Two men throw their babies into rivers

I couldn’t believe the local newspaper today. Two stories referred to two different men who had each allegedly thrown their baby daughters from bridges into rivers, where they drowned.

Arthur Morgan III allegedly did not return his 2-year-old daughter, Tierra Morgan-Glover, to the girl’s mother after his first court-approved visitation. The New Jersey Department of Children and Families had been involved in the case for more than a year, but failed to protect the child. Read:

Kin: System failed NJ toddler found dead in creek, on ABCNews.Go.com.

Arthur Morgan waives extradition; ordered out of California by Dec. 21, on APP.com.

Maybe it was a copycat case. Last year, another New Jersey man, Shamsid-Din Abdur-Raheem, allegedly abducted his infant daughter from her grandmother, while the child’s mother was obtaining a restraining order.  The child’s body was found in the Raritan River several months later. Read:

Accused baby killer’s talks with imam may be used in murder/kidnap trial, Judge says, on PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

UPDATE: BBC report on the child abuse epidemic in America:

America’s child death shameon BBC.co.uk.

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You know the first time the article about Dr. Amy Castillo’s children being murdered by her children’s father after she had warned the judge that he had said he intended to kill them and the judge gave him visitation anyway was printed on LF I was gobsmacked by the story. Then I have read other stories about mothers and fathers kidnapping and/or murdering their children to get revenge on the partner that escaped their clutches, or was about to escape.

I also ready today that between 1500 and 2500 children are killed each year in domestic violence situations in the US alone. I sit here feeling totally helpless. I’ve read that statistics show that 75% of the people who are “violent abusers’ would qualify as “psychopaths”—and 25% of the 2 MILLION convicts in our prisons right this minute qualify as psychopaths, and the average PCL-R score is 22 which means these people are NOT nice people—there are 5 million more people on parole or probation, I wonder that their average PCL-R score would be.

Our (society’s) children are at risk, from a standpoint of being abused by parents and by the “system” as well in not protecting them.

When will the courts wake up and realize that these personality disordered people are DANGEROUS and realize that CHILDREN should have rights and parents should not have a “right” to a child simply by engaging in a sexual act that resulted in a birth.

That “country” singer with 4 suicide attempts etc. that just kidnapped her son age 4 from her mother (after she had been denied custody because of her drug use, chaotic life etc) and when she was found with the child she said “Oh, I didn’t steal my son, I can’t STEAL WHAT IS MINE” Like the child was an object.

The judge gave her until 5 p.m. today to return the child and that’s all I know. She also said she is 7 months preg with twins.


See? Laughing really does work…no one responded. Yay SKylar 🙂

From what I understand, it was the murderer who often called the Department of Children and Families with allegations against his ex-gf, the mother of the baby and her family, and the Department dropped the case each time against the mother and her family out of lack of evidence. Normally visitation by him was scheduled by court. The day he drowned his daughter was unsupervised and unscheduled. He promised to take her to see Happy Feet Two, but never returned.

The story about his charming his way in the family, then becoming extremely controlling and vicious has the spath red flags all over him, including calling the Department each time while his claims were invalid.

The family and mother of the child though seemed to have acted careless on good faith, and went outside the system themselves. They probably expected he would never harm the baby. Unfortunately, they were fooled that he ‘loved’ his daughter.

Reading the two cover stories, I’m starting to think he planned it. He started to claim at first that nobody was allowed to touch his child. Once he and his gf were separated he calls the Department several times about concerns regarding the safety of his child when with the mother and her family. After the nth failure, he arranges a daddy date outside of the court schedule (probably even got them used to it to build their trust) with promises, but instead of watching the movie he drowns his child and flees to the total opposite side of the country. Note also that he pawned jewelry for money and the greyhound ticket cost over 200$.

I’m thinking he was setting up a smear campaign against his ex-gf and her family concerning his daughter. Then he killed her and wanted to make it look the mother and her famiy caused it, hoping that his whereabouts in San Diego would provide him his aliby.


They DO plan this sort of thing AHEAD of time, and his “power plays” with calling CPS repeatedly and reporting bogus abuse of the child is a sign he is out for control, but as much as I’d like to say it is a sign that he is likely to kill the child, even in retrospect I can’t say that…but with hundreds of kids being killed each year by their parents (see the bottom of this article where Donna added a link above) and many of those events are just like this and at least planned somewhat in advance.

