UK study finds many family court ‘experts’ unqualified

Approximately 20 percent of expert reports used in British family court proceedings are produced by people who are not qualified at all, according to new study. In fact, many of them are “professional expert witnesses,” who do nothing but make money off of the courts.

Read Scandal of ‘unqualified’ experts who advise our family courts: Decisions about the care of thousands of children routinely flawed,’ on

Here’s the actual study: Evaluating expert witness psychological reports: Exploring quality, by Professor Jane L. Ireland, Ph.D., University of Central Lancashire.

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maybe deaf, maybe blind, but never dumb!
Bless you, Oxy!

I am learning to trust my gut again. It’s slow but steady progress. I’m putting up better boundaries too. As Oxy says it aint easy putting up boundaries even if the people who hurt you don’t care. It’s still hard on me! I feel I’m getting better at it.

I like what Oxy wrote about “what you are saying is the truth Ana, even if no one else believes it” I find comfort in that. A friend of mine posted this today on FB. I thought I share it with you all.


“Often, life’s distractions divert your attentions from the real journey. Broken dreams, broken relationships…and you mistakenly think your soul is broken too. If you find yourself miles away from your heart, only a few steps back brings you closer to home. Spend time with self and I. You will realise that you are still as complete as the day you were born. Never broken, just distracted.”

Very nice, Ana!

Thank you for that quote, Ana.
I like that: Never broken, just distracted.

Oxy & Sky,
Thanks, I’m glad you both liked it. Feels comforting to me 😉

My son has developed a good method of explaining our family.

I asked him recently what he says when people ask, like at holidays etc.

His answer, “It’s complicated.”

Works like a charm.

We need to clone Judge Judy.

Been reading those articles… What bothers me and seems wrong imo are the forced adoptions. Foster care is not the best solution in many (well most countries), though we have very good experience with it personally in Belgium. Courts can take a child away, but they cannot force adoption. If my cousin had lived, she’d never have been able to bring her son home (she was schizophrenic, and diagnosed 20 years before she ever got pregnant), but she would have remained the mother, unless she voluntarily gave him up for adoption (there was no chance she’d ever do that), or if both her and the father were dead. “Luckily”, for the boy, she did die when he was a year old, and his father died when he was three. After that his foster parents (partcularly selected… took them close to a year after he was born to find suitable foster parents, but I’m glad to know they make such a personal quest of it for the children) were able to adopt him.

This UK system seems the absolute opposite! Who ever heard of putting quota on how many children need to be forcibly adopted? That’s insane!!!

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