Utah pediatrician John Wall charged with killing wife

John Brickman Wall, a pediatrician in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Uta Von Schwedler. Von Schwelder was found dead in her bathtub in September, 2011.

The oldest of the couple’s four children, Pelle von Schwedler Wall, then 18, believed his father committed the crime. Eight months after the murder he filed a petition to remove his younger siblings from John Wall’s custody. The children stayed with a family friend for months. The father regained custody of the two youngest in February 2013.

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“Innocent until proven guilty” is the way the justice system works.But it sure doesn’t look good with Dr Wall’s DNA in the house,despite him not living there.And if Uta Von Schwedler had decided to commit suicide,she wouldn’t have moved from her bedroom to the bathtub.

Children know when things AREN’T RIGHT between their parents.They can usually feel the danger;especially if they are Pelle’s age.It does not make sense that the court removed the children from the home as Pelle petitioned….and then turned around and awarded Dr Wall custody of the 2 youngest children!It sounds to me like corruption.

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