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UK study finds many family court ‘experts’ unqualified

Approximately 20 percent of expert reports used in British family court proceedings are produced by people who are not qualified at all, according to new study. In fact, many of them are “professional expert witnesses,” who do nothing but make money off of the courts.

Read Scandal of ‘unqualified’ experts who advise our family courts: Decisions about the care of thousands of children routinely flawed,’ on

Here’s the actual study: Evaluating expert witness psychological reports: Exploring quality, by Professor Jane L. Ireland, Ph.D., University of Central Lancashire.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Thank you for posting this. Something similar happened to me here in the U.S., when CPS was investigating me.

They interviewed my ex-spath’s/husband and his spath-wife’s therapist. This therapist told them things about me and my parenting based upon the spaths’ impression of me! These untruths made it into my report/file as though they were fact, and the finding (unsubstantiated neglect, which will remain on my record for 5 years until my youngest children are 20!) specifically cited direct quotes from this therapist.

He said such things as I am a “laissez-faire parent” (what does that mean? think about it) and that I am “mentally unstable” and that my children are “mentally unstable.”

He had no basis to make these statements other than what the spaths told him.

The person being investigated is not allowed to see his/her casefile until after the investigation is completed, findings are made and case is closed. so it is too late to do anything, really. I was given 30 minutes to review a 3″ thick file and allowed to add statements to the file which I did, but they rejected my request to change the finding to “unfounded.” I believe this is because they have no way to tell who is telling the truth. They told me that “unsubstantiated neglect” is not such a bad thing to have on my record — after all, I still have my kids, don’t I?

I do not feel that I have any recourse whatsoever, without spending a lot of money which I don’t have. It makes me angry that people are allowed to do this.

So I find myself being “grateful” that my children were not taken away from me and very intimidated by the process. Trust was forever ripped out of me (maybe not such a bad thing, but it hurts)… and we were put through 8 months of hell with this investigation and I am afraid to apply for any jobs now to work with children (I used to teach) because this is on my record.

I do think that this sort of thing goes on all over the place. I am not criticizing hardworking caseworkers and professionals who actually do their jobs. But there is a problem in the system, and if even 10% of the “professionals” are unqualified or spaths themselves, that is still a lot of innocent families being put through a lot of torture… (and this study said 20%! wow! I do believe it, sadly). Not OK.

Ox Drover

Dear 20 years, it happens and I am so sorry it happened to you. MiLo, one of our bloggers here got what I think is a P- GAL for her court case about her grandson…..and the GAL wanted to run up the bill to high figures so she kept it going….When you get some of these situations you are trapped unless you have mega bucks to fight them. I feel for you. God bless.



How long ago did this happen? I ask because in my state, it is unethical for a therapist to make statements like this about someone who is not their patient. I personally know of a psychologist who was severely reprimanded and sanctioned by the State Board of Mental Health Professionals for doing something similar in a custody hearing. You may be able to file a complaint with the State Medical Board and perhaps even have grounds for a civil lawsuit (with a lawyer taking a percentage instead of up front fee).

When you have psychiatrists like the one mentioned on the thread “Doctor kills his kids, wants more” that was brought back up this morning, how can we expect for caseworkers and therapists to “get it”.

I am sorry that this happened to you. When we were in court for custody of Grand, all P/daughter had to do was mention some absurd piece of crap and it became “fact written in stone”. She said hubby and I were alcoholics – we have been married over 40 years and still have bottles of booze left over from our wedding in the cupboard. I MAY have a glass of wine or a beer once a month – raging alcoholic – that would be me.

I may be wrong, but I believe those records are sealed, I do not think they could be opened just for employment record search. I would not shy away from any teaching opportunities because of this.

Just read Oxy’s post – yea, not only do you get the poorly trained, overworked, misinformed, but you also get the ones with their own adgenda, like our spathy GAL, who even threatened to put Grand in a foster home just in increase her fee.

Ox Drover

Thanks MiLo, I know you are one of our resident “experts” here on the courts screwing you. LOL



It happened just this past year. I have thought of doing something, filing some complaint… sigh… part of me just wants to put it behind me (if I can — on my way!).

I am afraid of keeping the wound fresh by filing a complaint. I am not sure that it would serve any good purpose. I would be re-living it. Well, it is still very fresh. I’ll see. Perhaps I will.