It saddens me so deeply. Such “parents” should never be released from prison.

If I were in the jury, I’d find him guilty with murder in the 1st degree and give him life without parole! Premeditation is in my opinion probably provable in this case.

I’m very sorry that family seemed to have trusted him. It seems in this case at least child services and courts were trying a minimum to keep the situation safe. But even then, I think he would have tried to harm the child, at the first chance he got, even under supervized visits.

Here’s another one that probably wasn’t premeditated, but heinous at best…not someone who should be let out either in my opinion. I don’t think premeditation is the ONLY reason to lock someone up for life without parole.


OMG! The child had bite marks too! How can anyone with any sort of empathy believe that if you bite and hit a child it will stop crying? That’s all lies! Yup, no parole for him as well. It sounds more like a 5-year old pulling the cat’s tail to observe what it will do… hit and bite my son and see what happens.

Reading this post and hearing the multitude of horror stories of children being killed and abused in this country is disgusting!!! In my opinion there is no need to jail anyone that is blatantly responsible for the death of a child.

Why in the world should we house, feed and make these monsters eligible for parole??? There is NO rehabilitating them!!! Even death by lethal injection is too good for them. I believe their life should be extinguished in the same manner of the crime they committed.

There would be fewer crimes committed if this was the case and our children would all be safer!!

I don’t know how anyone can survive and read this stuff… everyday traumatized with pure horror of parents who either bite their kids or do some other kind of torture.

This is why I stay inside, don’t watch the tube, and don’t read the news.


Yea, I imagine the child was crying FROM the bite marks is why he would not stop crying.

Yea, I believe he was “sorry”– NOT!!!!!! Tried to blame it on the baby drowning, but didn’t realize (A) that an autopsy could prove what the baby really died from and (B) that leaving a child of that age in a tub of water alone is just as evil as hitting him.

Stupid man, evil man! They really do NOT “get it” about hurting or killing an infant.

Yup, I suspect the same thing. He bit him to see his response and then when his son started to cry he stomped him twice in the stomach.

After we were married my ex spath told me that he had another daughter long ago that I had not been aware of before, he said he had sold her for drug money. I was absolutely horrified, another layer of his true identity peeled away. When he saw the look of horror on my face he said “it’s not as bad as it sounds”. Seriously… are you freaking kidding me!! How can a parent treat their child like that?? How can a parent not feel any remorse and guilt for treating a child like that?? Not only did he do that, but he was trying to make it sound like it was no big deal!! I think he must know at some level that it IS a big deal because he hid this and many other things from me until after we were married! I still can’t help but wonder what happened to that little baby girl!! I was shocked over and over and over again at how self deluded this man was and is!! It was so bizarre, so creepy! He was so diabolical and intentional in putting on a completely false persona until we were married! I put it all in our annulment papers with all the other serious issues that I became aware of after we were married!! Of course I could not prove some of the things that I learned, but most I had proof of and I put all the major issues in the annulment request. I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I WAS GRANTED AN ANNULMENT BASED ON FRAUD AND A RESTRAINING ORDER AND HE IS OUT OF MY LIFE!! PRAISE GOD AND THANK YOU JESUS!

Before I met my ex spath, I knew what a psychopath was to some degree, but it takes first hand experience before you can really comprehend how purely evil these people can be! And my experience is rather tame compared to some of the stories here! When a person experiences this level of evil from a sociopath in their own life we are never the same, we are now much more aware of a level of ice cold human depravity that is truly disturbing! It is down right scary how normal and nice these people can appear when they want to! I am thankful for this website and the books and stories so we can learn to be more discerning in the future! One thing that helps is that their traits are so similar! Through education and sharing there is hope!

Infants are actually, as I understand it, quiet salable in the black market for private adoptions, in fact, not long ago there was a big expose about babies being sold for up to $180,000 and some media star bought one and she cooperated with the cops and helped bring down the baby selling ring, but she got to keep the baby she bought.

Hosanna, Glad you are free of that creep….and got an annulment instead of a divorce.

His reason for telling you that story, right after you were married, was to point out to you that you had married a loser.

This was an attack on your self-esteem. He was knocking you down a peg. Since he has no self-esteem of his own, due to not having any values, he can tell you all about his perverted and disgusting behavior and it doesn’t affect him at all. It only serves to slime you. He was feeling duper’s delight.


