Donna Andersen joins a conversation about female sociopaths on HuffPost Live

I’ll be on Huffington Post Live today talking about “the female sociopath.” This is a live video chat with multiple participants. Also on the show will be:

  • Merve Emre of New York, NY, a contributor to Digg
  • Dean Haycock of Saratoga Springs, NY, author of ‘Murderous Minds’
  • M.E. Thomas, Author of ‘Confessions of a Sociopath’

This chat was inspired by Merve Emre’s article, The Female Sociopath, which is rife with misconceptions. Here’s her introduction:

Amy Dunne of Gone GirlLisbeth Salander of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones. If there’s one thing these cold, calculating ladies can teach us, it’s that we’re captivated by the female sociopath. But how did she rise to such prominence in our cultural imagination? The answer has everything to do with corporate “feminists” and the way they teach women to “have it all.”

Watch the show here:

HuffPost Live: The Female Sociopath

This should be interesting.

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This chat made me so angry!!!!! It felt like Merve Emre and Alyona Mikovski were glamorizing sociopathy – or at the very least, trivializing it. Captivating?? Gripping? Valorized? A type of powerful femininity? I would not use any of these adjectives to describe my mother. Merve and Alyona have obviously never witnessed first hand the destruction a true sociopath can cause. Their “funny” little cartoon hardly depicts a real sociopath. A more accurate picture would be my handicapped brother, crying from the abuse our mother inflicted on him. Would Merve refer to THAT as captivating? Would Merve and Alyona be smiling and laughing if they saw how badly my brother was hurt? My mother tormenting us, gas-lighting us, making our lives a living hell – that’s called “powerful femininity”??? And M.E. Thomas makes me sick, referring to “positive representations of sociopathy.” Really? What is positive about people having their lives destroyed? Also, I thought Alyona and Merve were disrespectful to Donna. It didn’t seem like they took what Donna went through seriously. Sociopathy is NOT funny or cute.

By the way, I’m not a psychiatrist…but do REAL sociopaths even admit they are sociopaths? I’ve wondered about that with M.E. Neither of my parents ever admitted they had ANYTHING wrong with them. On a smaller point, I don’t know why M.E. was blurred out when she already appeared as herself on Dr. Phil.

Rant over.

Wendy I hear your frustration! I too was angered by many of the exchanges. It makes me wonder if Feminists think that the only way to change the world as they want it to be is to become sociopaths themselves? They clearly do not understand that while in the business world having some sociopath traits probably makes it easier to make cut throat decisions without emotional entanglements… they miss the part where actual sociopaths leave a path of destruction in their wake.

I think Donna did a great job in trying to keep the discussion in the real world of how damaging sociopaths can be. If all Feminists were actual Sociopaths then this discussion would have been taken far more seriously! Perhaps the fault of the discussion is that the moderator and article author have been blessed in not being affected by actual sociopaths. As for the identified sociopath – I, like you, question that.

I couldn’t watch the whole thing. The author was so dismissive in her very first comments I was completely turned off. She nearly rolled her eyes at Donna’s opening comments.

The article itself is ridiculous, full of misunderstanding, written in such a way that one hardly knows what the entire point of it is, and feels like this young woman was trying to show how scholarly she is. Instead she comes off as pretentious and ignorant. Too bad for her. She is pretty though.

Obviously this was set up as a little chat about how women could use a bit of psychopathy to rise above the discrimination they historically have experienced. But, honestly, that is such a preposterous idea it doensn’t even hold interest. It is such an unevolved idea even, that it is farsical.

To trivialize the seriousness of personality disorders, and then use this as some kind of ‘solution’ to an equally disheartening problem as women’s empowerment (or lack there of) is sickening, and invalidating of so many levels of human suffering that it is plain stupid.

Sorry, Donna, you had to try and act as the voice of reason with those two. Couldn’t have been easy.

I think this is the culmination of a thoughtless cut-down in the original article, a very inept moderator and misinformation.

The original article by the “author” is about feminists, not sociopathy. She explains quite well that women are being taught to strive for the sociopathic role model and that it is counter productive to agree to this idea of empowerment. It is several steps backwards. yet it seems to be the corporate role that has gained popularity. The authors sentiment sounds very similar to Joseph Campbell’s discussion of the archetype of the Devil and how femininity and evil feminine role models seem to be tied together.

The author makes a mistake by making a caustic remark against Donna’s website without understanding the commercial necessity for some stereotypes or generalizations. That was a sad mistake and possibly needs to be better approached than by reaming her article. She may need some education as do most people about psychopaths and psychology.

The moderator doesn’t seem to get the original article and it’s content about feminist goals, or that the article is against moving toward sociopathic modeling, instead she believes it is about sociopathy. This must be frustrating to the author who says the same.

The good news is that Donna got press and did very well with her comments informing the public of issues with psychopathy. I know it isn’t what you wanted Donna, but you did a great job and you got some good education out there on the waves. Be proud and keep plugging it!

Donna you did great…thank goodness you were on this show to simplify what a sociopath truly is and how they affect the masses in such a negative way. As for the commentator (women in red) clearly she did not study any material before hand to actually ask good solid questions that would help her viewers understand these evil people who roam our planet…and the lady in black she was trying to appear very intelligent but basically was over analyzing exactly what a sociopath is…I had to fast forward past her section because I just keep hearing her ego saying “I’m so smart look at me, Im so smart”.

Glad that you got your website on this show for people to truly learn about sociopaths! (that’s the most important thing…keep spreading the truth Donna!!!)

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