I do believe I got one of the “bad seed” (spath) caseworkers and I am not ever trying to taint the good ones with the same brush. I think there are spaths in every profession. It’s just really hard when they are in the court system and can do so much damage to a family because of the power they have.

I want to say thank you to folks here for the support you have provided to me. I think this is another one of those situations (like spath relationships) where people don’t know who to believe, so it is easier to turn away, or just kind of “wonder” about me — like I have something to hide or am really a bad parent, otherwise why would CPS have found me “unsubstantiated neglect” — cause they don’t make mistakes, and they don’t hire spaths — right? 🙂

Anyway, thanks for the safe environment here where I can sometimes vent about this as I continue to work through it.

And yep — a big YES the courts CAN screw you, to all of those who have been there — you are not the only ones.

At this point I am mostly working on healing from the trauma of the threats to remove my children, the hurtful (untrue!) accusations of mental instability (like your drunkenness, MiLo!), the accusations that I am a terrible mother who “hates” her children, the accusations that I am “unconcerned” about my children, the accusations that I might kill my children, and the threats “you will NEVER be allowed to work with children EVER again — with this on your record!!!”

All of the accusations were preposterous. Baffling. And since the caseworker seemed to believe them, I was frightened.

Anyway… that was last year, and I’m trying to move on now. 🙂


20years ~ I SO understand your need to just move on. I can hardly be the one to disagree – We made the decision to let the GAL thing go (along with paying the almost $10,000 fee). We could have filed a complaint and I think we had a really good chance of getting her butt in hot water, but we NEEDED to STOP, get on with what was left of our lives. Also, the GAL being an attorney could sue us for ANYTHING and we would have had to pay for representation even in a case without merit. So there you have it.

Really though, I absolutely know for a fact that therapists can get into a boatload of trouble for making statements about ANYONE they have not seen as a patient. They may even get their license suspended.

Again, this was for information only, I truly understand that sometimes it is just better to say shait happens and move on.

Don’t ever believe that the outrageous accusations are true, never doubt yourself. I know I thought for a long time that the GAL must be seeing something I was not. Then Oxy brought up the money angle and it all made perfect sense. Just know that the case worker was so far out of line and just SO WRONG and it does happen – unfortunately.

Forward March –

ps – I do believe that if you are speaking about DCF records, not court records, that DCF records are SEALED and it takes a court order to see them.


A lot of so-called professionals suck at what they’re supposed to be doing. I worked at a place that rewarded barfbags that had clear personality disorders. It seems some employers (no matter the profession) breed pathological employees.


What an EXCELLENT article!!!!!!!

Indeed, the “experts” are typically hired guns or on some sort of Fast Track in their career. I remember, vividly, being told by a male CPS worker that I was the cause and reason for my eldest son’s sociopathy and that, “if things were THAT bad (in my first marriage), why didn’t” I just leave….

The system is broken, to be sure, and I don’t see any way to fix it within reason.

Ox Drover

Educating the public is one thing that needs to be done, but I think the biggest hurdle is going to be educating the professionals.

The people who think they know and know nothing….those are the worst ones, especially if they have PhD (Piled higher and deeper) behind their name or even worse MD (major deity).

Unfortunately about the only thing needed to get a PhD is the tenacity to stay in college long enough you can eventually get one.

Of course there are some PhDs and MDs who do get it, who have open minds and will hear you, but not all of them for sure and I’m of the opiinion it is the minority that get it.

Ox Drover

Hey here’s another article about this same thing

The doctor who broke up families: Psychiatrist who damned hundreds as ‘unfit parents’ faces GMC probe

* Dr George Hibbert could be struck off over his conclusions that hundreds of parents had ’personality disorders’
* Millionaire is now being investigated over shocking suggestions he distorted the assessments to fit the view of social services
* Lib Dem MP writes to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke demanding a full parliamentary inquiry


Oxy, thanks for finding this. That is shocking and unsurprising to me and others who have run into spath-like people in the court and social services systems. They have too much unchecked power, and a lot of their decisions, lies and distortions are cloaked in secrecy and families are manipulated and misled through intimidation and fear over the threats and accusations/unprofessional “diagnoses.”

