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Toronto mayor admits smoking crack but refuses to step down

During a Toronto city council meeting, Mayor Rob Ford admitted under questioning that while in a drunken stupor several months earlier, he smoked crack cocaine. Ford, who voluntarily came forward, admitted to a few isolated incidents of drug use and apologized for his acts of stupidity, but doesn’t think he needs to step down from his position as mayor. Ford denies that he has an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, and says he just wants to get on with his job.

Toronto mayor admits to illegal drug buys in last 2 years from


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Toronto mayor says he’s getting professional help

Today the Mayor had his wife stand next to him during at a press conference…he is now accused of paying women for sex according to his own staff members….his wife looks utterly mentally, emotional and physically drained by her husband (how all wives look when they are with a sociopath)…just image how this man rants behind closed doors.

I hope his wife finds her way to a good counselor who will urge her to leave her husband and to Lovefraud. I think the saddest thing for the wife is eventually the media will turn on her….the media does not understand how manipulative and cunning a man like this mayor is behind close doors nor do they understand that his wife is just mentally/emotionally/physically exhausted from her husbands constant chaos and lies to a point she cant even think straight…throw in his gas lighting, brain washing, pity story, don’t leave me etc and also the brain washing from childhood from society that you have to do everything to make your marriage work and you can see why one of these politician wife’s (or anyone dealing with a sociopath) cant find the door out of their marriage.

Even sadder part is if she does leave him is she will have no true support..her family and friends will not understand what she went through nor what she endured during the nightmare of a divorce from a sociopath…they will just tell her to get over it, move on…but as we all know it takes a long time to financially, mentally and emotional get throughout the aftermath of being with a sociopath and the PTSD that the sociopath inflicted on the victim.

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