Utah man shoots father-in-law in church

Charles Richard Jennings Jr., of North Ogden, Utah, walked into a Catholic Mass on Sunday, holding hands with his wife. Then he allegedly shot his father-in-law, James Evans, in the back of the head. Although a motive is not clear, a priest told the congregation that Jennings and his wife had been involved in domestic disputes.

Utah church shooting: Charles Richard Jennings shoots father-in-law during Mass, police say, on

Ogden church shooting victim identified, expected to recover, on

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Unbelievable. Another example of absolutely vile behavior.

While the investigation isn’t complete;I can just about figure out how the son-in-law managed to plan it out!Don’t know how he got the gun since he wasn’t supposed to have one in his posession.But I can well imagine him knowing that the way he could get to his father-in-law (who more than likely spared no words in telling him what he thought of him for treating his daughter the way he did),would be at church where they were all members.So,he sweetly told wifey that “to prove that he had changed” he would start going back to church and “with God back in their life,well things would surely work out for them”!Aaaah,sweet words to the wife’s ears!She just wanted everything to work out!So she proudly walked hand-in-hand into church with her husband,never guessing that he carried a gun and what he was about to do!Thank goodness her father moved when he did!

Tea Light

Blossom did you get a chance to talk with your church leaders so they can keep your ” husband” away from you this Sunday?

I did call one of the elders and talk to him.Spath wasn’t at the door last night.The elder I talked to said my husband said he “never meant to intimidate me by being at the door”.I’m sure they’ll be watching the situation closely,as will I!

Tea Light

Nooo of course he didn’t. Poor misunderstood man. Great that you have that support Blossom, stand firm and do not let him near you!

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