It is very important to raise awareness of this. Not saying that all or even the majority of social services workers or people in the court system are like this — but even one is too many, and so long as folks choose to turn a blind eye. disbelieve that this sort of thing goes on, it will continue to go on.

I also hold the GOOD caseworkers and court employees (and those associated with the courts) very responsible — they are in a position in many cases, a better position than the victims like myself, to see and expose this sort of corruption. Not keep some kind of professional secrecy going on… if there is a bad seed among you, please smoke them out, call them out, make it public, get rid of them. It will protect the profession better to be honest that sometimes spaths get in — and that the rest of you care enough about your profession that you will police it and not allow corruption to take over.

I’m not seeing that happening much; in my case, I raised concerns to the caseworker’s supervisor, and she refused to hear. She even refused to come to a meeting that had been arranged (my one and only chance to meet with her to review my file after the case had been closed) and instead, I showed up that day and a substitute “supervisor” who had nothing to do with my case or the caseworker, was there as a last-minute, no warning fill in. She said not one word. The other person in the room was the CPS lawyer, and all she had to say was, “you got off easy — if I were you I wouldn’t take this to court because there’s no telling what the judge might decide.” A very dissatisfying and disheartening experience, the way I was treated by this “system.” I felt brutalized and dehumanized. And I’m aware that it was fellow human beings who were dehumanizing me.

Like that doctor in the link you sent, Oxy. Chilling.


20years ~ You are so right, “turning a blind eye”. The whole system (DCF & Courts) actually encourages their employees to turn a blind eye. We ran into this over and over.

Just after the spath/GAL was assigned to our case, we went to the court clerk’s office to get a copy of a motion that she had filed. The clerk asked what GAL had been assigned to our case. We told her the name and the clerk’s reply was “That Bit**” ……. Ok, now, tell me it wasn’t common knowledge that this woman SHOULD NOT be in this position, SHOULD NOT be “protecting children”


Yep. So what does that tell you about the “system” policing itself.

I know I should not be so astonished that most people don’t believe my story. It is a “spath” story. People just don’t want to know. My second thought is always “it is OUR tax dollars paying for this system. We own this system. If we are not aware of what goes on, and our system is abusing innocent citizens including traumatizing children who are from safe, loving homes by snatching them away from their parents for various misguided reasons… then we collude in that system and bear responsibility.”

But I guess that is just too harsh of a truth for most people.

One reason is that, like the mask that the spath wears, this system is set up to have such a mask — it wears the mask of “we protect children from bad parents” and most people can sign onto that…

…yes, I’m singling out this particular system because of my personal brush with it. But I also have too many years’ experience working for different companies (corporate and nonprofit) and I know that this sort of thing goes on all over. It’s just that when the organization purports to be a humanitarian one or to have as a mission something to do with saving children, we just assume that the people who do that work are all so very wonderful. many of them are. But some of them aren’t.

And so… raise awareness. (Spath awareness). And empower the people who are aware, to do something about it. Don’t stand for it! If you know she is a Bit**, then there has to be some way to get these bad seeds out, so that the organization’s mission can actually be fulfilled without the “collateral damage” which I find absolutely unacceptable.

And even if it should occur (because no one or no organization is perfect) then there has to be some safeguards, ombudsman, SOMETHING so that there can be a followup to PUT THINGS RIGHT, when mistakes are made and damage occurs.

I am so glad I found this site. I don’t feel so alone. Our stories are so similar it’s as if these psychopaths are using the same script. It was a debilitating blow to find myself in a court system being abused some more. I’m still trying to make sense of that.

Right now I’m trying to get over that. My psyco is a criminal lawyer, a former police officer, a marine, and holds a Ph.d in Sociology, so he says. He’s even run for polital office.

It’s been 9 years of hell. I apprecite your stories. Thank you.

Ox Drover

Welcome Kitten, sorry that you qualify for our “club” but it is a wonderfully supportive club if you need to join! Again, welcome and feel free to share or post where ever! God bless.


Hi Kitten, there is a book promoted in the bookstore section on lovefraud, ‘Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome’, that you may find helpful.

I see that your sense of black humour is in tact (‘so he says’), and THAT is always a good sign.

wonder how much of his pedigree is true and how much of it is bullshit?