My lilving history group had a guy in it that went to prison for kiddie porn, and it was covered up pretty much by the Arkansas Parks Department which was his employer at the time, he got out, rejoined the group I was in and went to work with kids at the Historical Arkansas Museum. Of course NO ONE bothered to check out where he had been during that time so when he showed up in the group’s newsletter at the HAM working with kids, I went through the roof!

Even the President of our group said “well, he’s paid his debt to society” NO!!!!!! NO!!!!! But fortunately the director at HAM didn’t think so either and fired him. The women on the board of my group at the time sided with me on the issue of him being in our group and I contacted his federal parole officer–The Feds “got rid of parole” by terming it “supervised release.” LOL Same dog different name! Anyway, the man kept going to different jobs with 4-H and other kids groups and posting it on his FB and several other female members of our group and I kept following his jobs and sending copies of his “public records” about his crime and sentencing to his new employers. In 2007 he committed suicide after he was outed at a local museum where he had been volunteering and the police talked to him again.

Pedophiles do NOT give up–EVER. I think of all the kinds of psychopaths they are the WORST and nothing makes them quit stalking kids. Donna posted a notice on here about a pedophile who is in prison and age 100 and is still a danger and can’t be let out. LOL

You are right Hosanna, churches are in the business of redeeming and forgiving sinners so they don’t do much in the way of background checks—churches are the PERFECT PLAYGROUND for psychopaths to fool the “sheeple” which is what the psychopaths on the psychopath blogs call us. It is a well paying gig too when they get people to send them money!!!!

@ Oxy
I AGREE! I can not tell you how difficult it was for me to get to a place of trust with this man. He greatly minimized every crime he committed, he groomed me, he changed my thinking, he duped me. I was on staff working in a different church. I was a perfect target for him and the church is full of people that want to believe the best about people and that they have truly changed. We are called to love and trust and forgive! Good Lord it is the field of dreams for a sociopath. The church is full of all types of people just like any other organization, rich, poor, mean, nice, educated, uneducated, spiritual, nonspiritual, sick, healthy and on and on. I just want to say that the church that I came from takes a Pedophile conviction very seriously and the other church did not. I can’t tell you how I agonized over that issue alone in his past! I went toe to toe with the my boss the Senior Pastor in many meetings over this issue and it always came down to this, my side was “do we believe that God can transform lives or not” and his was “I am going to err on the side of protecting women and children”. Well here’s the thing, yes we do believe in a God that transforms lives but there needs to be truth, transparency and a humble repentant attitude along with that “transformed life”. Like I said before I had never met a person in my life that could lie so easily about so many things. I WAS WRONG in believing that this particular man is transformed and changed, he is not. He was and is still a pedophile, he has just become very skilled at hiding it. Even though his conviction had been almost 27 years ago, this man is still a pedophile! It’s just like my friend’s detective husband told me “They don’t change”, the detective’s father was a pedophile and he had first hand experience. This issue is emotionally charged for obvious reasons and the church needs to educate themselves about pedophiles and psychopaths because they are in the church just like any other place. My ex pedophile spath is on the internet right now, on Twitter, a theology discussion website, and his two blogs, communicating to the word that he is a Godly man and an advocate for abused women and children, it is a lie.

Community Reacts To Infant Found In Trash Can

“WATERFORD, Calif. (KCRA) — A man searching through a trash can outside a gas station found a dead baby Thursday night, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said.

The baby was found just after 9 p.m., wrapped in a blanket in Waterford. Deputies said an autopsy revealed that the baby was at full term. The baby’s sex was released as the investigation is pending.

In a new conference Friday, Anthony Bejaran, with the Stanislaus Sheriff Department said that they are looking for the biological mother and are concerned for her safety.

The man who discovered the baby was looking for aluminum cans in the trash, located right next to the gas pumps at the Bait Barn station off Yosemite Boulevard, deputies said.

When fire personnel arrived, they pronounced the child dead.

“It appeared to be fairly newborn,” Detective Jon Mcqueary said.

A gas station employee told KCRA 3 that the trash can the baby was found inside is emptied three times a day, leading her to believe the child was placed there at some point in the afternoon or evening.

Sheriff’s deputies say they have reviewed the store’s surveillance video, but have not come up with any leads. They said there is more footage to examine. The department is asking anyone with information to come forward.”



