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Trial starts for man accused of beheading his wife

Six days before her death, Aasiya Hassan, of Orchard Park, New York, prepared an affidavit for her divorce describing nine years of physical abuse. Her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, is accused of her murder. For his defense, he plans to claim that he was the battered spouse.

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lesson learned

I read about this when it happened and I couldn’t read anymore.

Just awful.

Now he wants to play the victim. Why does that just seem soooo typical.

Ox Drover

The first article asks the question of “who do you believe?”

Actually, I believe the wife’s version (as much as the article gives) because her words sound more credible than his. The timing of the abuse, and the fact that she was beheaded make her version sound more credible than his presenting himself as a victim, and signing letters with his mother’s name, when they were apparently clearly in his handwriting and she denies writing them. DUH!?

The blame-the-victim stance is typical of many personality disordered individuals who refuse to accept blame for their own behavior and project the blame onto the victim themselves.

It will be interesting to see how much the jury buys this. My guess is that they will not.

lesson learned


I did ultimately read the stories. This seems similar to Nicole Brown Simpson in that she left a journal or notes in her safe deposit box of what he’d done to her. It was obvious who committed that crime, yet he got away with it.

I can’t imagine this man getting away with this murder too. He’s also writing to Newspapers, particularly one writer to which he’s raging because that writer believes the victim and has written stories about the case. If he was so innocent and his claims were real,why would he have to use a pencil laden bullhorn to get the word out?



Can we call this projection?

kim frederick

Doing a great job of changing the misperceptions about Muslems isn’t he?
Anyone read,”A Thousand Splendid Suns”?


hi all, Kim Frederick didn’t read that book…but I’m guessing it’s about Muslim viewpoints regarding life, equality and women’s place in the Muslim theory of things?

after reading the article, and it does sound realistic what that woman wrote , I can only imagine the fear she carried with her on him finding out…to BEHEAD your violent wife is eh…I would say…not something you would expect from a battered husband? and the way he is talking sounds like the familiar spathshit we have come to know and not tolerate for a second ….what do you see in his face? I looked at the photograph and it has the energy of a very direct unafraid almost scary looking dominant male…I would expect evidence to back that up and would be dumbfounded if he is in fact found innocent after be heading his wife! that means SEVERING all the muscle tissue bones larynx everything of a woman much smaller in size than him….

surpressed rage of a battered spouse or psychopathic meltdown at being exposed by a woman he believed was inferior and thought he had under control…. scratch my head? Thank God I have a head to scratch…..

kim frederick

I snickered at your humor BP. That poor woman. And she was his third wife. Just think of all the misery this monster spread around….and the arrogance of his trying to help her change her charactor flaws…can you imagine the brain-washing? Spending an intire 24 hours, hearing about how wrong you are…not being allowed to sleep.
This just reenforces the fact that DV victims ARE in the most danger when they leave or try to leave. The spath panics when the gig is up, and they know they’ve lost controll.


He is soooo guilty!!!!!
This is a text book case. From the domestic abuse . . to the violent beheading . . to blame the victim.

(In his culture . . he would probably would get off . . . after all, she insulted (or shamed) him by telling the truth about his abuse, so in his culture, he was in his rights to behead her). Too bad he’s in the US, where we don’t do that!

It sickens me.


well, isn’t he a charmer. he’ll need a penpal when he’s in jail. i know just the woman to write him! she looooves a good con.


Oh, Onestep! that is a freakin awesome idea. You are soooo right.. LOL, Bwahahahahhahha.


🙂 i DO have her mailing address…maybe this man could receive some nice, ‘you are such a stud,’ letters in jail. oh my, what a nasty and spathy idea. snort. mind you, i’d have to drive for a day to mail them.

actually sounds like a very good revenge plot. but, sadly, not one that i will carry out, because she diesn’t get any more of my time, and i don’t want the karma of that little action. but still…. 😉


but still….what a charming idea..

I had the same type of thought about my ex-boss. She ran me out of my job. The one thing this mean wicked woman feared is spiders. (cause she told me) I am not afraid of spiders a bit. I really entertained the thought of sending her a gift box of spiders. but I never did..

Ox Drover

You know, I have stayed up nights thinking of all kinds of nasty revenge plots, but the only thing they did was make me more bitter. Now I do my best to not think along those lines, but I must admit sometimes it is tempting to at least have a fantasy like “gallows humor” of doing something like the “gift box of spiders.” LOL


Gift box of spiders. ha ha ha ha ha!!! (Wow, I better think about something else before I go to bed or else I’ll have nightmares…!)


my X was terrified of snakes – I have had some revenge fantasies – well I had some – like putting a big 7 foot black rat snake in his truck – i dont give a rats ass about getting revenge anymore..i got my revenge – i survived and I am living well without him..


star? you have snakes for pet’s and your afraid of a itty bitty spider?

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