Welcome, Kitten2. You’ll find loads of support, encouragement, and understanding, here.

What they claim to be is quite apart from what spaths usually are. The female spath that I knew claimed that she had a Bachelor’s degree in business, but she didn’t appear on the roster of alumni where she claimed to have graduated. In fact, after spending a few bucks, her background reflected NO degree and many, many charges that landed her in prison for a stretch.

Keep reading, keep posting, and vent, vent, VENT! Brightest blessings to you!

Ox Drover

Another story about the “experts”

The ‘experts’ who break up families: The terrifying story of the prospective MP branded an unfit mother by experts who’d never met her – a nightmare shared by many other families

Read more:–nightmare-shared-families.html#ixzz1qW1dg0AM


How triggering. How validating. Thanks for posting.

I still have trouble telling my “story” to people because they won’t believe me! So much trouble hearing the truth these days…

But I had no idea that in the U.K. parents have gag orders and are forbidden to talk about their ordeals. Whoa!

I can relate to this mother’s fears of the repercussions of her speaking out against CPS. That she and her child could be targeted again by them. And also by her reputation destroyed and her rising career derailed by this. Ugh.

Ox Drover

Our own MiLo had almost as bad an experience with the GAL when her P dtr tried to get custody of Grand…the GAL was after MONEY and getting the bill as high as possible and intimidating MiLo to get her to pay the entire bill (dtr was supposed to pay half) the GAL wanted to take Grand and put him in foster care so he could BOND with his mother! WTF? Mommy dearest just got out of jail for prostitution and drugs….

It amazes me what some of these people can do!

Ox Drover

BTW 20 Years, getting people to believe your story may be dang near impossible….people don’t want to believe anything as bad as we can tell….they would, I think, much rather believe the fantasy “there is good in everyone”


I know. I’m not sure why I have such a strong desire to have people listen to my story and believe me. It echoes very strongly the desire I had to be believed, when I left my abusive husband. I faced the disbelief of my family who wanted me to “forgive” him (they “forgave” him so why shouldn’t I?).

It has taken many years of my telling the harsh details to my family, as well as other harsh details which have occurred since… and I get the sense now that they do believe me. That helps.

I had to face family and friends who never knew my husband as anything but the nice, funny guy because he never let his mask slip. I turned to my priest (at the time) for support, but he could only offer admonishments for me to forgive my husband, and he wouldn’t believe me, either.

I had to have a “very good reason” in the eyes of these people to leave my very nice husband. His family turned completely away from me.

The CPS thing which happened last year was similar in that respect, of facing the disbelief of others. And you know what it looks like? This is the worst part. It looks like SILENCE. Like SHUNNING. Not so much, “gee 20years, what a farfetched story. I don’t believe you!” Nope. It’s the shutters going over the eyes and ears, the changing of the subject, the “non response,” the distancing… rather than the support I was hoping for in reaching out to family and friends and community support people.

Most people do not want to believe that CPS can and does these things! (disclaimer: no I am NOT talking about the caring, dedicated and perfect caseworkers — but you see if you read this article that Oxy posted… it was one of these very caring and dedicated and smart people in a position to oversee the taking of children who then got to see the other side of it — I’m sure she is dealing with her own awful guilty feelings at how she unwittingly was used to perpetrate this abuse against families…)

Also there is a part of me which wants some good to come from this. So I think: hmm, maybe if I tell my story, it will warn at least one person who thinks “this cannot ever happen to me — not to someone like me, because I’m a really good mom!” and they will handle it differently if it DOES happen, because they were so warned and aware. I was not warned. I didn’t see it coming.

And a part of me wants to enlighten the community who colludes in this stuff happening. And a part of me wants to enlighten the “good caseworkers” who unwittingly believe they are not taking children away from good families… and get them to think, perhaps they are mistaken in some cases, and are actually traumatizing children by removing them from good homes. To be more careful. To be absolutely sure. To not discount the trauma that removal causes to children and families. Even removal, “just in case,” or “just to be on the safe side.” It is very traumatic.

I really appreciate your posting things like this, Oxy. And I appreciate that people here DO hear me. Thank you.

Ox Drover

You are welcome, 20years. You know I too wanted so badly to be validated. I wanted SOMEONE to believe me….my story was so farfetched my THERAPIST thought I was a paranoid nut jobber! The attorney I hired didn’t believe me until he saw the evidence…and neither did the therapist.