I was also brought up to believe that we must “trust” or we have not “forgiven”—but I have since then realized that is NOT WHAT the Bible says…For example, the story of Joseph who was sold into Egypt by his brothers had “forgiven” them, but he did NOT trust them immediately when he recognized them, he TESTED them harshly to see what kind of men they had become in the 20-30 years since he had last seen them,, and he saw that they would sacrifice themselves to save their other brother’s life, and to keep their father from grieving. They had changed, and THEN he revealed himself as their brother. I realize now that I can “forgive” (get the bitterness out of my own heart) but NOT trust these people until I have SEEN that they have truly changed.

The minister in the small church where I attended IS also a pedophile, and he took the side of the pedophile who was targeting my family–“forgiving” him and calling me a liar–when the minister was arrested this summer, I knew why he was so “forgiving”–because he was also a pedophile.

We must validate ourselves and sometimes if they are given enough rope they will hang themselves, but sometimes they lynch us before that time comes.

Yes Oxy I agree we need to work towards forgiveness that rids us of bitterness and that doesn’t mean the forgiven person is trustworthy. Trust must be earned and healthy people do not demand trust. It is so easy for a psychopath to say that they are sorry, but if they are truly repentant then there will be a change of behavior. Our trust is a very precious part of our soul and from now on I will be much more careful to whom I give my trust.

By the way, nice job to LF in dealing with the pathological antagonists that have been hanging around here the last couple days! Lovefraud has great spathdar!

I read, “why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry men.”

It’s fascinating. There is a story about a man who gets sent to anger management classes. He goes and learns. For 5 years he is a saint. He changes his behavior, he becomes a good man. As soon as the 5 years is over, he beats the crap out of his wife and tells her he was faking it all along.

I don’t believe that spaths can hide what they are. The red flags will show, no matter how good they are at acting. But we have to know the red flags. Don’t trust anyone who has red flags. Empathy does not allow the behavior of a spath. A person who has empathy can’t behave badly. Period. Learn the red flags and know the truth.

I have read that book, it was very helpful! Yes I need to learn to recognize the red flags better. Thanks Sky! : )

Sky, I don’t agree that a “person who has empathy can’t behave badly” because I can think of a lot of times I have behaved badly and I have an excess of empathy.

As Dr. Baron-Cohen in his book about empathy or the lack of it says that we CONTROL the amount of empathy we express or if we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to walk by a homeless man without stopping and writing them a deed to our homes. We have empathy but we don’t let it over come us, and sometimes we can even turn it off completely…like say for example in a situation of self defense, how could I possibly take another person’s life since I have empathy? Or how could I ever kill an animal for food?

You may say “well those things are ‘not bad’ ” Well, if I have ever told a lie, ever cheated in any way, ever stole something, ever Done anything “bad” then does that mean I have NO empathy? Because no one but Jesus has been perfect, had perfect empathy. Sure I have empathy, and probably too much, and I’ ve done things I knew were wrong, or that were wrong and I was angry and I did or said them, because for that moment I suspended my empathy.

I know people who have cheated on their spouses, or have gone out a time or two with someone they knew was married, but I don’t think they are devoid of empathy, just for that moment devoid of good judgment. It is the people you see who continually go out with married people for long periods of time, or multiple times, or cheat multiple times that I think are lacking in empathy and moral compass. We all make mistakes, and we all do things that we know are wrong, but it is the PATTERN of BAD ACTS and lack of moral compass that demonstrates lack of functional empathy.

The day I threw the psychopath off my place that I had let come here in her little motor home to live in a safe place, I suspended my empathy for her, I stood and watched her spin and try to get my pity, then when that didn’t work, to rage at me for abusing her, then back to the pity ploy. I realized at the time that I had NO empathy for her as she whirled from pity to rage and back again to pity, rinse and repeat.

I wondered if that is how the psychopaths feel when we are begging them to stop hurting us. I think it is probably how they feel. Nothing that woman said to me that day would have made me either feel sorry for her or feel that I had abused her by telling her she couldn’t stay here any more.

But seeing a “bad act” (say theft or cheating on a spouse) is a RED FLAG and if you observe that person doing a “bad act” then they bear watching for sure to see if there is a PATTERN of bad acts. They are not the kind of person I would be prone to trust until they had earned it for sure.

None of us is “perfect” or “free of sin” but how we behave after we have done something “bad” and if we repeat that bad act or not, or other bad acts and the LEVELS of those bad acts.

