Two men throw their babies into rivers

I couldn’t believe the local newspaper today. Two stories referred to two different men who had each allegedly thrown their baby daughters from bridges into rivers, where they drowned.

Arthur Morgan III allegedly did not return his 2-year-old daughter, Tierra Morgan-Glover, to the girl’s mother after his first court-approved visitation. The New Jersey Department of Children and Families had been involved in the case for more than a year, but failed to protect the child. Read:

Kin: System failed NJ toddler found dead in creek, on ABCNews.Go.com.

Arthur Morgan waives extradition; ordered out of California by Dec. 21, on APP.com.

Maybe it was a copycat case. Last year, another New Jersey man, Shamsid-Din Abdur-Raheem, allegedly abducted his infant daughter from her grandmother, while the child’s mother was obtaining a restraining order.  The child’s body was found in the Raritan River several months later. Read:

Accused baby killer’s talks with imam may be used in murder/kidnap trial, Judge says, on PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

UPDATE: BBC report on the child abuse epidemic in America:

America’s child death shameon BBC.co.uk.

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Sky ` I agree. One thing, it wasn’t Social Services this time. It was a Family Court Judge that made the decision and they are immune to lawsuits. It was a private visitation company, not even Social Services. Not that they would have done anything differently.

Actually, this brings up a good point as far as education. While I agree that Social Services needs a complete overhaul, because it is broken, it is usually the JV or Family Court that makes the decisions. Social Services will recommend that the children be taken away, or the type of visitation that should be taking place, but in the end, it is ALWAYS the decision of a Court. So there are TWO publicially funded groups of idiots.

Children should have the RIGHT to be safe from a parent. A parent should NOT have a “right” to visit a child…..but in our society a person is “innocent” until PROVEN guilty in a court of law—look at OJ got off scot free but NO ONE thinks he is “innocent” of killing those two people, GOT CUSTODY of his kids…got away without paying the judgments against him in the civil suit….but he did finally go to prison for a while so there is justice sometimes.

The biggest and first serial killer in the UK was a woman who was hanged in 1873 (even before Jack the ripper was ripping) she poisoned 3 husbands, friends, her parents, and the rest were inconvenient children or step children…21 in total that they know about, mostly for insurance money or to just get them out of the way so she could marry again for more insurance money.

Only one husband escaped and got wise and threw her out. Arsenic poisoning. Finally got her though as one doctor got wise and they dug up a boy’s body and found it in him.

Because she moved around frequently no one noticed the patterns, or if they did, she poisoned them! It has gone on for a long time…nothing new. Kids don’t get protected though that’s for sure, and they are the ones who should have the RIGHTS! To be safe!

Here’s a link to the California protective mothers group, I wish it was “parents” group rather than “mothers” but that’s the way it is and I hope it is doing some good at least for mothers.


Ain’t that typically spath!

Donna, this article is so repulsive on every level. Blame-game.

It reminds me of something that a friend’s spath brother told her (and, I quote), “I HAD to manipulate you because you make me do it!”

Even in a courtroom, when a spath has an opportunity to stand accountable for their crimes, they divert, deflect, and blame everyone else for their crimes except he/she that committed the crime.

Oh, lordy, lordy…..it’s just so sick.

Donna, I am horrified by this story and the details. “Life” in prison for “endangering the welfare of a child?” REALLY?! Did the prosecuting attorney add that charge in to make the sentencing worse for the murderer? He threw that infant – a human being that had no options – from a frigging bridge into a river to drown. “Endangering” seems to be one of the most oxymoronic charges imaginable.

And, this case is another glaring example of how a violent abuser can continue their heinous crimes regardless of restraining orders.

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