I have learned though that we can VALIDATE OURSELVES. That is the most difficult thing for me to learn, I don’t need someone else to say “what you are saying Oxy is true” I can SAY IT MYSELF.

Remember the stories we learned in history about how Columbus was the “only” one who thought the world was round? Well the fact that 99.9% of everyone else thought the world was flat DID NOT CHANGE THE SHAPE OF THE WORLD. FACTS ARE FACTS….and how many people believe them or not doesn’t change the shape of the earth!

Sure it would be nice if others validated us, but we only need that if we can’t validate ourselves….so learning to validate myself was the key for me. It especially hurts when those we love and count on let us down and dont’ validate us.

I remember when I was trying to save my egg donor from my Daughter in law and the Trojan Horse psychopath and she looked at me like I had raped a baby, and how that hurt.

The looks when we are shunned is also painful, but I’ve finally come to grips with that and no longer try to even influence those people…what they think is no longer important to me. I can validate myself. I could give a rat’s behind what the neighbors think….the people that are important know and accept the truth!


Wise words, Oxy. As though the wound from the traumatic experience is not enough, there is an added insult to the injury by being shunned by family and “friends” you turned to for support. No need to mention, probably, that all those years YOU provided support to those family and “friends” and now it must be your turn… and the response is an unexpected soul-crushing shuttering and ignoring and denying of your truth. OMG, what does that mean? Talk about a truck smashing your entire frame of reference to bits.

And you are absolutely right. Then, what is left? Turning to God, looking within. To make sure that you still “exist,” sort of. And that is all that there really is. Yet, we are still here in this world (for a time) and have to find a way to continue on. And if we have young kids, we have to continue on for them, if not for ourselves.

One of the most difficult experiences to go through. It helps to know that others have gone through it and are a bit further along than I am. 🙂


OxD…super insight, as always. Hope you’re feeling okay!

20years, I think that everyone who has been victimized by a spath has an intense NEED to be validated: they are NOT crazy, nor did they ASK for the betrayals because they missed red flags! I NEEDED to know that the cognitive dissonance that I was experiencing was not only NORMAL, but an indication that I was separate from the World Of Sociopathy.

But, with that true and urgent need to disclose, we have to really, REALLY choose our confidante’s carefully. For me, it was in the way of choosing a strong counseling therapist who doesn’t mince words and causes me to think and process my experiences. We need to be talking to someone (or, many people) who “Get It” about sociopathy. Period.

Talking about our experiences helps us to process things, sort things out, and to reclaim who we are. I am not yet to the point where I have redeveloped a comfortable and true spiritual foundation, but I know that I’m not angry at God, Great Creator, Jehovah, or Mickey Mouse. Things happen and bad people exist and that’s it. But, we still need to talk it out, express our grief, rage, and disbelief to someone who “gets it.”

Brightest blessings.

Ox Drover

Truth and 20,

When I came here to LF in the summer of 2007 I was in a jelly stage, just totally melted emotionally, physically and spiritually. When I came here and read Donna’s story and Liane Leedom’s story, I felt OMG I AM NOT ALONE, THERE ARE OTHER SMART WOMEN OUT THERE WHO HAVE BEEN FOOLED TOO! It was like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I WAS NOT ALONE!

I remember the year my son was arrested for murder, I started a job at a psych inpatient facility with mostly young kids, teenagers etc. and I was jelly then too…my job when I first started there was “intake” and I sat and listened to these parents share their grief at what their kids had done…most of the kinds were not “mentally ill” but in fact were budding psychopaths, conduct disorder, oppositional disorder, etc. and I saw then that I was not alone in having a kid out of control and believe it or not, my kid was not the worst one…some of these parents were parents of “children” who had raped younger kids, etc. I WAS NOT ALONE. Of course I couldn’t share with these parents my own problems, but just hearing theirs was salve to my own wounds. Sometimes after listening to these parents for an hour or more, or watching these kids literally spit in the face of the parents as the kid was dragged off to the unit, I would go into the bathroom and cry…but none-the-less, it helped me cope with my own grief.

Knowing we are not alone helps, but still in the end, we must validate our own situation…we know the truth, we know the facts, and if no one but us believes them, they are still TRUE. They are still REAL.

