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UK’s most prolific female fraudster takes £15 million

Maria Michaela bribed a property assessor to inflate property values, then cheated several large banks. She used 12 different identities.

Tears of a conwoman: Fraudster who stole £15 million weeps on her police mugshot, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Donna, thank you for posting this link. EUGH…..

This gal is a case-study in sociopathy. It reminds me of the woman that claimed that she was a survivor of 9/11.

HOW…….literally, HOW…….do these people generate such increcible facades? Wouldn’t someone do a background check on someone who was applying for a loan of ANY kind? THAT kind of money would require a background check, DNA analysis, and first-born offspring, IMO.

Holy mackerel….

Ox Drover

Yea, this woman is a “PIECE OF WORK” as my P X daughter in law said about me in a letter she wrote to her daughter from her jail cell where she resided after trying to kill my son C. LOL

The scam this piece of work did though is no laughing matter at all. It IS amazing how they can assume so many faces and identities.

I did think the TEARS were a crowning touch though!


The tears…..oh, yes. She’s very, very sad that she was CAUGHT, but not a miligram of the water from her eyes is being shed in remorse for what she DID.

The exspath cried a RIVER of tears, but those tears were because he was finally exposed and not for what he’d done for the past 15 years.

It’s not only amazing, but fascinating in a very morbid sense because I cannot wrap my head around the lack of remorse. Seriously.

This is another example of how they work with other spaths to do their cons. Their ability to recognize other evil ones, facilitates this. That’s why WE have to learn how to recognize the evil ones. She had no problem recruiting other spaths to help her because she paid them. But the first hurdle was to find people who would be willing to go along and not report her.

I don’t think it’s THAT hard to recognize spaths. I really think that the problem empaths have is that we don’t WANT to believe that there are SO MANY wicked people living all around us. It hurts to acknowledge this. Spaths don’t have an issue with it, in fact, they see it as an opportunity to use another person in their wicked games.

My frienemy, K, said, “Skylar everybody uses everybody. I use you, you use me. Spath uses you and you use him. Everybody does that.” WTF? they do? But spaths DO and there are sooooo many of them that it does seem like everybody. They think this is NORMAL.

Today, I got slimed. First, I drove through an espresso drive through and who should be serving the coffee? The evil witch minion. She is truly evil and admits to practicing witchcraft. I had a sense of foreboding as I approached the drive through window. The name of the espresso place actually sounds EVIL and she chose it because it’s a TELL. Yeah, she owns the place. I know because 1) nobody would hire such a hideous barista (she is utterly hideous despite being a young woman). Around here, only sexy young girls get hired to serve espresso, it’s part of the allure. 2) Her husband’s home building business is in the toilet and she is not capable of working FOR anyone because of her ODD (which all spaths have to some degree)

If that were not enough, I drove 20 miles away to a home depot and parked. A car pulled in next to me. Guess who was driving it? The OTHER minion, the crazy husband stealing neighbor! She looked at me and drove away! LOL!

It’s an OMEN I think. God was punishing me for skipping church. I just know it.



OMG!! That is nuts! What a day you had!!! 🙁

Yes, THEY think that shit is NORMAL. I hate them all.


Sorry, this whole Petraeus and Chris Kubasik (Lockheed Martin) thing has triggered me. I’ll be OK though. There will always be triggers.

right now I’m so slimed, I can’t get it off me! I can’t wait to shower.

It’s true that we may be happy to get favors from our friends and then to repay those favors when we have an opportunity. Having “friends in high places” is nice because they can really help us get ahead. But I actually LIKE the people I’m friends with, regardless of status or opportunity. Liking them is the first thing that has to happen. With spaths, it’s just the opposite. There is no LIKING, there is ONLY using for material gain. In fact, they HATE the people who do them the most kindness.

It boggles the mind.

I’d offer you a hug, but I might get slime on you! 😛



Of course it feels good to have help…friends helping friends get ahead…working with each other toward a common goal, etc. But I feel exactly like you. I wouldn’t even be friends with someone if I didn’t “like” them. But you are right…spaths don’t really like anyone. They use everyone. Anyone who is in their presence is in their presence for a reason. Yes, this is why I am hated…because I was kind to him. Sick people.

Eh, what’s a little more slime?? 🙂 Bring on the hugs!

((hugs Louise))

Your exspath mistook kindness for weakness, so he hated you. But you proved to him that your kindness wasn’t weakness at all. It was your super-weapon. You defeated him with it and then you walked away. LOL!

Yeah, there will always be triggers. and drama.



Yeah, he really shouldn’t have taken my kindness for weakness…big mistake because I am far from weak. But hahahaha, yeah…I killed him with kindness and he wanted me to hate him.

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