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The unbelievable story of the original ‘Welfare Queen’

Linda Taylor (one of at least 33 aliases) became famous in 1976 when Chicago newspapers, and later Ronald Reagan, dubbed her the “Welfare Queen.” She lived off of public funds, while driving a Cadillac and wearing fur coats.

Defrauding welfare, however, was only one of her scams. Taylor tried to collect inheritances. She probably sold babies on the black market. And she is probably responsible for at least two deaths.

In part 11 (of 12) of this article, author Josh Levin implies that Taylor was a psychopath.

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Wow, does this bring back memories!

I came across a woman something like this once in the course of working for a national furniture chain. We were supposed to either collect money or repossess furniture purchased with an in-store loan. We couldn’t find her because she owned multiple homes under multiple last names and moved around frequently. She and her adult daughters, who all apparently lived together, collected foster children and lived solely on what the government provided for their care. I’m talking about thousands and thousands of dollars per month, plus food stamps and whatever else the state provides for the kids. She came into the store once after I left notices on her doors, and she was driving a BMW and wearing a fur coat like the Welfare Queen.

Her credit report showed multiple aliases. She had loans at every furniture store in the area. The woman was also a straight hoarder. Every house had at least one very expensive broken-down car in the driveway. I finally made it into one of the houses and there was so many sofas in that house I couldn’t walk through it unimpeded, and I never knew which one to repossess. The one thing I never saw in the all of those months of harrassing her was any of the foster kids.

I always thought I should have notified the police, made some kind of noise, but the store manager insisted that we stay out of it in hopes that she would finally pay. I ended up leaving that business, and I bet she never came through. I still wonder how all those kids turned out.


My husbands sociopath ex wife continues to defraud the welfare system everyday! She gets SSI(not SSD because she’s hardly ever worked and doesn’t qualify) and there is absolutely nothing physically wrong with her. All of the people out there who deserve Social Security Disability and she gets it and has only worked 6months is 53 years? She got a doctor to go along with her claims of Guillen Bare! She joined a huge church here and lied to the pastors claiming my husband, her ex was a “deadbeat dad”, and that she received no money…the kids went right along with it too. ( she was getting $4400.00 paid a month). She ended up defrauding her church of $24,000.00 before we found out and furnished them with proof of what she was getting, out of shame, they wanted to keep it “hush, hush” so the congregation wouldn’t find out how they were duped.She gets, SSI and gets free rent , medicaid ect…we work so we have to pay for our bills and healthcare. The worse things about this is that their now young adult children have learned the tricks from the master. They too now have it mastered, lie and make everyone feel sorry for you, while we all foot the bill! She is so outrageous and a great liar that she convinces everyone and gets what she wants out of pity and free?
I just hope I am in the front seat when Karma “comes a knockin”!

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