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UK taxpayers help abusers fight to see their children

The legal aid system in the UK, funded by taxpayers, helps pedophiles, murders and abusers launch court battles to see their children.

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Ox Drover

I usually read a daily paper on the Internet from the UK, and actually get more US news there sometimes than news from the UK itself, but have been astounded at the criminal sentences for SERIOUS crimes, and the way they are phrased. For example, someone rapes and murders a child and gets a “life sentence” you think, WOW, that’s right, what it should be, then after the words “life sentence” comes the KICKER—“not eligible for parole for 12 years.” WTF? 12 years for raping a 5 year old and then killing them?

Then, you find out the murdering rapist is an illegal immigrant to the UK, but while he was there he fathered a child, so NOW he claims he can’t be deported from the UK back to his native country because it would “violate his HUMAN RIGHTS” to be a father to his child. WTF?

I absolutely agree with “human rights” for everyone, but when it goes to the point that one criminal sued for his human rights to not be deported after he got out of prison for his violent crime BECAUSE HE HAD A CAT!!!!

Criminals will MIS-use any law, and will violate the rest of them, and for any government, especially in times of recession, depression and short funding, to allow criminals to use scarce resources to sue for contact with children under “human rights” is absurd to say the least.

For attorneys to even accept money for taking “cases” like this puts them I think in to the same class with the criminal!!!

CHILDREN should have rights, and the right to SAFETY is first and foremost the child’s right, and to be forced by DNA to associate with a killer, rapist, etc. VIOLATES the child’s rights.

Children are not chattel property, or should not be. The child is a HUMAN and should have the HUMAN RIGHT to be safe from ANYONE who is proven UNsafe themselves.


Dear Oxy, you are not alone in your incredulity at the sentencing etc of these evil beings. The general public of the UK cry out for time to fit the crime but it is not forthcoming. Too many “do gooders” or spaths in charge. I wholeheartedly agree with you.” Children are not chattel”

Yes, it would seem, they are. Shame on them


It’s the right of the parent, what about their human rights.?
When is it going to be children first. Disgusting. Google Victoria Climbie for a horrifically devastating story of the system here in the UK that FAILED to protect the most vulnerable in our society and who deserve our very best protection. Don’t get me started on this …growl!!


Unfortunately this is nothing new. The UK has gone completely insane. They seem to do everything UPSIDE-DOWN there. Ordinary law-abiding people are screwed with preposterous fines for idiotic things like putting the wrong items in their recycling bins(!)—while vicious thugs are let off with a slap on the wrist or “community service” orders instead of being slung in jail where they belong. When jobs are short, they’re given to immigrants (of which the UK has far too many already) instead of to the many unemployed native Britons who need them. Numerous people are complaining of discrimination against Christians—Britain’s NATIVE religion for the last fourteen hundred years and more—while idiots bend over backwards to avoid “offending Islam,” the religion of foreign invaders. Robbers and burglars are kept out of jail, while homeowners who are attacked and end up killing these criminals in self defense find themselves prosecuted for murder. And so on, and so on. It’s all upside-down.

What’s being reported here is only another case of the same bassackwardness. The stupid neurotic nutjobs running the schools won’t let ordinary PARENTS come to their own child’s Sports Day because they’re so paranoid about “child molesters” being there—and then they have provisions like the one reported here, wasting the taxpayers’ money to ENABLE abusers to get access to children.

They refuse to deport a violent criminal, because he has a cat! Why on earth do they want to KEEP unwanted trash like that in Britain? They should send him back where he came from, WITH his cat! Then three weeks ago UK authorities announced the expiration of a foreign travel ban on Gary Glitter—but there are STILL restrictions on his going abroad for more than three days. Why in heaven’s name do they want to stop him LEAVING? Anyone with an ounce of sense would want to stop him COMING BACK!

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