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Toddler dies in hot SUV as dad allegedly exchanges nude photos online

Justin Ross Harris

Justin Ross Harris

Justin Ross Harris, 33, has been charged with murder and child cruelty in the death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. On June 18, Harris allegedly forgot to drop his son off at day care before he went to work at Home Depot. The toddler endured the hot Alabama sun inside the locked car for seven hours until he finally died of hyperthermia.

Harris’ wife is not angry with Harris for the death of her son, telling reporters, “she misses her son deeply, but finds solace knowing Cooper is shielded from knowing the pain of a broken heart, from mourning the death of his own loved ones and from being exposed to the hard truths of a world that she called broken.”

Friends and family, although advised not to say any more to the media, say that Harris was a great dad and murder would be uncharacteristic.

Information gathered from further investigation by Cobb County authorities, indicate Harris may have been living a double life, where he was unhappy in his marriage and exchanging nude photos with several women online.

Justin Ross Harris: Court documents show dad discussed son’s life insurance policies with relatives, from

Wife of Justin Ross Harris also did internet searches on child vehicle deaths, warrants reveal, from

Ga. dad Justin Ross banned from funeral of toddler son left to die in hot car, from Daily News.

Georgia toddler death: Who is Justin Ross Harris? from CNN.

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I’m glad to see an article posted here about Harris.I’ve heard about this on the news.First of all,it is incomprehensible to me that a loving & concerned father would leave his child in a locked vehicle on a hot day!!!

Second of all,is the evidence of the internet searches about how long it would take for a child to die under those exact circumstances!Then the fact that Harris and his wife had TWO life insurance policies on Cooper;and these were discussed with relatives.

Finally,the fact that Harris and his wife were having marital problems,and that he was sexting other women.By her comments,his wife sounds depressed…like she isn’t even able to grieve her child’s death at this time!Who knows what kind of information will come out of this trial?!!


This is another situation. The more they report on this situation the sadder it gets. The boyfriend sounds like a sociopath. The mother probably a victim of domestic violence at the moment her culpability seems more like Stockholm Syndrome – time will tell. The biological father a victim having lost his daughter. For the child, a horrific death.


It’s unclear why the biological mother and father weren’t married and taking care of their child together. She is so young, at 17.

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