Can’t remember who said it but the quote about “he is such a nice guy when he isn’t robbing banks.” Or about Sandusky being such a “nice guy” when he wasn’t having sex with kids….I doubt that sandusky or the bank robber either have a great deal of empathy for their victims, but then nothing is black and white, but mostly shades of gray of one level or another.

ah! When you are suspending your empathy, you don’t have empathy, and therefore you behave badly! LOL!

I do agree that it was a poor choice of words on my part and I get what you mean.

Actually, the bad behavior can occur even in the context of empathy. Sometimes we try to be empathetic and stick our foot in our mouth, but mostly that’s not what I would consider “bad”, just dumb.

I guess after experiencing the evil of the spaths, I just don’t consider things to be very bad unless they reach a higher level. Everything pales in comparison to the spath behavior. And spath behavior is what I meant. Only someone without empathy can someone plot and connive for years and years to show a good face when in fact they wish only to destroy you.


“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. ” That is true.

I’ve shut people out of my life who had the best intentions (helping me without me asking for their help nor needing it) and mess up my life (extra job, potential partners). They’re not drama rama queens, nor spaths… just so insecure and muddled up in their own lives’ that they suddenly think that if they fix my life (from their projection) then their lives will fix itself too.

Usually my harsh rejection of the “help” and going NC forced them to take a look at themselves. When they’ve grown though, they’ll usually initiate contact again in a non-desparate way, non-needy, and at least we can relate in a healthy way again… because they aren’t spaths.

I would like to watch the HARE documentary FISHHEAD.
I finally found the link, and now it says I need a password.
The “email us” link for the password doesn’t work.

Any clue how to get a PW?

Things must be slow for you on the other site, Michael.

What is it that you want?


athena, if you hover the email us, or right click it, you can copy the email address. Go to your email, copy the email into the “to”, send them a mail with a request for the password, and you’ll get the password and a personal mail from the makers.

Lonely life…..’happily’ married with three ‘loving’ children….spending so much energy online starting new accounts. I can’t imagine, nor do I care to know……….
just how pathetic this dope is, this is virtual and it reads pathetic……In ‘real life’…..the patheticness is magnified.


You see folks…..one of the lessons (I hope) we’ve all learned is……actions vs words.
On LF we don’t have the benefits of ‘seeing’ someone in ‘real life’. (actions)
But we do have the benefits of watching the word actions…..vs. word intentions.
It’s clear why these people are disordered.
Don’t take any disordered words verbatum……stop viewing others through your own filters and see the reality. You are being played.
That’s all it is…..a game of power and control. A meager attempt at the disordered feeling powerful over others.
And it’s meager…..that’s why it get’s by.

Why do we care……
We shouldn’t…..because we are going to the wrong folks for answers to our questions.
They are ‘sideshows’…..bearded ladies, men with 2 heads…..1/2 elephant….and they reside in a circus life.
And this is where we look for anything real??????

Do you go to the movies and worry about the characters in them? Do you think movies/television is real….because it’s called REALITY TV?
Come on folks…….time to knotch it up….spend your time looking in the the right places for your answers……not under rocks.

The questions/answers are right in front of us…….get out into the world and view it through the same curiosity you come to lf with…..but with cautious filters. Test yourselves silently…..with only you knowing…..test your trust capacity……and retest it.
None of us are immune…..it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how pretty you are, gay/straight, what profession you work in…..what church you attend or the schools you graduated from……NONE of us are immune.

Toxic whackjobs are out there…….they are here at LF……the only job we have to do is……identify them, keep ourselves safe (emotionally/physically) and move on with that knowlege. It’s simple really. We won’t ever be able to change others perceptions or reality……

It doesn’t matter if she comes back as 1000 different characters…….it’s still a non existant, lonely in life.

See the reality here…….and laugh.

Well said EB!! Well said!


The password is FH movie.

Actually Louise and Athena,
The password is all lower case and all one word: fhmovie

I just watched Fishhead, I thought it was brilliant and very helpful!

You make me laugh sometimes.
So you suspended your empathy and you wonder if that’s how spaths feel?

Here’s my answer: NO.

It’s NOT how spaths feel. Or at least it’s not how MY spath feels b/c I have watched him when he didn’t know I was there. My spath was laughing, ridiculing, enjoying. He was FEELING THE VICTORY. Laughing how he fooled that stupid B* into thinking he cared.

