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Tonight on ABC 20/20: ‘Sociopaths and psychopaths walk amongst us’

Tonight’s episode of ABC 20/20 focuses on a murder-for-hire case in Texas. Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon was charged with the murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier. Dixon hired his friend, David Shepard, to commit the crime.

Shepard’s three daughters were crucial in securing the conviction. In this show, they are speaking out publicly about having a murderer for a father.

ABC News 20/20 airs at 10 p.m. Eastern time tonight.

Daughters of Texas love triangle murder-for-hire killer discuss dad’s involvement, on


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’Sociopaths and psychopaths walk amongst us’…Her words are POWERFUL to be hear on this show and very articulate, I am sure this segment will wake up a few people who are suffering at the hands of their sociopath mate right now. And just maybe they will do a internet search on the words Sociopath and psychopaths!

Thanks for posting this Donna I will watch this show.

Rosie Jackson

They do a lot more than just “walk” among us. They try to destroy us.

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