

Eventually, the cops found her hearing aids, and prosthetic leg, the mattress and found some body parts….still no murder charges or rape charges. Adam is back out of jail after bad check charges and Eliza is apparently still in jail on bad check charges…

Eliza “Baker” and her published “life history” apparently fits the “profile” of a psychopath in my opinion. I think Adam Baker, Zara’s father, is either a complete dupe or a co-abuser, but I don’t doubt that he knew about the child’s death and helped conceal her body in a pretty gruesome way.

I don’t think any of the people involved were the brightest bulbs in the lamp, but they all sure seemed to be denned up with multiple psychopaths and retards like a bunch of rattle snakes in the winter time. That little girl deserved better than she got out of life or death. RIP in peace Zara, and I can only hope and pray that every one of her abusers and murderers are brought to justice and get the chance to spend whatever remains of their natural lives in a NC prison with all the other inmates knowing what they did.


There are just so many disturbing things about this case, including what that poor baby endured.

Something that has always been in the back of my mind on this one – This child had cancer, her leg was amputated, she underwent chemo therapy, was fitted with a prosthetic leg and hearing aids. This was a sick little girl for a long time, she would have required a great deal of care to make it through these ordeals. Who cared for her during this time, who gave her “nursing care”? Who got her to and from doctors and physical therapy appointments. Doesn’t seem like something these two (Dad & Step-Mom) would be capable of doing, or care to do. Why would they bother going to all that trouble and then kill her? Makes no sense, unless she did not live with them during that time.

Just questions.


What kind of world do we really live in?
My best g/f and I were talking over lunch yesterday.
She was telling me about how, yrs ago..there were so many
sickos abusing our children…because our parents used to say…”Go on…go out and play”…(unlike what WE do today!)
She told me that her uncle was a pervert and touched her and neighborhood “old men” did things to young girls…etc.
Even SHE was abused….forced to watch porn by some g/f’s uncle…when she was very young!!
My grandfather sexually abused my younger sister and she never said a word until she was 25! (I always hated him..from when I was very young…bit him…refused to stay with him when my parents dropped us off for them to babysit us!)…and my older sister was always taken in the bedroom with him!!!
OMG….we live in a SICK world and I am really raising my girls to UNDERSTAND this! DON”T TRUST ANYONE!!!! And, I plan to enroll them all in self defense classes this year!!

I am watching 48 hours and this creep…who looks alot like my xhusb….very good looking….hired someone to kill his wife…They had 3 precious young children…2 boys and a sweet little girl.

Thank God they caught him!!! The stupid ass talked about it to over a dozen guys at the gym!! would NEVER take him for a murderer….

I don’t trust anyone that I haven’t known for most of my life…anymore.

I have NO interest in getting involved with any man again in my life.

I hate to say that. My g/f’s that are married aren’t so happy. It seems we have more fun when we get together…the older we get! lol

THis soulless piece of sh&t woman who was living with an exconvict…KNEW about the plan to kill this beautiful woman.
She is a monster too.

The 18 yr old black boy who he hired…for money…was pathetic too.

The husband who killed her denied it until the end. The poor little boy had to testify against his father…and they got him!!

He was convicted to die. But, something is happenning now…still watching it as I type.

I’m telling you…there is LOTS of SICK, EVIL people out there!
And, I hope I can protect my girls from it! Thats my mission in life.


The daughter, who is older now…called her Dad a PSYCHOPATH….


The poor kids…the oldest son didn’t want to believe his Dad could do that to his mother. He was in denial big-time. I think he was only 7 when it happenned.

One of the prosecuters said…because this monster was on death row and was corresponding with some woman …and said…”You’re can bring out the animal in me”.
His deceased wife wrote stuff in the divorce papers of things he wanted to do sexually with her that she refused to do…that they couldn’t even say on air.

The prosecuter said….”He is wired differently than us”.

And, he was really good looking and charming …If I met him at a gym…I’d probably accept a date from him! OMG…so cleancut.

Another Scott Peterson.



This poor little girl lived a tormented life – we had a case similar to this here, the department of child welfare kept returning her to the abuser (step father) he eventually killed her by making her drink antifreeze after sexually abusing and torturing her for months. Considering the physical and emotional scars these poor children live with if they survive, sometime’s maybe death was a blessing.