And my other thought is THIS: Oxy, in order to SUSPEND your empathy, you have to HAVE IT in the first place. You have it in spades (or should I say Hearts). NO SPATH DOES.

ATHENA! Wrote in all caps in the hope it catches your attention. Did you see my post with the real password? fhmovie, all lower case, one word??? “Cause ya gotta watch the movie. It gives ya hope.”

you got it.
They don’t suspend their empathy. They enjoy the pain on your face and would like to see it continue. They’ll do what they can to extend the pleasure of seeing you in grief.

That’s very different from gritting your teeth and holding your boundaries but wishing you were doing something else.

Don’t ya feel empowered. Like, we don’t have to change EVERYONE, we just have to link up with a few, and respond with dignity and logic. People listen to those who have credibility. (not like what I was a couple of years ago, a sobbing broken woman has NO credibility!! it’s still me, the wronged woman, but i am in control of myself now and that makes a BIG dif.)

How’s this for health being left up to an RNP


Feed them all thier bag of skittles, get your perks and and not care about their physical health!!
R- really
N- not
P- physician
Go back to school and get a real medical degree and become a doctor or quit playing God with peoples health.. mental and physical!!!

Not Crazy
Think it’s b/c of the person, not the initials.

In my small town, the RNP was better than our doctor.

And have worked with a couple of cardiologists who have advanced fellowships… and if we “monkeys” hadn’t watched out for our patients, his orders would have killed them. At the time I did that work, I had a high school diploma…. but I knew more than most cardiologists about interventional cardiology.

Yes, the movie is very empowering! The problem with sociopath/psychopaths seems so big, I was encouraged when they said if we can help teach 5-6% of the people then it will ripple out to everyone! It is very empowering because those of us that have had first hand experience with a spath have had our perception of the world changed! It really does take a village, and we are all in this together and together we can absolutely make a difference! I also thought it was good to teach how to distinguish between “just authority” and “unjust authority”! I thought it was very well done and scholarly!

What I was so enthused about the movie was that if we speak with dignity and authority, we can inspire others.

I experienced this one time when I was in Lost Wages (Las Vegas), riding an elevator when two soldiers got on. At first nobody spoke. Then one guy laughed and said, “I bet you can’t wait to get outta the service.” Soldiers said nothing. He went on, “those were the worst years of my life. nothing is more of a waste of life than the military.”

That made my comment pop out of my mouth, a little pissed I piped up, “THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SERVICE. I AM HONORED JUST TO BE ABLE TO SHARE THE ELEVATOR WITH YOU”. Only then one soldier answered, “You’re welcome. And actually we both just reinlisted last week.” That broke the ice. By the time we got to the ground floor, everyone was clapping their appreciation and the disrespecting loudmouth was silent.

While people may or not like having a military, the fact is we have some remarkable cream of the crop people serving to protect us. They serve at the pleasure of the PRESIDENT, they do what HE SAYS, they don’t get to chose their orders or their boss. They are extremely responsible, mature, thoughtful, well trained, organized, can do people and they are HIGHLY empathetic. If ya ever get a chance to hire one of the outstanding servicepeople, you will have a GREAT employee.

ps am not talking about the bad apples, but ya’ll know those are everywhere right?

That is very cool! My dad is a retired Marine and my brother was in the Navy soooo…Thank you! I agree! : )

excellent. ((hugs)) x2 😉

One of the things I like about my boyfriend is that he did a couple of years of reserves service after his time in the Navy was up. That means that, whatever motives he did or didn’t have for signing up in the first place (he was mostly lacking direction at the time), he’s already given more than his original obligation to an organization/cause/etc. other than himself.

I hope that makes sense. This is my brain on insomnia.

Look at the faces of both those “dads”. Completely emotionless. Empty eyes. That is the true face of a spath. Probably they put up a good show of remorse, but you can’t con a camera. That intense intimating stare. Hitler, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, they all had it. It is what makes me call them “the soulless ones”.

From the cold distant place my mind went when the X was telling me The Last Big Lie, when I allowed myself to look at him without excuses, as he blathered on and on about leaving to save out relationship, I realized he was enjoying every minute of it. There was absolutely no reason to behave the way he did except to milk the maximum pain possible. It was the first time I saw “the little man behind the curtain” (from the Wizard Of Oz reference) pulling strings, hiding behind his false curtain of always being a nice guy. It terrified me. I already knew he was ruthless about getting his way, but it was the first time I knew he was dangerous.

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