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Trauma, victim-blaming and the Steubenville rape

Two football stars accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated 16-year-old girl have pleaded guilty. In the meantime, the victim has received threats of bodily harm.

What about the victim: The Steubenville rape victim’s recovery, on

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The boys didn’t plead guilty. They went to trial in juvenile court and the case was decided by one judge, no jury.

Their attorneys used the “slut shaming” defense – that she was a known liar, she was drunk but not THAT drunk, she was embarrassed by her actions and worried that she would get in trouble, so she cried rape.

I’m so glad that attention has been turned to the victim’s recovery!

It’s truly a shame that in order to try to get those boys free of accusation,their attorney’s would throw such a bad light on the girl’s character!I know they were only doing their job,but what if that had been their daughter?!!

A rape victim is just that;no more no less.She has been through a very traumatic ordeal.And it’s bad enough when kept private—but when it’s on the internet and social media,that’s even more brutal!Kids can be so cruel!Btw,it doesn’t matter what mistakes the girl has made in her life…NOBODY DESERVES TO BE RAPED!

So glad that the girls who threatened to do the girl bodily harm because of the boys’ sentencing,were arrested!If the law would ‘crack down’ on such threats immediately,we wouldn’t be hearing of it so often.

Ox Drover

Only after they were judged as guilty did they admit and “apologize” for what they did. II heard on the news last night one of the police? prosecutors? say “there were 16 people who would NOT TALK to us” in other words there were 16 people who knew something about this crime but chose to keep mum even when questioned.

It is a crime in Ohio, a felony in fact, to NOT REPORT A CRIME. And I think it SHOULD BE A CRIME to observe a crime and not report it, or to refuse to cooperate in a criminal investigation.

I do not believe a word of the “I’m sorrys” these boys spoke. They are in my opinion so narcissistic and think the RULES don’t apply to them because they are JOCKS.

The girls who threatened the lives of the victim, I’m glad they are being prosecuted and I think they should be and spending some time in juvy should show the town if not the girls that their behavior is UNACCEPTABLE.

I am not sure about trying these boys as juveniles, or if they should have been tried as adults and sent to big boy prison for 40 years….narcissism in adolescents is “normal” to some extent, but maybe there is some hope for these boys….who knows at this point. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for their tears, though.

The girl’s family said that if the boys had JUST APOLOGIZED they would have settled for that and no prosecution.

“Boys will be boys” as the saying goes….and they can come up with some wild stuff (I know, I had 4 brothers) but RAPE?!
I know partying with alcohol doesn’t help one keep their senses.I wish kids would learn that more harm than fun comes from all that alcohol and hormones.

That was generous that the girl’s family was willing to accept an apology and not prosecute.But what kind of example would that really set for the young people of the town?What about their daughter’s trauma?!If the “young and restless” can do as they wish,with no consequences,other than uttering an apology(whether sincere or not),they may go on to become hardened criminals!

If these boys had not been prosecuted,but went on to represent their school as football players,how would that have looked?!Not only would they be glorifying football,they would have been glorifying RAPISTS!


This whole case was so disturbing that I don’t even know how to respond to it. That the violation of another human being could be viewed as entertainment and shared with the entire world via technology just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

WHAT has our society and culture come to for this to be considered comedic entertainment?!


Awful, just awful. 🙁

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