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UK paedophiles win unsupervised access to their children

The UK Court of Appeal overturned the government’s powers powers to protect children from abuse. They ruled that a paedophile’s “right to a family life” must be taken into account before Sexual Offences Prevention Orders are issued.

Read Rules on paedophiles seeing their children relaxed after judges decide their human rights are more important on

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Ox Drover

I read this article and I wanted to PUKE….I’m not sure where the UK is going but I think it is circling down the toilet even as we speak. “human rights”???? for goodness sakes… a while back they would not deport an illegal immigrant to their country who was a RAPIST because he had a kid before he went to prison and it was his “Human right” to be a father and if he was deported his “human rights” would be violated.

As far as this opinionated old biddy is concerned, PARENTS HAVE NO RIGHTS, KIDS have RIGHTS, to be cared for and nurtured and taught by reasonable, law abiding people who will support them and care for them. I think NO ONE has ANY “rights’ conveyed by DNA. Children are not objects to be owned.

Sheesh, articles like this make my blood boil.

I’m not sure the US is as bad as the UK with this, but I think unfortunately our courts are fast approaching it in stupid and horrible rulings.


no, a pedophile doesn’t have the ‘right’ to a family life. that ‘right’ was negated by pedophilia. i don’t know when we are going to get it. pedophiles are unrepentant, cause enormous personal and social and economic loss; and as such are a drain on any society and should have no access to anyone they may feel they can have power over.

personally, well you all know me, and what i think should be done with them.

Ox Drover

Hack saw? Dull knife? Blender? Pit bull? Alligator? Just to name a few ways.


aww, oxy has finally come over to the dark side with me. 😉

i’ll take needle to heart for five, pat.


Uk law and the ridiculous European law, thank Tony Blair for Human Rights and his spath wife. Our great law courts are currently putting in prison anyone in the riots ..for robbing a charity shop or even worse a pound shop (you have to laugh at these morons), e.g. 6 months for stealing £3.50 bottles of water and one has been sent down for handling stolen goods, got 18 months, no where near the riots at the time. The book shop Waterstones in between the pound shop and the charity one was not looted at all surprise there!

Its our wonderful government flexing their muscles, prisons full, but hey go to court lie under oath, joke around call the judge ‘just a woman’, call another judge a ‘liar’ ..steal, thieve from children, abuse children .. .that’s okay, steal ‘panda’ yes ‘panda’ cola the cheapest there is and you go down for 18 months!!! Be a paedo, supported by the tax payers to challenge your fuc*** human rights, no problem.

You lot in the US have storms, heat waves, cyclones etc, us in the Europe riots.

Well we can always watch x factor ..because that is far more important ..I despair sometimes, especially when you see these sicko politicians trying to be ‘cool’!

Ox Drover

Dear Movingon,

We too have the riots! So UK is not alone in that one. Crooked politicians yep, just here as there….psychopaths, yep, here as there…and courts giving unsupervised visitation to men/women who have THREATENED to kill the kids…and are SURPRISED when it happens. DUH?

“Rehabilitating” rapists, murders and pedophiles and turning them loose to have their “human rights” but putting some stupid kid away on a felony count for stealing a bottle of soda pop. Yep, that’s gonna fix them both…teach that kid not to steal soda pop again, and teach that rapist not to leave any witnesses next time, so kill the biatch when he is through with her. (head shaking here)

Yea, one/Joy, there ARE times I lean toward the “dark side” but I fight against it for all I’m worth! Because I do NOT want to BE like them and have a heart filled with EVIL and vengence.


Hi Oxy,

Even illegal immigrants who murder children in the UK, we cannot possibly kick them out has human rights, it has a right to stay because its had a few kids along the way and has a right to family life ….a murderer of a child thought for the child or her family and their rights.

I know we are supposed to be ‘civilised’ and more ‘compassionate’ etc, all that empathy from those judges, the spaths must be laughing all the way to their free benefits, housing etc ..we are very generous in the UK especially if you can concoct some children to claim for one will ever check ..if you fancy a £2million house, just have loads of kids (real or virtual), and when your done, get the kids having kids, your ‘ancestral’ home paid for, infinitum, cos its your uman rights ..bro! I have moved over to the darkside ..cos I sound like my dad ..and he sis is 82!

Ox Drover

Dear Moving on,

Well there will come a time, unfortunately, when NO ONE is taking responsibility or paying their way, and then who is going to PAY THOSE BENEFITS for those who breed and do not support their offspring?

While I don’t have a lot of good to say about China’s policy of one child, forced abortions etc. and other violations about human rights, on the other hand if YOU choose to breed and breed and breed why is it my responsibility to support your kids? The OCTO-MOM is a perfect example. 14 kids and who is paying for taking care of them? She is “earning” money by doing a “celebrity boxing match” with a bar tender from some titty bar with huge Bozo the clown boxing gloves. But in the meantime who could realistically TAKE CARE OF 14 kids under the age of 10? She even said herself she despised the kids. She expected to get rich and famous off having that litter of kids….instead, she now “despises” them and the doctor that implanted so many in her lost his license to do it again! Thank goodness.

Sure, those kids do NOT deserve to have someone like her for a mother and no adoption agency worth it’s salt would ALLOW someone to ADOPT that many to a single mom, yet she is ALLOWED her “human right” to breed kids she can’t take care of.

Right now there are 7 billion people on the face of the earth and not enough food to go around now. The last 1 billion people have been born in about the last 10-15 years, so who is going to feed the next BILLION that comes along in the next 10 years or so? Makes me weep for the children.

the phoenix

Wow. Such a sick and twisted world we live in.

one/joy, you are a bit behind the times in your thoughts of correcting the problem. Think Lorena Bobbit, then there’s a woman who took it one step further. A woman in So Cal recently drugged her husband, then cut his penis off. She put it down the disposal. He won’t be getting that back any time soon!

the phoenix

Ox Drover- don’t even get me started on Octo-Mess. Go ahead though, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

Ox Drover

Dear Phoenix,

Don’t worry sweetie, I have not held back the least little bit! LOL ROTFLMAO hee hee bwah ha ha ha

That Octo-mom woman should be tarred and feathered along with a lot of other men and women who have bred kids they do not care for. I have a real “thing” about people reproducing children or animals they cannot or will not feed and care for.

I was watching a TV news show the other evening about some of the starving people in East Africa who had 6-8 kids and they were walking 400 miles or more to try to find food and water for their children. I realize that for many of these women they have NO CHOICE about reproduction, and I feel great pity for them and their children….but that is NOT the case in the western nations where there is education and available birth control for those who will avail themselves of it. Abuse of women by continual reproduction when there is not enough food and water and other resources to go around for those already born only produces suffering beyond belief. I spent enough time in 3rd world countries seeing children with match-stick legs and arms and swollen bellies that I can NEVER get the pictures out of my mind. Sometimes I still feel guilty for just having a surplus of food and clean water.

the phoenix

Ox Drover- I just can’t see how or why the women in the third world countries, or even the men for that matter- if they are starving and everything- where do they find the energy for sex? Walking 400 miles to find food would wear me out enough to banish the thought of any kind of intercourse. No sex, no more kids. I’m not starving now and yet either I fall asleep or don’t even want it.

Just sayin

Ox Drover

I am not sure the women have the energy for sex, but it is obvious the guys do or there wouldn’t be that many kids where there are so few resources.

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