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Threats, blame and bankruptcy in the workplace – Dominic Chappell, former BHS owner, faces scrutiny

Dominic Chappell

Dominic Chappell

Dominic Chappell, former owner of an iconic retailer in the United Kingdom, called British Home Stores (BHS), is in the hot seat following the demise of the company. In testimony before Parliament, he claims the money he took out of the company had nothing to do with its collapse.

A Lovefraud reader brought the story to our attention. “Three times bankrupt playboy, no remorse, steady stare on the videos, threatens to kill someone, pity play,” he wrote.

Three-times bankrupt playboy businessman who obersaw the demise of BHS after buying it for £1 admits he made a profit from the company but he’s not sorry because ‘he deserved it wor warking hard for 13 months,’ on

‘Well done. You f*****g pr**k’: Abusive text from BHS former owner to chief executive hours after failed retailer announced collapse (and he stands by every word), on

Dominic Chappell says BHS didn’t collapse because of money he took out, on


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