Tim Swinea, the swindler, breaks hearts and bank accounts

Penny Schoenke, a widow, thought she found another chance at love when she met Tim Swinea on a dating website. He promised to love her, her kids, and help her business succeed. Within months, she was heartbroken and penniless. It wasn’t the first time Swinea had defrauded people.

Gannett Wisconsin Media published a three-part series on the case. It will sound familiar to many Lovefraud readers.

Tangled Web, Part 1: Man’s tales leave a trail of misery

Tangled web, Part 2: Family flees for safety, based on tall tales

Tangled web, Part 3: Man’s record of fraud dates back years

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.


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Reading this story made me have a bit of a panic attack… I know exactly how she felt. My story was very much the same in some ways. good for her in getting it out there.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all! This guy sure knew how to “seem” to be telling the truth,by showing documents.I really think it shouldn’t be possible for applications on smartphones or software on pcs to help spaths out with their “dirty deeds”!He obviously didn’t care or feel remorse as he shattered the lives of family as well as strangers.One more thought~~I got it while looking at the last pic of Tim~~~all sociopaths should have to wear orange jumpsuits~~~then they’d be easily recognized,lol!!!

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