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Unbelievable interview with Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl is the guy from Austria who locked up his own daughter for 24 years, and fathered seven children with her. He’s serving a life sentence. For the first time since his conviction, Fritzl was interviewed by reporters. It’s scary stuff.

Read I love my daughter and dream of getting out of jail, says defiant Josef Fritzl in his first interview from behind bars, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Words fail to express how I feel about this psychopath- silence is better
I stand for kindness and humanity, I pray for equality and self honesty-
I pray for his daughter and her babies, I pray for his wife and her courage to go no contact – to Josef Fritzl? nothing except his own evil darkness

This psychopath should not be indulged in interviews of any sort- we know they are vampires for attention and self interest, yet here we go again sensationalizing evil and giving him another thrill to keep him ticking over
enough. turn the light switch off..lest this serpent shine

Ox Drover

When I first read about what this man had done when he was first exposed, I cried, literally, for that daughter and the family at how evil someone could be. This story touched me like a finger of sadness for the horrible damage the man had done. The early stories though did not focus on HIS THINKING though, just his deeds, which were bad enough.

The focus on this story is on his thinking, his delusions of entitlement and totally being unable to accept just how evil he is. It is I think the perfect demonstration of the disordered “not getting it.”

Some of the psychopaths do seem to “get how evil” they are and even ENJOY being evil. This man I don’t think really gets what EVIL is, or that it is him. I think he is just about control, and feels he is entitled to control, and doesn’t even realize he is the very definition of satanic thinking and of evil on the face of the earth.

My prayers and empathy go out to the family of this evil man, for their peace and healing in the face of unspeakable evil.


……….the face of a monster………… I googled his name and a lot of information came up. This sort of stuff makes me feel so powerless. How many are there that are not yet caught or may never be? I wonder about these (insest) kids: are they normal?

Ox Drover

Dear Gettingit,

That’s a good question about the kids—Jaycee Dugard’s kids are the offspring of her molester/monster, etc. and there IS a big genetic component to the psychopathic personality disorder.

There is nothing any of us can do when we have offspring who have the DNA except to try to raise them with as much love and empathy as possible, but there are no guarantees in this life. We do the best we can with our kids and then let them go.

Today while sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office there was a child crying and the mother was “comforting” him by screaming “shut up!” I wanted to get up and b1atch slap the woman and to take the child away from her.

On the way home my son and I were talking and we thought the best “parenting” classes this woman could have had was HOW TO APPLY A CONDOM. She had three little children, and all were possibly (from the looks of them) from two or three different fathers and the woman looked to be maybe 22 or 23 years old.

God alone knows how SHE was raised or what her DNA was or what kind of life these kids are in for, but my guess is that it wasn’t a great one if her screaming at the toddler was any indication of her “parenting” skills. It is disheartening at the very best face that can be put on it. No child deserves that kind of parent. It breaks my heart.

We can only do what we can do, and it never seems like it is enough, but none of us as individuals can take on the universe, we can only change our own little corner of it.


this guy needs to be kicked repeatedly in the balls. I’m not sure for how long.
there. I said it. Ok. now I feel better. kinda.

Previously, I said I feel gratitude and didn’t want revenge, but this HAS to be an exception -right?

We can’t know what this woman and her children have really experienced. Maybe her story will be what it takes to open up the reality of sociopathy to the world. I hope so, alll her suffering has to be worth something to someone.


This is the face of the devil and evil defined!!! every physical characteristic in this monster including the coy look on his face defines evil!

I was horrified when the story first broke out….my heart bled for the poor daughter and her children. I hope they are getting ALL the psychological help they need, and are surrounded by loving souls to help their healling journy. I can’t imagine that they could ever lead normal lives again after suffering such horrid cruelty.

Skylar, I agree…I trully hope that these inocent victims did not suffer in vain and their story will shed light on this most undiagnosed and often stealthy disease.


He is evil! I shudder at that story. When seeing his pictures I see nothing behind his eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and quite frankly, I have seen that void look once before in my life. There is nothing there, no soul, no emotion, nothing.

My heart goes out to that poor child and her children. I can’t even imagine…..

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