Trial starts for man accused of beheading his wife

Six days before her death, Aasiya Hassan, of Orchard Park, New York, prepared an affidavit for her divorce describing nine years of physical abuse. Her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, is accused of her murder. For his defense, he plans to claim that he was the battered spouse.

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🙂 i DO have her mailing address…maybe this man could receive some nice, ‘you are such a stud,’ letters in jail. oh my, what a nasty and spathy idea. snort. mind you, i’d have to drive for a day to mail them.

actually sounds like a very good revenge plot. but, sadly, not one that i will carry out, because she diesn’t get any more of my time, and i don’t want the karma of that little action. but still…. 😉

but still….what a charming idea..

I had the same type of thought about my ex-boss. She ran me out of my job. The one thing this mean wicked woman feared is spiders. (cause she told me) I am not afraid of spiders a bit. I really entertained the thought of sending her a gift box of spiders. but I never did..

You know, I have stayed up nights thinking of all kinds of nasty revenge plots, but the only thing they did was make me more bitter. Now I do my best to not think along those lines, but I must admit sometimes it is tempting to at least have a fantasy like “gallows humor” of doing something like the “gift box of spiders.” LOL

Gift box of spiders. ha ha ha ha ha!!! (Wow, I better think about something else before I go to bed or else I’ll have nightmares…!)

my X was terrified of snakes – I have had some revenge fantasies – well I had some – like putting a big 7 foot black rat snake in his truck – i dont give a rats ass about getting revenge anymore..i got my revenge – i survived and I am living well without him..

star? you have snakes for pet’s and your afraid of a itty bitty spider?

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