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UK slaps ‘Anti-Social Behaviour Order’ on 13-year-old

Wow—the United Kingdom has something called an “anti-social behaviour order,” (Asbo) which is a civil order designed to correct incidents which are disruptive to the community but don’t warrant criminal prosecution. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

A young troublemaker named Jordan Kept Withey was recently subject to such an order. He is prohibited from “engaging or inciting others to engage in any behavior that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as himself, anywhere in the Huberside Police area.”

Read: Baby-faced tearaway, 13, slapped with an Asbo after terrorising his community from the age of NINE, on DailyMail.co.uk.

Do any of our UK readers know more about these orders? Do they work?

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Wow, I think this is a great idea! We use something similar in schools: a behaviour contract… for order and behaviour. Normally there are max 5 regulations they agree to uphold and a paper they have to surrender to each teacher at the start of the class hour, which teachers sign at the end of the class hour for each order. If they broke one of them, it gets noted on the paper. We use this for 2 months. Troublemakers often become remarkably well behaving wth that paper. DOesn’t always hold once the contract time is over, but the contract has a positive effect.

The short answer is no they don’t work! In some areas, mainly ‘sink’ estates, they are viewed as an achievement.

I saw a 20/20 or date line or rock center last night ( I came iinto the show late) that was talking about kids being arrested, hand cuffed and hauled out of our schools for such “GRAVE CRIMES” as WRITING ON THE DESK IN ERASABLE PEN…in a school with a “no toleration for graffiti” policy!

I saw this article when it first hit the papers, and I really don’t know what to think about it…would it work? Maybe it would at least let the people in the neighborhood call the cops every time the kid gets into “smaller mischief” that can make life miserable if there is enough of it in your neighborhood.

I can see where PK would be right and and in some areas it would be viewed as a right of passage.

Oxy, imo it helps when the consequences related to not upholding yourself to the contract are truly carried out. For example at schools, not upholding the contract means being kicked out of that school. And once you get kicked out of a school, you’re not allowed back in there. This rule includes state HSchools. The kids that ignored a contract ime are a severe minority, no matter how annoying and manipulative they usually are. I can see how it’s the same on societal level. This order is much like a contract between society and the child.

Whether this can prevent or cure a spath long term? I doubt it. But while under contract it helps.

Of course when anti-anti-social-behaviour contracts are given without any consequence, and instead are used by judges who see such a contract as a punishment by itself as an easy way out, then kids will gather them for sport.

It’s not a punishment, but a last chance contract where a person agrees not to behave in a certain way in order to avoid worse consequences. If they chose to break the contract, then they choose the consequences.

D’mom, I went to a dog training seminar/lesson this past weekend, and I saw people, even in class, who did not follow up with consequences for a dog that would not obey—and I am talking simple stuff like “sit” and “stay” they just told the dog, the dog disobeyed, and then they may or may not have done anyting about it. Same with kids…many times there are no consequences for bad behavior. or thhe kid laughs them off.

I have worked in a couple of very deprived areas and been involved in community cohesion projects. These have been areas where everyone is on benefits, no body works, no body wants to work so the children have no aspirations other than crime and following in the footsteps of their very dysfunctional families. Many of the ‘grown -ups’ have asbo’s so for a child to be given one, it raises their street cred! I was under the impression and I may be wrong- but I did think asbos were being replaced , not sure what with!

What an interesting article. The idea of “Abso” may seem like a solution to bad behavior, but I don’t understand how effective it can be if parents are enabling their children’s behaviors.

I know that I’ve typed this on numerous threads, but I truly believe that our global culture has become hyper-tolerant and actually promotes bad behaviors. Television programming in the U.S. is down to its most depraved level. Reality shows and programs that highlight intolerable behaviors depict people who are clearly immoral, unethical, self-absorbed, and violent as “winners.” By way of “He Who Stabs Their Fellow Man In The Back Wins,” we are generating (through media) an entire culture that accepts sociopathic behaviors and rewards them with money, celebrity, and notoriety.

When I was a child, 7pm would bring programs like “The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau” and “Lassie.” Today, 7pm brings us “Sex In The City” and “Teen Moms.”

Until our entire culture begins re-focusing on ethics and reasonable morals, I don’t see how any legal action is going to alter the path of any individual. What’s a 2000 pound fine mean to a family that doesn’t care about accountability in the first place? So what if they have to move? The entire family should be placed on notice. At some point, Jordan learned that there was no such thing as “accountability” or “consequences.”

Brightest blessings

Our culture has a really, really bad problem with what to do about such people.
I have always been horrified and strongly disapproving of any form of extreme punishment, and in the idealism of my youth would sometimes imagine that if I were, say, queen of some small country, the first thing I’d do is outlaw torture and the death penalty.
But now…alas! The way things are going worldwide, I am beginning to understand why such measures were employed in the past.

Liferaft, I still have issues with the Death Penalty, and it may be that I always will, but those feelings are conflicting. On the one hand, I don’t have the “right” to determine who should live and who should die. On the other hand, there are living and breathing people in this world that create harm, chaos, and carnages for their own entertainment and will never, under any circumstances, feel remorse or shame for what they’ve done and keeping these permanent predators alive, fed, clothed, and housed in a “secure” environment costs me a LOT of money in paid taxes.

Today, after my experiences, I can only say that there should be harsh punishments for antisocial behaviors and choices that are borne of malice. Whether it’s a 12-year old child or a 66-year old pedophile, if someone is behaving badly, there should be harsh, harsh consequences for the perpetrators AND their enablers.

Brightest blessings

Truthy, the biggest problem I have with the death penalty is the large number of INNOCENT people (not speaking here of guilty who get off on technical crap) but of INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO DID NOT DO THE CRIME who are in prison. Some on death row. Arkansas just had 3 young men released, one of them off death row for a murder that there is no doubt they did NOT commit. They spent 18 years in prison which is a terrible loss, but they did escape with their lives and that is something. So for thhat reason ALONE I am against the death penalty, but I do support the “three strikes” laws where if a person commits 3 felonies they go to prison for life without parole. Do not pass Go and do not get $200. If you do 3 felonies, you are not likely to change, and if you want to change, you can do it in prison.

Murder, rape, child abuse, child molestation…LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Get them off the streets and out of our society.

It sounds to me like society is trying to control everyone, even children because they will not get rid of the ones who keep causing the problems over and over and over again. Put us all in handcuffs and let the spaths run free.

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