UK journalist writes about her experience with a con man

A few weeks ago a Swiss man, Helg Sgarbi, pleaded guilty to swindling Germany’s richest woman, BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, out of $9 million. The story was all over the news around the world.

The incident prompted a British journalist, Rachel Royce, to write about her own experience with a con man. Royce writes for the Daily Mail in the UK. One of our Lovefraud readers forwarded a link. Read the story at:

You don’t have to be a BMW heiress to fall for a charming conman—just desperate and lonely, like me

For many of us at Lovefraud, the story is so familiar.

The good news is that the story is being told. Many of us know the humiliation of being conned. And many people before us also knew the humiliation, but were too embarrassed to speak about it. As more of us tell our stories, general awareness of human predators is being raised, whether we call them sociopaths, psychopaths or simply conmen.

Susanne Klatten and Rachel Royce: You go, girls!

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Cold-Hearted Tricksters Among Us, James K. Olson @

I’ve been reporting on a bigamist, one James “Jim” K. Olson. Cheaters Among Us, James K. Olson @ and and Also Gun Controllers Among Us, Marin County California Courts @, and where the victim of bigamy files for divorce in Reno, Nevada since that’s where they lived and owned several Nevada houses with Nevada owners or landlord’s Farmers Insurance on them in the title of a Nevada Living Trust but the Reno judge dismissed her divorce action she filed when she found out about her husband’s bigamy. The Reno judge, Frances Doherty, said California had to handle the divorce although no property was owned in California.

Secrets Among Us, Marin County, CA’s James K. Olson @

In my research, I found that the Reno Mrs. Olson is not compulsive, delusional or obsessive. Rather what I found is puzzling, saddening and infuriating that law and justice are arbitrary, changeable, susceptible to the lies and deceit of lawyers and the whims of the judges, defined by mere commercial expediency. Surely the world is ran by higher priorities than deceit and whims and California’s commerce?

Surely it not. Why should anybody be allowed to retain obsolete fashion? Truth and justice must go. They went. California’s commerce and conversance must be served. Lawyers and judges are whores.

The Reno Mrs. Olson protested mightily. But there is a war on, don’t you know? Mr. James “Jim” K. Olson’s War. Mr. Olson’s War to impose silence, destruction, death and annihilation on his Reno Mrs. Olson. Mr. Olson’s conflict is desperate. Evidence for the justification for Mr. Olson’s War is non-existent, but anything can be put over by deceitful smug lawyers when there is a lazy, corrupt, unpatriotic or incompetent judge.

You listening Nevadan Judge Frances Doherty and Carol Cook? Judge Frances Doherty and Carol Cook are the lazy, corrupt, unpatriotic or incompetent Reno Californicated judges that both threw a Nevada citizen to the California whores and under the wheels of the California bus (DV 07-00352 and FV 07-00748). Let’s see if Reno Nevadan Judge Brent Adams or Judge Greg W. Zive are as lazy, corrupt, unpatriotic or incompetent Californicators (CV 08-01067 and BK 08-51146). You listening Nevadan Judge Brent Adams? You listening Nevadan Judge Greg W. Zive? You listening Nevadans Judge Frances Doherty and Carol Cook?

With great amusement do I point out that Mr. James “Jim” K. Olson hides his bigamy, Reno Nevada homeowners and landlord’s insurance, Nevada Trust, Reno Nevada ownership of house, etc. under his hairshirt. Mr. James “Jim” K. Olson emphasizes his lie he’s an innocent victim rather than the truth. Jim Olson and his Marin County, California lawyer buddies, Steven T. Schoonover and Michael B. Samuels victimized the Reno Mrs. Olson, forging her into a twisted bogeyman. Mr. James “Jim” K. Olson’s California lawyer buddies, Steven T. Schoonover and Michael B. Samuels, kept whipping the disobedient Reno Mrs. Olson into judicial line when she failed to follow their orders to just shut up and go quietly away.

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