UK paedophiles win unsupervised access to their children

The UK Court of Appeal overturned the government’s powers powers to protect children from abuse. They ruled that a paedophile’s “right to a family life” must be taken into account before Sexual Offences Prevention Orders are issued.

Read Rules on paedophiles seeing their children relaxed after judges decide their human rights are more important on

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Ox Drover

Dear Phoenix,

Don’t worry sweetie, I have not held back the least little bit! LOL ROTFLMAO hee hee bwah ha ha ha

That Octo-mom woman should be tarred and feathered along with a lot of other men and women who have bred kids they do not care for. I have a real “thing” about people reproducing children or animals they cannot or will not feed and care for.

I was watching a TV news show the other evening about some of the starving people in East Africa who had 6-8 kids and they were walking 400 miles or more to try to find food and water for their children. I realize that for many of these women they have NO CHOICE about reproduction, and I feel great pity for them and their children….but that is NOT the case in the western nations where there is education and available birth control for those who will avail themselves of it. Abuse of women by continual reproduction when there is not enough food and water and other resources to go around for those already born only produces suffering beyond belief. I spent enough time in 3rd world countries seeing children with match-stick legs and arms and swollen bellies that I can NEVER get the pictures out of my mind. Sometimes I still feel guilty for just having a surplus of food and clean water.

the phoenix

Ox Drover- I just can’t see how or why the women in the third world countries, or even the men for that matter- if they are starving and everything- where do they find the energy for sex? Walking 400 miles to find food would wear me out enough to banish the thought of any kind of intercourse. No sex, no more kids. I’m not starving now and yet either I fall asleep or don’t even want it.

Just sayin

Ox Drover

I am not sure the women have the energy for sex, but it is obvious the guys do or there wouldn’t be that many kids where there are so few resources.

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