Toronto cop guilty but not convicted of assaulting girlfriend

Constable Jason Peacock of the Toronto Police Service was found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend, Kathryn Wells, who is a Toronto criminal defense lawyer. He was given a conditional discharge.

Here’s the definition of a conditional discharge in Wikipedia:

In Canada, a conditional discharge is a sentence passed in criminal court in which an individual is found guilty of an offence but is deemed not to have been convicted. Although a discharge is not considered a conviction, a record of an absolute or conditional discharge is kept by Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and by the charging police agency and is purged from the individual’s police record after three years.

The Toronto Police Association funded Peacock’s defense, even though he was charged in a domestic violence incident that occurred while he was off-duty.

Toronto police officer given conditional discharge for domestic assault, on

Lawyer asks why police union funded her assaulter’s defence, on


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