Dani S

It brings a tear to my eye when ever I read about this case. Poor Zahra never had a chance in this life time.

Her birth mother suffered severe post natal depression and handed Zahra over to her birth father until she was feeling better. Zahra’s birth mother then spent years trying to track Zahra down and every time she found her, her father would move. Zahra’s birthday mother said “I never got to say goodbye. I never even got to say hello,” she said. “Unless you understand the story, you won’t understand the pain.” She had only 3 days or so prior to Zahra’s disappearance had located her again, this time in The States.

After reading another article on Eliza Baker a couple of days ago it made reference to her as manipulative, cunning and insecure, struggling with obesity. Even as she got older and gained more weight, men were drawn to her.

“This is a woman who thought she could talk her way out of anything, that she was smarter than everybody else. But she never told the truth,” said Andrew Harris Jr, her third husband.
“She hurt a lot of people.”

RIP Zahra

Ox Drover

Thanks for that update on Zara’s birth mother.

Makes me wonder though if the location of Zara by her birth mother had anything to do with her murder? It is not actually all that uncommon for a psychopathic parent to try to hold on to control of a child or to off the child in spite. Zara’s father to me seems like an unstable person at best—and maybe a co-abuser as well. What “normal” man could cut up his child’s body or fail to report her “disappearance” for 2 weeks?

There is an article here on LF about Dr. Amy Castillo whose husband killed her kids after threatening to do so to GET EVEN WITH HER, and the judge gave him unsupervised visitation anyway, and he killed them. I had “never heard of such a thing” but since I read that story I have watched for news reports of parents killing children and it is not all that uncommon for revenge killings or spite killings of children by both mothers and fathers. Sad. Kids deserve better than that.


Then there is that woman that executed her two teenage kids the other day. That woman looked out of her mind – scary…


What gets me is that …yes…she was in “shock” when they found her….but it was all premeditated and planned.
She even moved thier bodies after she killed them.
OMG….we are really animals. And, in many people…the
“old brain”…controls them!!


yes she had emailed her mother and said she was going to stop her kids from talking back to her = i think there was opportunity for somebody to do something here…she was prolly over medicated like half the freakin world is now adays….


People don’t realize that those meds do more harm than good. I know so many people on them, and they never feel good. In fact, most have worse tempers than ever. They treat the symptoms…but the ’cause’ is still there.
The only way is to get professional help. People spend tons of money on alcohol, food, shopping….for “stuff”…but are so reluctant to pay for a professional to help them resolve deep rooted issues that can totally RUIN their entire journey on this earth!


yep 2b I have ended a long friendship with a friend because of drugs (pills) I am scared of her now…and she can go to any doctor and they just write scripts – she is a walking time bomb – she wont listen to me – she cant sleep – cant eat – cant sit still – anxious – depressed but swallows hand fulls of pills – I mean really she has destroyed her self with pills and i refuse to be a part of it anymore…..

Ox Drover

The worst cases, are like what Henry is talking about with his friend, a woman who goes “doctor shopping” and get pills for this and pills for that (polly-pharmacy) from multiple doctors, pain pills, antidepressants, antianxiety medication, and combined with street drugs and booze—a fatal combination many times.


This stuff makes me ill. That poor child….what is wrong that we can’t protect these kids? So many people failed her along the way….

My daughter has visitation with her psycho dad. She does not want to see him anymore, but she is only 12, and apparently in our state we have to wait until 14 before the child can go into court and ask for what she wants.

He only uses her to get back at me and she is at the age now where she realizes that. She is not allowed to show any emotion there except happy, because of course, any child of his has to be happy all the time, otherwise he is not father of the year, which he keeps trying to pretend to be. He does not feed her well, he abuses her animals in front of her, he does not clean and the house is so dirty she will not take a shower there, he isolates her also except for maybe a trip to the grocery store…..

She wants to see her friends and hang with her peers. He wants to keep her to himself and isolate her inside his dark tiny dirty home when he has her.

I’ve talked to lawyers and counselors and abuse advocates, and apparently, my hands are really tied on this, and I don’t understand it. Why doesn’t anyone in the justice system care that this child is being emotionally, verbally abused and physically neglected over there? Why, when I called CPS one time for a bruise, was I told they don’t even get involved unless there is blood and/or broken bones? What the hell is wrong with this society?

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