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UK man with borderline personality disorder threatens girlfriend and kids

Darren Seago

Darren Seago

Darren Seago, 31, a British man, was sentenced to six years in jail for stalking and threatening his former girlfriend, Georgia Biggs, 29, from Widnes, Cheshire.

Seago threatened to blow her brains out, kill her family and bury them in the woods.

When he went to trial, Georgia Biggs learned that he had previously been convicted of stalking eight other women. A psychologist testified that Seago had borderline personality disorder.

Mother who thought she’d met the ‘perfect gent’ reveals how he threatened to bury her and her two children (and he stalked EIGHT other women before her), on

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We shouldn’t be surprised that this Darren Seago fellow turned out to be a borderline. Borderline personality disorder is distinctly different from psychopathy in several respects, but the borderline is particularly obsessed with the fear of abandonment by a partner (whether real or imagined). That’s a circumstance the borderline seems to find intolerable. So it’s inevitable that a number of borderlines will resort to any desperate measure, however futile—including stalking—in a frantic attempt to “hang on” to their ex-partner or other target. Their rage at the target can be deadly, however. Just because they’re not clinically psychopathic doesn’t mean they can’t be just as dangerous.

At least one “expert” diagnosed Jody Arias as a borderline, but I think her emotional detachment indicates she was more likely to be a genuine psychopath.

More than one Web site discusses the link between stalking and the borderline personality. There’s this from the National Institutes of Health:

Fatal Attraction Syndrome: Stalking Behavior and Borderline Personality

Elsewhere there’s this page, which says more about the subjective “inner world” of the borderline. We can see how it’s different from that of the typical psychopath:

Stalkers and the Borderline Personality


There is a huge difference between a Psychopath and a Borderline. The psychopath is born that way (without a conscience and indifferent to hurting others) and borderlines are created by abuse and neglect (frightened of abandonment and abuse they become clinging and care too much). Victims of psychopaths often develop traits of borderline personality disorder as a result of being the target of a psychopath or growing up with narcissistic/psychopathic parenting which is inevitable child abuse and neglect. I do not like to see them here considered as in the same category. In addition, borderline is treatable and psychopathy is not. Borderline behavior can be scary and annoying but they are not normally viscous or violent beyond verbal anger resulting from their intense feelings of hurt and betrayal. The current use of the term stalker has spread from the idea of a rejected lover or ex-spouse who is or may be borderline to any serial killer, psychopath or rapist who can now find their victims online, in bars or on the street without even knowing who they are. Please, let us keep our facts straight. perpetrators.

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