Bad stuff does happen to good people…life is not “fair” and we have to learn to cope with what cards we are dealt.

I read an article this morning in a newspaper about how the Afgan women are treated worse than slaves by the men in their country, and I think…Thank you God that I was not born in that land, please have mercy on these women. The old “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet” so we have been injured, we have been hurt, but I also think we should thank our lucky stars that we live in a land we can get away from these people who hurt us, that we can make a life for ourselves and our children. There are people who have no choices except suicide.


Hi Oxy,
Hope you are well. Love what you wrote about validation and self-validation.

20 yrs & Truthspeak,
Validation was a Big piece of my puzzle, my journey: Five years ago, I never knew what an N/SP was nor what validation meant. Then, I wound up in my T’s office & she validated me: what a feeling I felt! It was as if someone acknowledged my personhood, my reality, I felt a deep happiness in the depths of my gut.

But, as time went on & I realized other truths about Ns/SPs, I didn’t always have someone to validate me & acknowledge the truth. So, eventually, I learned to do what Oxy said: If there’s no one around to validate me, I validate myself. Of course, now I have LoveFraud & can receive validation here. But, there’s a very good lesson in validating ourselves: We learn to love ourselves and trust our gut, trust our voice within and know that what we saw/see really were/are red flags. IMO, when we self-validate, it helps us grow into a fuller, more self loving & self knowing person.

Ox Drover

Dear Clair, yes I am well….just had cataract surgery, and it was totally painless! I am amazed that there was NO pain at all. Whoopie! The biggest “pain” is all the drops I have to put in my eye and the fact I can’t lift anything for a week. It’s spring I want to get outside and PLANT!!!! LOL

Today has been great however! I finally found a copy of a book I’ve been looking for for a decade! Thank Goodness for the internet! I ordered it and am kind of doing a “whoopie!” It’s just a great day!


Dear Oxy,
So good to hear you are OK. Yes, I’ve heard that cataract surgery is amazingly swift these days. Yay for technology! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ox Drover

Yea, getting old (deaf and blind) is not for sissies. LOL But this cataract thing was a breeze, got one more to go but not worried about it anymore! Thanks for your concern, Clair!


maybe deaf, maybe blind, but never dumb!
Bless you, Oxy!


I am learning to trust my gut again. It’s slow but steady progress. I’m putting up better boundaries too. As Oxy says it aint easy putting up boundaries even if the people who hurt you don’t care. It’s still hard on me! I feel I’m getting better at it.

I like what Oxy wrote about “what you are saying is the truth Ana, even if no one else believes it” I find comfort in that. A friend of mine posted this today on FB. I thought I share it with you all.


“Often, life’s distractions divert your attentions from the real journey. Broken dreams, broken relationships…and you mistakenly think your soul is broken too. If you find yourself miles away from your heart, only a few steps back brings you closer to home. Spend time with self and I. You will realise that you are still as complete as the day you were born. Never broken, just distracted.”

Ox Drover

Very nice, Ana!


Thank you for that quote, Ana.
I like that: Never broken, just distracted.


Oxy & Sky,
Thanks, I’m glad you both liked it. Feels comforting to me 😉


My son has developed a good method of explaining our family.

I asked him recently what he says when people ask, like at holidays etc.

His answer, “It’s complicated.”

Works like a charm.


We need to clone Judge Judy.


Been reading those articles… What bothers me and seems wrong imo are the forced adoptions. Foster care is not the best solution in many (well most countries), though we have very good experience with it personally in Belgium. Courts can take a child away, but they cannot force adoption. If my cousin had lived, she’d never have been able to bring her son home (she was schizophrenic, and diagnosed 20 years before she ever got pregnant), but she would have remained the mother, unless she voluntarily gave him up for adoption (there was no chance she’d ever do that), or if both her and the father were dead. “Luckily”, for the boy, she did die when he was a year old, and his father died when he was three. After that his foster parents (partcularly selected… took them close to a year after he was born to find suitable foster parents, but I’m glad to know they make such a personal quest of it for the children) were able to adopt him.

This UK system seems the absolute opposite! Who ever heard of putting quota on how many children need to be forcibly adopted? That’s insane!!!

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