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Underhanded divorce tactics : Lovefraud.com – sociopaths, psychopaths, antisocials, con artists, bigamists

Underhanded divorce tactics

Last year Forbes.com published several articles by Jeff Landers, an attorney who writes “for women who are going through a financially complex divorce.” Several articles focused on underhanded tactics one party can use—Landers refers to men, but I think these are the strategies sociopaths use, whether they are male or female.

How “conflicting out” top divorce attorneys can impact your divorce, on Forbes.com.

How some men are upending domestic violence laws to scam an advantage in divorce, on Forbes.com.

21 signs that your husband may be hiding marital assets during your divorce, on Forbes.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Yes my ex is an engineer and was also fired from two companies in the past three years. Yes I have called him every name in the book and do believe they will fry….cannot believe we are going to experience any real justice in this life!!! Maybe our gift is the ability to see them for what they really are and thus to protect our beings from the likes of them!!!
Financially if he has offshore accounts a forensic CPA will be easily able to tell you. In my case he had moved large chunks of our IRA to China, and then maintained that that money was lost. The judge did not buy that and awarded me alimony instead (although TX is a community asset state)I have still to see any of that money. He was recently re served financial discovery papers. Part of the problem with their disorder is their inability to plan for the future. Your ex like mine may just have squandered money.He may not have it. I am waiting to see if my ex actually has a job come May 10th as he claims. If he is telling the truth(HA)
then I can collect some of the monies due to me by means of an automatic withholding order.
As to kids…. My son is just like his father. He lies and uses people. He will be 25 next month but I have’nt heard from him in over six months because I refused him money.
My daughter is completely financially independent and an engineer with a PhD!!! She sees through her father completely but still chooses to maintain contact with him. they live in different states so they largely text. She calls me every day and we are close. She recently got engaged to a man who is VERY bright…also a PhD but I have some real reservations about this guy… I have voiced them to her but that is all I can do. I have learnt through MANY hard knocks to detach from the kids. If they choose to have loving interactions with you GREAT…. otherwise let go and leave them to their choices….
I was married to that man forover 25 years…. he walked away without a backward glance leaving me homeless, unemployed and devastated. I am fortunate to have had good friends and family. I would be dead by now without their solid support. My school friends from India (about 18 of them) call me EVERY day…they know my ex well…I married my high school sweetheart…uuuggg
thought I was SO special….until I was not.

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