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TVOne introduces new docu-drama ‘Deceived’


The new show “Deceived” tells stories of betrayal.

In March of this year, TV One premiered its new 60 minute docu-drama entitled “Deceived.” The series delves into the lives of victims who have fallen prey to con artists and thieves, telling the real-life stories of men and women who have been betrayed by someone they trusted. Each episode is a riveting narrative of abused trust and final justice revealed through the testimony of the victims, re-enactments, interviews with close family members and friends, and stock footage.

The series premiere, “Doctor of Deceit,” tells the story of how Eric Perteet deceived Tammy McCreary and Joy Richardson, both of whom  thought they had met the man of their dreams.

Deceived airs on Mondays 9/8C on Tvone. Full Episodes of the show can also be seen online.
Deceived Episode One: Doctor  of Deceit

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Thank you for posting this….I just watched that episode and it was really helpful…I was able to see so many similarities in my own situation….seeing it in real life helped to me to understand better…they showed 2 women devasted by this guy….great that he was locked away…but what will happen when he gets out!…why is the system so naive to how these people will continue to wreak havoc…they should be responsible to the innocent people…it is not right….wonder how many others he really conned?

I watch a lot of Judge Judy and I have always thought I could count on her for the right way to handle things. Today I saw a similar situation to mine. A woman met a man, took him in, he seemed loving, honest and upfront but then ended up using her for her money and never intended on staying with the woman once the “well” went dry and he had to start paying money back.

Judge Judy, with the help of hind sight, and because it wasn’t her money, told the lady it was all her fault. The women who was scammed was the idiot. Judy implied if it had happened to her, she would have killed him. Is that what the Judge is recommending? Judge Judy stated the woman has a job, money and a good life the the man would always be a creep. She told the woman to move on and be thankful she didn’t lose more money basically.

Is that what the world is coming to? The victim gets slapped for being too kind and the predator moves on to take other women for their money. No law has been broken, the victim is just too stupid to live.

I feel very defeated and I feel like serving up MY OWN JUSTICE, SINCE THERE IS NO RECOURSE FOR SOMEONE WHO WAS SCAMMED OUT OF 69,000.00. At least I had it to lose, right, I should be very thankful and learn my lesson. That’s what the sociopath tells everyone because what he has done is not illegal, it is just WRONG. It’s a CIVIL MATTER.

broken, defeated and used
I thought we would take care of each other, but HE sure took care of ME. I owe 10,000 in taxes because of the money I took out of retirement (to pay his child support and his bills). I have two car payments because he wouldn’t pay for his car. I have bad credit because he won’t pay his phone bill and He has a VPO against me because I ask for my things back.

Where is the justice?

When will it be against the law to screw goodhearted people?

alesias – I am so sorry for your experience. Unfortunately, it is shared by many people on Lovefraud.

It is an outrage. I hope we can educate more people so that they don’t get caught in the trap to begin with.


after thinking about this episode of Decieved….I was thinking of how the story would have gone…had the man Not actually been caught and gone to jail….That is how it went for me and others here….There is never a trial..or conviction…just proof in our minds of what we experienced … and we are the main witness….our word against theirs….to which they can amp up the lies and con….while these woman might have some sense of closure…since this man was ultimately exposed for all to see…some of us just live with a knowing …but never see the men exposed to their lies….cheating ….etc….I am not convinced that going to jail would ultimately do anything for these pspths…it does give a sense of peace maybe…that at least they are not out there lurking for awhile…..!!!!

Grace, I am having a trial, which means more money out of my pocket. My sociopath doesn’t pay his lawyer so I can’t even communicate with him. I would be happy if the sociopath that screwed me were put in jail because then he might feel what it is like to be screwed, manipulated, defeated and used again. Sociopaths know how to be one step behind the law and never get caught. Ben Hunter will just move on to his next victim and no one will be the wiser because I am unable to do anything about it.


I am so sorry about your situation….we all feel bad enough about ourselves for being duped and exploited by someone professing to “love” us….to then have a system which is supposed to stand for justice…turn around and let the real bad guys go and allow them to victimize another unsuspecting individual…then put the responsibilty on the victim!!!… it is just more proof of the topsy turvey kingdom in which we live!

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